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Category: youtube

08/02/10 01:01 - ID#52351

Youth, drugs and glowsticks

I miss all three.

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Category: youtube

01/16/07 10:34 - ID#37723

e:shawnr sent me this youtube link

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12/22/06 12:22 - ID#32861

Turkish Oil Wrestling Fun

I just stole this from . I love that blog. I decided to just group all my youtube blogs under the youtube category.

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10/22/06 01:22 - ID#32787

Watching macs die and southpark warcraft

I have been so busy the last couple weeks I have hardly had time to blog. I promise that I will make up fo rit in San Francisco. This video is for (e:twisted). If you love apple products do not watch it or you will cry while the rest of us laugh. They wantanly destroy apple products including microwaving an ipod nano. Considering, that I have "lost" two ipods to a washing machine and two mac laptops to liquids (one to beer (e:news,14) and one to water) I can enjoy this video. I only wish that I had videoed my mac destructive adventures.

And here is an excerpt from the southpark video about warcraft for (e:terry)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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