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Category: body

12/19/15 02:50 - ID#60370

Glasses No More

Good bye glasses.

I can't believe I don't need glasses anymore. I wonder why LASIK doesn't get cheaper. It seems like most anyone who can get it should get it instead of glasses but especially instead of contacts. It's crazy how much contact stuff I had in my life.

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Category: clothing

12/19/15 02:45 - ID#60367 pmobl

New Hat

I found a new very warm hat. This one for clearance at $6.99 at JC Penney which was such a great deal.

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Category: music

12/19/15 02:44 - ID#60366 pmobl

Matt and Kim

We went to go see Matt and Kim as part of the Christmas Kerfuffle concert at the First Niagara Center. There were some other bands including Third Eye Blind.

I love Matt and Kim's live performance. It is one of the most exciting and energetic shows there are. They are seem totally on.

The giant balloon drop was pretty out of control.

The only shitty thing was we didn't get floor tickets. Its not fun being at a dancey energetic event in seats.

I really thought that I had bought floor tickets but when we got there to pick up the will call tickets, it wasn't for the floor section. It's so frustrating because I felt like I had tripple confirmed it, guess not.

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Category: music

12/12/15 07:39 - ID#60361 pmobl

Soft Cell Cassette Tape

This was one of my favorite tapes from the past. I found it at one of those trade in music stores in high school. Then it sat in hoarder box after hoarder box. Using Google music I found so much more. It's crazy how accessible music is now.


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