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Category: youtube

12/22/06 12:22 - 37ºF - ID#32861

Turkish Oil Wrestling Fun

I just stole this from . I love that blog. I decided to just group all my youtube blogs under the youtube category.

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Category: gadgets

12/21/06 10:40 - 35ºF - ID#32860

Oregon Scientific

If you are looking for a cool head mounted camera to buy yourself for chritmas check out Oregon Scientific

I just bought the waterproof action mounted head camera for $129.00




I know I will look dorky but who cares. Here is a link to the manual
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Category: nikon

12/21/06 12:24 - ID#32859 pmobl

Nikon Camera Wireless Post

This post was sent directly from a Nikon camera.

This car was parked in the parking lot behind coles and india gate. We went there for lunch and when we came out, it's window was busted out. I guess elmwood is getting sketchier.
I wonder what got stolen.


That is gautum?, a cool database guy from work.

Spanish speaking advertisement on Deleware near West Delevan

I am really tired after a nearly 12 hour work day. I look totally crazed here. How on earth did I end up staying until 12:30. I was really surprised to see (e:enknot) return around 11. Thanks for the ride home.


Why the children's playtoy with the dumpster behind Coles on elmwood. It looks like a garbage playground.

I am sick of macaroni and cheese.

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Category: nikon

12/21/06 07:24 - ID#32858 pmobl

Being Locked Out

This post was sent directly from a Nikon camera.

I am absolutely freezing right now. I locked myself out and have no wallet or money. It feels so crazy to have nothing besides the internet. I have to pee so bad and my internet connection can't help with that.

I can't get ahold of anyone, I hope (e:terry) comes home soon. In the meantime I am entertaining myself with my camera.

Look you can see my breathe.


Today (e:enknot) , (e:mrdeadlier) and I went to McDonalds and Burger King. Del ate his McDonalds at burger king and tony bought all three xbox burger king games.

In one of them you wander around and stuff peoples faces with burgers.

Do you guys think Ronald McDonald looks ready to film a porno in that pic?

Is there such thing as eggnog soup? And who gets an eat now, pay later Burger King credit card?




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Category: mobile

12/18/06 03:35 - 42ºF - ID#32857

Mobile Myspace

For years now, the elmwoodstrip site has been mobile ready. I made the tools available since 2003 when no one was ready for mobile web. You can read and post from the most basic wap enabled phone and interact at an much more advanced level using a more modern phone such as a treo or pocket PC. Now slowly more and more users are getting phones that can interact with the site, yet I hardly see an increase in wireless posting. Perhaps, life in Buffalo is just too boring, lol. Perhaps it is my total lack of advertising this capabilty.

Who uses it besides (e:enknot) and I?

So why am I writing about this. It appears that myspace and cingular are pairing up to bring myspace to cingular mobile phones. This makes me insane. If I could do anything other than work at Roswell it would be working on mobile social networking sites. If anyone reads this from a mobile social networking site and can offer me a ridiculous salary and the ability to work from home, I am yours.

I am sure cingular will be sucessfull with this. I belive it is all about advertising as the feature set is trivial to duplicate as a technology. and Cingular Wireless announced today an initiative that crosses social networking into a new realm of possibility for those leading a mobile lifestyle.

The social networking site, popular for its features including the ability to share comments, photos and a personal look at ones life with family, friends and other members of the community, will now be available in a user friendly way for Cingular wireless customers.

The deal marks a large wireless initiative from MySpace and includes thee MySpace Mobile rich tool set for to editing profiles, viewing and adding friends, posting photos and blogs, and much more -- all from the mobile phone.

As per their partnership, Cingular and MySpace will provide users with a feature rich experience that incorporates the same functionality as the popular site, just enhanced for mobile phone usage. The service is available for $2.99 per month plus data usage charges.

These capabilities include uploading photos right from off of the mobile phone onto the site and searching friends or blogging on the go.

However, keeping in touch with friends and family while on the go may not be the only excitement to arise from the new announcement, as the available tools will make it possible to take photos, update profiles or include the happenings of user's lives onto their profiles in real-time.

"Not only are we excited about the ability for customers to stay connected to their MySpace community while they're on the go, we think this will open up a new world of interaction and content for them to share via MySpace," said Marc Lefar, chief marketing officer, Cingular Wireless in a statement.

"The photo upload feature of MySpace Mobile means Cingular customers will now have the ability to capture record and share their world as it happens via their MySpace profile, creating a more enriching experience for our customers as well as their MySpace friends."

To sign up for the service users text MYSPACE to 386 (FUN).

Also today, a new report by ABI Research (News - Alert), "mobile social communities," points to a rise in worldwide, on-the-go users in the upcoming years--growing from the current almost 50 million, to 174 million by 2011.

ABI analyst Clint Wheelock commented in a statement, "Such mobile social communities extend the reach of electronic social interaction to millions of people who don't have regular or easy access to computers."

"It has created a new paradigm for personal networking. In a logical progression, many social communities are now based on the mobile phone and other portable wireless devices instead of (or as well as) the PC."

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Category: health

12/18/06 03:13 - 42ºF - ID#32856

My Spine is crooked

All the intense couch side laptop use is making the top of my spine crooked and making me shorter. I really need t get this sorted out as soon as possible as it is the source of all my headaches. I realize that the first step is refusing to work on the laptop when not sitting at a desk. I am just too tall to sit on the couch and compute. The other thing that helps is going to the gym. Something that I do not do enough of anymore. I have pretty much gone once in the last 3 months because (e:terry) refuses to go with me.

Does anyone know of a good chiropracter that could help me with the spine situation? I am pretty much in serious pain at this point.

On another note, I took today off because of the massive headache I have rearding this issue and thought that it would be a great day to deal with healthcare issues. Considering, I have had health insurance for over a year now, it is quite ridiculous I haven't used it yet.

I scheduled my first dentist appointment since 1998 at The Craig Mueller dentist office down the street from me on linwood. It is the same place that Nameless Bitch went to to have her tooth extracted. I am hoping there will be no extraction required on my visit.


In 1997 I had all my metal fillings (12 of them) removed and replaced with porcelin ones. I had to go to canada to have this done because the american dentist refused to take them out.

I had them removed because they are supposed to be bad for you.

They told me those ones had a lifespan of only 5-10 years so it seems like it has to be time to have them fixed. It was so nice to never have that shocking feeling when metal got in your mouth that used to happen all the time when I had the amalgam fillings.

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Category: accidents

12/17/06 08:32 - 46ºF - ID#32855

Car Crash

My parents got into a car accident last night. I am glad they are ok. My mother has some bruising and is in a lot of pain but in general they seem healthy. Some guy went through a red light and smashed into them. Luckily it totaled the front end of the car but missed hitting the driver side door because otherwise my dad would have been in bad condition.

It's so crazy how an accident can happen at any time to anyone.

The mice got into a bag of chickpea flower and mixed it with nutmeg.

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Category: shopping

12/16/06 08:50 - 37ºF - ID#32854

Christmas Shopping

A crippled ho.

This psychologists office is so tiny and weird.

The roadhouse tastes good. I love eating peanuts and thorwing them on the floor.

I hate this kind of salad. It consists of iceberg lettuce and doesn't taste very good. The steak and shrimp were delicious.


Chewing gum from a gum ball machine at toys r us.

::Download Flash Video::

::Download Flash Video::

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Category: nikon

12/16/06 12:37 - ID#32853 pmobl

Nikon s7c Wireless Post

This post was sent directly from a Nikon s7c camera.

I still love my camera. It is truly amazing. I cannot wait to hear back from Nikon. I had got an out of office reply when I wrote that email to them the other day. It said that the contact I wrote to would be out of the office until Monday.

I think maybe the weather people at the news should be required to look out the window. The weather woman on channel 4 said today was cloudy without much sun but if you look outside it is a completely blue sky and I am writing this sitting in the sun.


Last night I started to get fat. I mean I started to try and fatten up. At work they are starting a contest to lose weight but if I am to play I have to gain weight. The goal is to alter your body weight by 10%. I don't think I could do it so I might not even try but I also never thought I could be 150 when I was 135 and now that has happend. I guess everyone puts in $100 in the pool and then those that make their goal split the proceeds. I would have to gain 15 lbs. Which is just about impossible. I cannot imagine being 165. I think it would take lots of gym and protein powder.

I decided to kick that off at Wendy's where I had a spicy chicken sandwich combo plus a side of a junior bacon cheeseburger.
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Category: elmwood

12/16/06 12:33 - 39ºF - ID#32852

Elmwood Village or Elmwood Ghetto

I was just watching the television news and they had a story about a woman who parked her car outside the coop filled with donated presents for underprivileged children. While she was in the store, the car was broken into and the donations were stolen. I find it unbelievable that someone could carry out such a robbery right on elmwood. Did nobody see it or say anything?
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