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Category: peeptalk

09/03/07 01:45 - ID#40910

Lilho with bandwidth leprosy

(e:lilho)'s beauty melted away when I saw he teeth melting out of her head and her lips falling off. It is so freaky to see your friend breaking up into a million pixels.

it started around her lips getting all droopy and her teeth falling out.

Then she got full blown bandwidth leprosy.
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Category: peeptalk

08/30/07 09:29 - ID#40825

Video Chat With e:lilho

Last night I got to video chat with (e:lilho,40823) on ichat. I am not sure why her pics didn't come out - but I took my own.

We were never able to start a video chat with more than one person, although it says you can chat with up to three people.


Of course, some pics are more important than others. This one is for (e:mike)


We have had so many comments this week! I took this pictures yesterday evening. Thanks you guys for making this site successful.

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Category: peeptalk

05/05/07 12:55 - ID#39162

Worth A Picture

Last night at like 3am I was standing with (e:lilho) and (e:tina) in front of underground on Delaware waiting for jeremy to pick up (e:tina) when (e:lilho) had a breakdown that no one would ever love her, etc.

During the episode, some thugs in a car pull up and start threatening to "kill all the faggots."

(e:lilho) is oblivious to the whole thing. I have to admit I was scared after our car was knifed on that corner two years ago while we were in it. This time thoug, some big gay dudes step in a walk up the car saying, "Go ahead and call me a faggot to my face" and the thugs got scared and left. You can hear that somewhere in the clip.

So there are no pictures but (e:lilho) says at least enough words to be worth one.


I wish I had my camera to record both incidences.

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Category: peeptalk

12/16/05 11:12 - ID#32412

picking up a ho

hodown will officially be attending her birthday party. Well that is if we can find her. Her plane no longer appears on the list.
So who is coming to the (e:hodown)'s 30th birthday party? I thoroghly plan on getting crunk.




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Category: peeptalk

11/19/05 01:17 - ID#32353

White Russian Sarah

As you may recall from my journal last night, I was waiting on (e:lilho) and and (e:terry) to return so that I could stop working on the server and go out dancing. At around 1:30am they came home and everyone was super drunk on white russians that (e:lilho) made.

At that point (e:mike) had already given up and gone home. We decided that we would go out anyways. I really wanted to take a break from server admin crap and I thought danicng would provide suitable exercise.

[size=m]Why they invented child locks[/size]
About 5 minutes into the trip down mainstreet citybound (e:lilho) says, "I need to puke." She unrolls the window and I thought she was just going to pull an (e:southernyankee) but instead she just opens the door and just kind of rolls out head first while the car was moving down mainstreet. Mind you she was not unconscious or anything. We were carrying on a conversation right before this.

Luckily we were turning into a parking lot but we were going about 10 miles per hour. Unfortunately, she did lose her purse and her ID in the incident. Well, at least she thinks so. Might put a crimp on her trip to NYC.

I have never had anyone do that. I yelled stop and tried to grab her but it was too late she just ejected like a pilot in a plane going down. Thank god she didn't get ran over. I mean it could have been a really traggic situation. I am going to refer to it as NTS, "Near Traggic Situation" (Visco, 2005).

Read the same story from (e:terry)'s perspective [inlink]terry,451[/inlink]

We never made it to see Darren Jay, by the time we got there are around 3:15am they were still charging $10, so we left.
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Category: peeptalk

09/17/05 08:59 - ID#32238

More Mobile Pics

Today (e:matthew) got a new giant tank. He is documenting the process of rebuilding the environment from the old tank to the new one. The new tank is moved to the den. Many of you saw the old ocean tank in living room, this one will get more use, because we spend way more time in the den.


While we were at Niagara Aquarium on Military Rd in Kenmore, I foudn these things called triops. They are some werid sort of prehistoric looking animal that lives in a state of suspended animation till you water it and then it grows. Kind of like sea monkey but they get to be up to 2 inches in length and live about 70 days. Appartently, they eat each other too.

Here someone else posted pictures. (e:mike) said (e:beast) had them. Maybe she could talk about it sometime. I am sure you will see plenty of pics of ours.


We also ate at Globe Market. It tasted yummy as always but the portions keep getting way smaller each time I go. I even have pictures of this over time to prove it. This time my half of a sandwich was really mini. Also there are always way too many flies in the windows. Where do they come from? It freaks me out.


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Category: peeptalk

09/11/05 02:37 - ID#32218


Dieselboy was great. I danced till I felt like I was going to pass out for the first time in years. The place was kind of small but the crowd and the music were awesome. The heavy metal meets techo session was weird. But I even danced to that. Then I passed out at TK's house at like 4am and was yelled at for not checking in at 6am. I was really tired.

I started the post Diesel Boy experience walking to Globe Market for breakfast. We had ran out of water at home, so I had to go get some somewhere.


On the way home I took this pic but didn't realize till afterwards where I was stepping. Sorry mom.


[size=m]I know this is gross but...[/size]
When I got home I decided it was time to do the dishes so that our sink would be clean for (e:ladycroft)'s party. You can't believe how nasty it was. Unfortunately, it turned out I was allergic to the dish soap and my nose would not stop dripping. Which sucks when you have wet hands. I decided to let it go and see what happens. It was very uncomfortable. I guess if you don't wipe you r noise it literally drips endlessly.


Then the party started to begin . . .
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09/05/05 01:10 - ID#32209

Congratulations Deidre and Rich

I went to (e:haikuster)'s wedding [inlink]matthew,618[/inlink] yesterday with (e:matthew) and (e:terry). It was a beautiful ceremony at the Deleware Park Rose Gardens which look much nicer now that they planted flowers where the rose bushes died.

It was nice to see (e:haikuster)'s parents too. I hadn't seen them in years. It was so strange to see (e:haikuster), my first girlfriend, get married.


Sorry I have been so absent from everyone else's life this week. I am really busy trying to get my data sorted. (E:matthew), (e:terry) and I had fish (blue smiley), chicken (yellow smiley), and beef(red smiley). I had gotten the salmon but matthew couldn't eat the beef gravy so I had to switch. I was actually quite happy about it. I felt bad for (e:rachel) because everyone was talking about killing and eating animals and she is vegetarian.

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08/16/05 11:32 - ID#32174

Food poisoning

(e:hodown). I will give you your own advice back. Take a sleeping pill and drink some gatorade.


One time when I was almost the sickest everabut 8 years ago, I called (e:hodown) to tell her I was poisoned and that I needed help. I wasn't calling for emotional support, I needed to get real help, hospital style. I ended up calling my friend Kirstina but (e:hosdwn) had already said not to take me to the hospital because she was mad at me. i will never forget this.

Then I tried to drive myself to the hospital because I knew I couldn't afford an ambulance. I got to UB south campus from my hous ein Kenmore. Actually, looking back I have no idea why i was there because it is not even close to a direct path to the hospital. I started hyperventilating because I was in so much pain. I really thought I was gonna die. My hands started to clench up. The ambulance guy later told me that is normal when people hyperventilate or are in a lot of pain. So I pulled the car on the side of the street at Burger King near UB south campus. Actually, my hands clenched up so bad and I crawled out of the car toward the restaurant. Some guy parked my car, because I just left the keys in.

I walked in and fell on the ground and yelled, "get me an ambulance I think I have been food posoined." At the time, I was in so much pain I didn't even think about the fact that it was a restaurant. Immediately, everyone put down their food and some people started to leave. I was just lying on the floor clenching my stomach. It was acceptionally painful and I just wanted to get to the hospital. Eventually the ambulance came and it turned out I had some sort of infection.

The ironic part is that this all started with a tofu burger at the Juicery when it used to be in theNOrthtown plaza. The owman said its smelled weird but I thought she was just trying to make it sound gross because it was tofu.
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Category: peeptalk

08/08/05 05:38 - ID#32160

Long Lost Cousin and Baby Peeps

I was at my mother's today after her cousin's funeral and she had found this picture of one of her cousin's that resembles (e:matthew) when he was younger. He does kind of look like him.


I also found baby peeps. Has anyone else had baby peeps before? I think you all probably know how big a fan (e:twisted) and I are from journals gone past. I think the babies are even cuter than the grown peeps and I am sure they are even easier to manufacture.

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