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Category: food

08/23/07 10:19 - 78ºF - ID#40698

Medina Deli On Main Street in Buffalo

I was so excited to see the old falling down gas station looking place on the corner of North and Main street turn into a restaurant. When I saw all the Arab men working on it throughout the last couple months I was excited for some middle eastern cuisine (e:paul,40180) in the neighborhood but then we got Yet Another Pizza Place.


What was the Media Deli thinking. I went in there the other day and ate some delicious cheesecake for $1.65 but other than that the food is so any pizza place.


I mean I haven't tasted the pizza or wings but that the same exact food is attainable at the Anchor Bar and directly across the other street at the North Street Subway shop - not to mention Just Pizza right down North Street and Jim's Steakout on Allen and Destiny Pizza only two block downtown on Main Street.

I wonder if they picked American food with the hope of appealing to Americans when I think, in reality, they would make more money not serving ethnic food with a name like Medina Deli.

It is especially weird because buffalo doesn't seem to really have an Arab fast food place. Every other big east coast city seems to have lots of Arab food, not to mention Europe. I think when I was in Germany I ate ore Turkish food than German food, lol.

Well, I hope they change before they end up closing or that a lot of people decide they need their pizza.

Side notes - At Destiny Pizza they carry Crystal Beach Loganberry. I used to love Loganbery at Crystal Beach I wonder if it is the same

Why is here still this dead zone on Main Street right next to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Complex. Everything else there seems to be doing so good and it just seems desolate. Is this building full of asbestos or something? At one point I heard a rumor that the tapestry High School was buying it?



This morning had some serious thunder storms, just look at those storm clouds.
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Category: phone

08/23/07 07:12 - 82ºF - ID#40696

Listen to this weird phone call I got

I got some calls from some crazy girl today. It was a restricted number which I usually don't answer but my parents number is now restricted so every once in a while I pick up. Well, that is the end of that.

At first she was all, you know who I am right. Seriously, I have no idea. Then she was all, "Are you gay, Paul."

So I hung up and she called back to leave this message. Some people are so weird. It almost sounds like (e:matthew) 's sister but I can't see it being her.


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Category: buffalo

08/22/07 09:00 - 77ºF - ID#40683

Random Buffalo Things

Check out my other two journals before this one. I finally plugged in my Camera to change so I grabbed some pics off it.

Today we went to lunch at Kuni's on The go over on Lexington. The food was delicious as usual. Outside the Coca Cola truck parked to drop off a beverage delivery. Check out the rusty propane tank on the truck. It looks like maybe it could use a safety inspection?!


Here is a pic of Megan standing in front of our house after lunch with (e:jima) nd (e:enknot) today.


You can see the moving truck of our new roommate who is moving in today. I hope this works out and he doesn't eat all our food, lol unlike nameless bitch our old roommate.

People ask me why I am not so fond of the sky mansion building that is supposed to be going up on Gates circle. Well the reason is these two towers down the street from the proposed location. I am sure they looked oh so sheik when the were first be erected but now they look like horrible anachronisms. I doubt glass and chrome exteriors will look modern in the "Real Future"


(e:hodown) and (e:lilho) 's ex step sister, Jessica Magleietto, is now running for office in the Delaware District of Buffalo. That is so awesome - she is just about (e:lilho) 's age. At first I just assumed it was someone with the same name but then i saw this billboard on the corner of Delaware and West Delevan. I hope she wins.

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Category: friends

08/22/07 08:59 - 77ºF - ID#40682

Enknot and Megans Baby Shower

Last Sunday we went to (e:enknots) and Megans Baby shower in the Parlor of Spot downtown. She is the manager of the downtown spot so it was the perfect place.

Here is (e:enknot) with his mommy.

Here are some other people

Jeremy Jungels was there. He is great. Buffalo is so small it is amazing how everywhere I go I end up know so many people.

(e:matthew) won the name guessing game. He picked Fern. I wonder if they would really name it fern. He won like $35 which makes him a winner at the last two party games he played.

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Category: computers

08/22/07 08:58 - 77ºF - ID#40681

Another Mac keyboard

I got my second (e:40662) new mac keyboard today. They messed up the order. Originally, we ordered thought the developer store for the $4 discount but when there was a problem with the order, we canceled it. At least, they said we did but today the second one came. (e:mrdeadlier) will be using it for his mac when he gets one.

I can't believe the big box they ship in. It makes no sense because it is not filled with padding, just a big empty box with the keyboard inside.

The second one was even bigger.- which is totally ridiculous.

So I asked the cleaning lady about where I can recycle the cardboard and she say they just throw all the cardboard in the dumpster. She even offered to do it for me. I think I am going to have to look into this soon because I can't believe a place as big as Roswell Park would not recycle cardboard.
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Category: housing

08/21/07 10:25 - 65ºF - ID#40667

New York Record Retieval, Inc Scam

I got this very official looking letter offering to sell me a certified copy of the deed to my house. It came from New York Record Retrieval, Inc. For the low cost of $59.50 they offered my an official copy of my own deed. To bad it only costs like $5 to get one myself. I can imagine how a lot of people would get sucked into believe this was an official document.


I love how they add the

as though it has anything to do with the Erie county clerk.

Surprisingly, there is very little information about it being a scam accept from this warning from the Westchester Country clerks office In fact, there is nothing about them and Erie county, maybe this is new here.

"No Westchester County homeowner needs to pay an excessive fee to obtain a certified copy of their deed," cautioned Idoni. "And homeowners should not be made to feel that they need a certified copy of a document which has been properly recorded in our office." Idoni continued, "Deeds are recorded by my staff and then returned to the party who has recorded them. In most cases, this is the attorney for the new homeowner."

Idoni and his staff became aware of these letters in recent days as the result of calls and emails from residents around the County. They urge Westchester residents to know the facts about obtaining a certified copy of their deed. "Westchester County homeowners can always obtain a certified copy of their deed from our office for the cost of only $5.00 for up to five pages, plus $1.00 for each additional page," stated Idoni. "And residents should know that if their deed was filed in this office, it has been recorded and remains valid whether or not the homeowner has a certified copy of that deed in their possession."

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Category: computers

08/21/07 06:18 - 67ºF - ID#40662

The new mac keyboard

I got my new mac keyboard today. Its weird having such shallow keys , in fact it is too low for my wrist wrest so now I have it propped up on my trigonometry book. I can type very fast on it and it has a real forward delete key - the reason I ditched my old imac keyboard to begin with.


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Category: food

08/20/07 11:17 - 60ºF - ID#40646

Balsamic Japanese Beatle Salad

We made salad with dinner last night and (e:matthew) added some sorrel and some basil from the garden. I noticed there were some chew holes in the leaves so we removed that part but what we missed was a lonely japanese beatle that ended up getting mixed in the salad with the vinegrette without being notices.

20 minutes later he was draggign himself out of the salad and up the wooden spoon. We put him back outside but he was really vinegar coated.


On a side note (e:mike) got glasses, he can finally tell the difference between a log and a duck.

I have been working on this one project at work so much that I have about a weeks worth of overtime accrued. Hopefully, the week of sept 1 will be fun and free.
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Category: buffalo

08/19/07 04:12 - 71ºF - ID#40621

Buffalo and Population

(E:matthew) and I were talking about the term megalopolis and trying to remember exactly what the deifntion was so we looked it up in wikipedia
(WIKIPEDIA - megalopolis)

A megalopolis is defined as an extensive metropolitan area or a long chain of roughly continuous metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada. The term was first used in the United States by Jean Gottmann in 1957, to describe the huge urban area along the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. ...A megalopolis is also frequently a megacity, or a metropolitan area with a total population in excess of 10 million people.

which lead me to the definition of a megacity (WIKIPEDIA - Megacity) where I learned

In 2000, there were 18 megacities - conurbations such as Tokyo, Mexico City, Bombay, Sao Paulo and New York City - that have populations in excess of 10 million inhabitants. Greater Tokyo already has 35 million, more than the entire population of Canada.

By 2025, according to the Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia alone will have at least 10 hypercities, those with 20 million or more, including Jakarta (24.9 million people), Dhaka (25 million), Karachi (26.5 million), Shanghai (27 million) and Bombay (with a staggering 33 million).[9] Lagos has grown from 300,000 in 1950 to an estimated 15 million today, and the Nigerian government estimates that city will have expanded to 25 million residents by 2015.[10] Chinese experts forecast that Chinese cities will contain 800 million people by 202

Which got me thinking about Buffalo's (WIKIPEDIA - Buffalo,_New_York) and it's population. I knew that it was somewhere around 300,000 but wasn't sure on actual figures. It was fantastic to see it as a chart. It is interesting to see we have returned to our late 1890's population level. Think about that. While people in Tokyo are living packed in at 35 million in their greater metropolitan area we only have around a million in Western New York.


Some people probably think that is depressing but think it great. Just think about how much more space we have.

On another note, I went for a walk down elmwood today while picking up a baby gift for (e:enknot) at Treehouse and noticed that all the stores have either shut down or changed into new stores. It is amazing how different it is. It makes me wonder if anything can really survive there, if the "village" is actually doing well, or if all of the new vilage talk is just hype.

I was amazed to see that Stache moved from that little downstairs store front near the elmwood village apartments between Highland and Lexington to the half timber storefront house near Lafayette and elmwood right by Shoe Fly, kind of across from the Coop. I think it is the first time someone survived that location and then moved on up. Good for them.
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Category: life

08/18/07 08:59 - 67ºF - ID#40614

Estate Sales - Third Journal in Ten min

I went to estate sale this morning at 326 Starin. It was the house of a prominent doctor according to my mother's friend. I really was interested in seeing it but then I found it incredibly depressing seeing one persons stuff all displayed out for sale.

I know you can't bring stuff with you to the next life but it is so sad to be the last person in your friend and family line to the point where everything is just for sale. Like people were going through all of his most personal stuff, photos, diaries, etc. I felt so temporary for the moment.

I wondered if he was gay because of the lack of any feminine stuff in his bedroom or anywhere really and the thought that there must not be any children or they would want he stuff in his office, his christmas ornaments, etc.

I think if I were a doctor there was a lot of vintage medical stuff I would be interested in purchasing just for nostalgia sake. His house doubled as his office.

The basement really got to me - I thought, you know what, all those stupid nuts and bolts I placed carefully in jars the other day are probably just going to end up at my estate sale. I almost wanted to buy his jars just because I appreciated his hard work so much.


It all kind of made me feel sick.
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