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Category: macbook

08/30/07 02:08 - 75ºF - ID#40823

i freaking love this thing!!!

(e:paul) and i had a video chat this evening, soooooooo much freaking fun. i am in love.... not with a stripper, but this macbook. so intensely in love!!!!!!

oh, and i met a cute new boy. and he's actually nice/not sketchy, and he has super cute style and goooood music taste!!! and i have a stalker who keeps calling/texting and sayng sorry for being psycho. theres never any good way to say sorry for being crazy. i mean, he can say all the sorries he wants, but the point is that he is crazy, and he tells me he loves me after like 4 dates. and he wonders why i wont speak to him???? seriously, he didn't get any, and i didn't act super into him. ah well.

oh and the other night, i was at this coffee place/bar and this girl is making out with the barrista.bartender, and im so distracted, i can barely focus on the convo at hand. then it finally stops. and those girls leave, and this other girl struts in, and immediately starts making out with the bartender!!! i was telling the person i was with, she is not the same girl, becuase i am a girl and i pay attention to outfits, and she was wearing something different and looked different, and i was thinking how crazy it would be if she made out with the bartender and she did!!!!!!! that coffee place/bar is nuts and im going back soon...

here's some pics from the video chat!!!

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

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Category: macbook

08/29/07 11:18 - 80ºF - ID#40801


can't i get my new lappy connected to the intynet at home? after a million hours on the phone no one can help. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Category: terry

08/28/07 01:14 - 67ºF - ID#40774

terryberry birthday wishes and hugs

i miss you a lot, but im really really busy, so i don't have time to cry about it. but if i had time, i think i definitely would.

what can i say about you? you have been such a great friend to me, and even though we havent kept in touch as well as we should have, i miss you dearly, and hope you have a great day! you desrve it!!!!!

in case ya'll didn't know....


  • dancer

  • cooker

  • singer

  • philospher

  • finder of fun new music

  • fun person to talk to

  • interesting person to talk to/debate with

  • person who sucks it up and deals with what he is dealt in life

  • least selfish friend

  • hugger

  • innapropriate groper when drunk

  • person who thinks/lives/acts like he is white trash but the furthest from it

  • sexy black chick in a white boys body- wth attitude and snap to match

  • singer- why havent you won idol yet???

the list goes on and on, but basically terry, youve impacted my life in so many ways- and i want to THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love sarah ho

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Category: computer talk

08/24/07 01:51 - 77ºF - ID#40703

not happy with apple

i ordered my new laptop today. i also ordered a new ipod.

and what happens??? anfter the order supposedly went through???

i get an email saying it didn't go through. however, apple has charged me almost $500 for i have no idea what. what the fuck. i am about to explode right now, as i had this all planned and wanter/needed to have it for school monday.

they'd better be ready to explain this bs tomorrow morning. i am more unahppy about any purchase/anticipated purchase i have ever made. they fucked up big time and had better be ready to explain this.

you don't process an order and then sayit didn't go through. and then charge that person $500 for nothing.

sooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated. i want my laptop, now damnit!
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08/22/07 11:08 - 72ºF - ID#40687

i have a headache

and my sis is here. yay!

and i can finally buy a bootyful new laptop!

and i have a car that works, and two jobs. and some money to spare.

i have a date next week. i think. with a hot man.

i have class until 930.

i am tired, and want to get home and get drunk!

maybe ill see yall soon. maybe
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08/17/07 12:04 - 70ºF - ID#40588

monsoon day

sometimes your heart just breaks for other people. and you just wish that it was you going through it instead of them- because you worry that they wont be strong enough.

a hug would be great right now.

i think im going to cry and then go to bed.

first arizona tears. at least i held out for almost two months.

in better news, i had the most mazing drink of my night last night, which was this delicious grape vodka soda-y combo, complete with fog rising out of it, and a glow stick inside, and it bubbled all crazy. how the fuck did they make that shit????
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08/14/07 05:00 - 78ºF - ID#40538

that time of the month

not even neccessarily when i get my monthly dues, but i always have a few days out of the month, where i feel like a psycho overemotional person. don't think I've cried since I've been here, so maybe thats why. and for those of you who don't know me, thats a record...

my brother just found out that his gf is a cheating whore. it breaks my heart for him. i know EXACTLY what he is going though, and unfortunately, a broken heart is the worst pain out there. id seriously rahter break my arm. it just makes you feel so alone and helpless, and empty. i know he'll get it it, we all have, and do.

it just sucks that the only thing i can tell him is that, it really takes time. time really does heal all wounds. life is funny like that. its funny that i can look back at when i had a broken heart and laugh at myself and all of the ridiculous things i said and did, because i really just thought my heart would stop beating.

you want to sleep and you can't, because you are too afraid to close your eyes and dream of that person. you want to eat, but you can barely force a bite down your throat. it feels good to be drunk or high, but you just feel worse the next day.

poor guy. the one thing i will say though, is that it is a HUGE life lesson, having your heart crushed. you learn to not push so much emphasis on someone else making you happy, and learn to be dependant on yourself. you learn to be ok being alone, and spending lots of time alone. learning more about who you are can only make you more ready for what life brings forth, especially in new relationships.

i just hope he doesn't make a huge mistake and take her back. once a cheater, always a cheater, and he would never be able to fully trust her again. and no matter how she feels now, she will eventually regret it, and probably always wsh she had done things differently, unless she is a completely heartless person, which i doubt she is, because most people aren't.

its just so strange looking at this sitaution from outside, when i was in a similar one myself. i definitely feel like I've grown, and forgiven and all that, but most importantly, I've moved on. im really proud of myself. i finally feel like im working really hard towards a goal that is completely my own, and i have any clue what the future holds, but i feel like i am ready for it!

my sister comes next week, and it should be a good time! hopefully i can provide some fun for her, and maybe take her out for dinner, or something nice, even though she will onyl want to lounge by the pool. i do actually know some cool places here, thanx to the fact that i have actually made a few friends! woot!

i kinda feel like I've been a really selfish person lately. i havent been thinking of others enough, and doing the things for others that i want to do. i need to work on that. i need to see my grandma more, and be a better daughter to my mom, and better friend to my friends. there are only so many hours in the day, and its not enough damnit!

school starts next tuesday i think, and im getting nervous. the financial aid people are pissing me off, and so is the whole registration process. i think i may have to just show up in some classes and beg the porfessor to let me in, because half the classes i need are closed. grrrr. the way they do thing here in AZ can sometimes be a littel to lax/ backwards for me. the oldsters set the pace for this resort style life.

im done talking. going to go to work now.

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08/11/07 02:05 - 81ºF - ID#40487

quick post

im going out tonight with this girl i met the other day. shes kinda crazy, but seems really fun. we are going to this punk rock bar, in tempe.

what to wear???? must look hot...

not sure if i want to keep seeing this one guy. he seems kinda needy, and i just can't deal with that now. and the one guy i really really like has vanished??? i decided to call him, and his phone is off- must play detective and get down to the bottom of this-or not.

im making some nice money with all these jobs, and aside from forking over $600 to the mother today for a car payment, i should be able to swing a ticket to blo for the end of august/begining of september! that will be really nice, i feel so homesick right now!

things here are going good, I've been so busy with work. 12-14 days are wearing me out! its good though, i like keeping busy, and i think ill be able to afford that macbook in no time...

love and miss you blo peeps!

i swear im gonna order that usb cord off of ebay today so i can post pics soon...
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08/09/07 10:18 - 71ºF - ID#40452

i got the shit beat out of me

or i just went water skiing/tubing.

fucked up arm. all black and blue. bump on my leg.

the rest of my body is mush and it take much effort to stand let alone walk.

i am proud of myself though. i got up my first time trying water skiing, and some of the boys couldn't even. i also stayed on that damn tube just as long as the super strong guy i was riding on it with.

apparently im strong, for a chick. and now i feel very very sore.

at least i havent sparkly new shoes and dress to wear to work today!

still kinda upset about the missing brit. he wasnt even the hottest ever, just that supser sexy accent, and all things british. plus he was super smart, and loved to debate. meh.
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Category: money

08/05/07 12:19 - 78ºF - ID#40389

another bonus???

im still getting paid by my job in blo????? they just deposited 250 into my accoint friday. anyway, in not going to question how this happened, but it means that i can do a couple things....

pay bills

buy clothes

buy plane ticket to blo!

what to do?
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