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Category: hair

07/28/08 01:38 - 69ºF - ID#45170


i decided to come home from an 11 hr workday and highlight my hair.

i ended up looking like vitamin c, but not in a cute way like (e:hodown) . more like i tried to highlight my hair at home with drugstore dye, and it is somewhat orange and i look like a cheap whore.

luckily i keep around a few different colors just in case, even though i haven't let color touch my hair in two years. why i decided to do it tonight, who knows. my mind was made up. i think i had too much free time at work to read my new issue of elle, and i felt like doing beauty things.

anyway, its 1030, my hair has been rescued, and it now resting in a towel turban while saturated in about half a bottle of conditioner.

this is why i don't color my hair ever.

plus, my hair gets so damn dry out here, i feel sometimes that it might be a fire hazard... i would say the fire danger level is quite high right now. maybe a few weeks with no blow dryer will be a good thing.

i think the result of the color are going to be quite fabulous but this was way too much work.

lipgloss is never like this, a few seconds and boom! shiny colorful lips and it is beneficial for picking up guys and moisturization!

im sitckin with the gloss from now on people.

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Category: work

07/27/08 12:27 - 71ºF - ID#45157


i am so tired! I've been working since 830 this morning. i worked at the hospital and then left to come here and work at my other job.

i am not sure sure what time the parents will be home, but hopefully before 11. i am not sure i can stay up that late!!!

did you ever get that tired feeling and your eyes just hurt and then you get an awful pounding headache? its like, your body know you need to go to bed and its punishing you for not doing so.

sometimes a whole day at the hospital can be really tough. our census has been really low, and they is actually not much work for me to do, since i handle all of the patients paperwork, appointments, and consults. but, it seems less tiring sometimes when it is busy, maybe because time passes quicker.

also, three patient passed away in the past day. that can be very depressing. especially to see the family, and you get to know that family members when they are there so much. two of the patients that passed seemed to be getting better, and then they just went like that. i saw one of them. i don't know i wanted to see him, but i did, and now i think i am going to have nightmares.

i really think nurses have one of the hardest jobs out there. doctors too, but sometimes i think nurses more so. they spend so much times with the patients and do all of the dirty work, and then when a patient passes, it can be like losing a friend.

i am happy that i am going to be a teacher, and i get to see the development of people, not the digression...

i miss my grandma. :(

when i see all of the older patients, so many of them are so out of it. my granny kinda lost it towards the end, but she still went so gracefully. i remember that last time i talked to her before she got really bad. i was holding her hand and thought she was sleeping, and she squeezed my hand, because she knew somehow that i was crying, even though her eyes were closed as she said, "I am going to be ok sarah."

it just made me cry more. she was so strong. she never complained, and even when she was dying, she was trying to make it easier.

it will be so good to visit her grave. i feel bad about not being at the funeral, but most of my extended family is just way too much for me to handle, and this way i can pay my respects in peace.

i think now is the perfect time to go to blo.

it's going to be really nice to not be in that hospital for a whole week...
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Category: travel

07/26/08 01:29 - 66ºF - ID#45146

for thosw who care to know

i will be in tha dyrty buff....

aug 8th-15th.

that's less than two weeks from now....

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Category: work

07/21/08 11:24 - 69ºF - ID#45099

one small step for me...

one giant leap for me being on time...

i bought alarm clock today... i am officially becoming a responsible adult. really.

i get up for work everyday at 630. i floss- even though i hate it.

this is a huge deal, after years of using my cell phone, which is never the best idea. i hate having my phone on at night, unless im out or up. so, now i don't have to deal with texts or calls, and i can wake up to that age old lovely buzzing noise that many have come to know and hate...
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07/21/08 12:04 - 69ºF - ID#45085

make it stop

so i had this awful tonsilitis. and i had it while i was still w/o ac/ kinda homeless and had to work 12 hrs everyday. well, the meds i took gave my major stomach issues.

i was reduced to eating... toast and sprite and bananas for 8 days. so i was done with that on friday. i went out friday night and had little fun. i was the dd, not one ounce of alcohol, not one.

i ate healthy today, and not even that much, and i come home from work and what do i get???? more stomach issues!!!!!!!!!!! wtf???!!!

i went to church today... because i wanted to. i think i just feel like going to church. i didn't do anything bad or anything, but i just wanted to go. and this is how god rewards me? not fair.

also, it seems many men are trying to hollr at me and the one that i actually like, has not contacted me in four days. now, to a woman that is a lifetime, to a man maybe not.

i think this calls for a massive brownie sundae, even though i will probably be sick ten minutes later...

and i am reverting back to the "shopping for labels, not shopping for love", attitude.
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07/16/08 12:06 - 77ºF - ID#45036 is for sale...

so, still no ac. day 19. i want to sleep in my bed. 19 days of not sleeping in my bed has resulted in several strained back muscles. for real my back is messed up.

i also got tonsilitis over the weekend from god know what. maybe from working 80 hours last week and not getting proper sleep. and the anitbiotic i am on prevents me from eating food. otherwise its some major stomach issues. so its like bananas and crackers until saturday. i learned the lesson the hard way yesterday at the movies, nough said.

finally found the courage to quit my one job...phew.

im making a lot of money, but im somehow always broke. this could be because i spend way too much money on clothes...

and gas is killing me., everything is so spread out here, so i end up spending about 70 a week on gas. thats 280 a month, byebye extra cash...

but i am also in the process of paying of my stupid car which is like over 1000 a month, so i can get it paid off before school starts, so i wont have to worry.

then when i am done paying off the car, i can move on to credit card debt. why i ever got one i don't know. i am go to pay it all off and then get one to pay for gas and pay it off right away to build credit. thats what they say i should do...

i miss buffalo and all of my friend so much right now, i think maybe the most since I've been here. i love it here, but i just need to reconnect with the old sarah and all of buffalo's loveliness. i also miss my sister a ton and this is the longest i have gone without seeing her i think since i was 16 or something crazy like that.

its not right.

quess i will just have to continue working millions of hours so i can make these dreams of trips come true.

if the ac is not fixed by friday, the mom and i are headed to a resort for some major r&R. please god, let it be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have realised how cool it is to have a lil sis. my cousin is the same age dif as (e:hodown) and i and it's great. she is so cute and pretty and fun, and gives me backrubs when i say. oh the joys!

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07/11/08 03:43 - 75ºF - ID#44931

day 12

of no ac at home.

10 more days to go.

poor mom, its either 4000 to fix it now or 1500 to wait for a part to come in. i miss you comfy pillow top mattress!!!!

at least my auntie lives so close and doesn't care that i am staying with her.

why is it that there a million boys, and the one i really like, i don't think its gonna work out with. im going to just let it be, and whatever appens happens. im not gonna chase someone down.

i will quit my one job today. no human should have to work 70+ hours in a week. it makes one do weird things like breakdown and cry at work...

my lil cousin just came back from her trip to ny. i missed her so much. she's like the little sis i never had but now do. i always wanted one, but i used to hate her when she was little. now she is the coolest. i feel like i am giving back a bit. my sis is the best, and now i have a younger one to do what i say and spoil them!

ok, (e:peeps), have a good weekend....

my homesickness has come to a peak and i shall return to the drty buff within the next 3 months... get ready. ;)
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07/04/08 12:00 - 61ºF - ID#44851

life in the "stone" age

1 week of no ac at home. i am an official refugee from the heat.

fu-gee la la la.

the guest bedroom at my aunt's is still hot. and the bedd feel like there is a slab of rock in them. they are laso twin size. which means child size to me.

but they do have a sweet house and give me good wine and food.

my mom and sister think i like ghetto guys. they are kinda right.

not so much ghetto, but a little bad. the nice ones never measure up.

next week i will:

make my way home

start a new book

work about 70 hours

so, if you google my name, and click on images, you get all sorts of not appropriate results. umm, i was foolish and wasn't thinking, wow one day, i will want to be a teacher, and that's not a good idea.

if i contact google, will they take it down? or should i change career choices yet again?
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