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03/31/04 02:23 - ID#25933

spring has sprung

after possibly the coldest winter of my life, spring has finally come! lets all dance around in a field full of flowers...lalala.

The only problem with spring is all that sutff that starts growing, and apparently, I am allergic to all of it. I have lost all sense of smel and taste. Perhaps I wil lose some weight. I think I have decided to subside on liquid foods for the time being, since eating solids is mot very pleasurable when you cannot taste. Some textures actually become disturbing.

I guess I don't really have anything else to say, I am boring.
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03/30/04 12:55 - ID#25932

joy and pain, sunshine and rain

The more I write in this journal, the more addicted I become. I never really say anything that matters, and most of the time, I make no sense. However, it is nice to have a place amoung friends, where I can just complain. It seems that I complain way too much recently.
Before, I get into bad stuff. I will talk about the good stuff of today. I spent the day with two lovely people, who also happen to be estrippers. TK, and Tina, and I walked the strip, and browsed through some of the trendy(way overpriced shops, and then headed to Amvets, where we proceeded to get a shitload of stuff, for the bargain price 0f $2.68. My purchases included one very fashionable tweed jacket, and one such clutch with a bow. I may head to the Pink on Wed. evening in this attire, so if you see me, you will know the joy of almost free fashionable clothes, like I have seen today. After an afternoon of strolling and shopping, we were entertained at the Market Arcade, as we saw The Ladykillers. The movie was eh, ok, but the fact that I saw it for free, and got free snacks, it just amazing. Thank you Mr. TK for a great day!

On a less happy note, my brother,the thief has stolen yet another ten bucks from me. Does he thik I am dumb? Just because I have felt safe in the past, not having to hide my shit, does not mean I won't watch you like hawk in the future. You rat bastard. You will pay.

Oh, and word to the wise. If I call you, please call me back. I wouldnt have called if I didn't want to talk to you. This is definitely my biggest pet-peeve, probably ever. This is why I end up not talking to people. I feel like no one ever returns my phone calls, do I have the wrong number, or are you just being a huge asshole?
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03/29/04 02:54 - ID#25931

comtemplation and a lot of coughing

will it be nice like this tomorrow? I think not. Thank god for this strange illness that I am having while it is warm. I need to shower. That has not happened in at least 48 hours. I actually really don't smell. But my hair looks kinda crazy.
You know that feeling of being hungry, but you don't want to eat? I have that right now. Even if I was going to eat, I would have to go find some food, since all we have is milk, maybe some stale cereal and a few eggs. I no longer like eggs. After having them as my only choice for breakfast for months, I have decided to say no to eggs, for a while at least.
I think, as the weather is getting warmer, I am getting tis strange feeling thatI want to venture outside, and do new drugs. Or just smoke a lot of something.
Why is tha people in Buffalo get so freaked out by pointy shoes? They look nice. And, if you think my toes are all squished in there, you are wrong, there are quite fine and roomy. I ould like to host a show in which i find people who need some fashion hep, Buffalonians, and show them the light.
Perhaps nobody cares. It seems that way. I guess the more important thing would be to get people outside more, and eating less. A Kenmore cop, who was ut on leave to loose weight came back to work 1oo lbs lighter. Apparently 400 is bad but 300 is ok? Anyway, he is suing for discrimination or some shit like that. WTF? Hello, Mr. Copman, you are still a fatty. And how do you get to be 400 anyway, do you exist on a diet of doughnuts alone? Or do you eat entire containers of Crisco fried bacon strips?
I am just being mean now. Have a nice day all you elmwoostrippers, its a good one out there.
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03/28/04 07:32 - ID#25930

don't write when you are drunk

drunkies, like me should not be able to update their journals, when drunk. i am pissed off at a lot of people right now. shape up or ship out. nough said.
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03/28/04 04:45 - ID#25929

these are colors that i see.,,
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03/28/04 04:41 - ID#25928

this monkey's gone to heaven

i am writing in a state of unawareness. thank the lord jesus and mel gibson that i don't have to work tomorrow! i think i shall go hiking and ponder many thoghts. i shall be high as well. i shall ponder and be high. ah, that will be fun. what fun is is to be young. all fo you thatare young, under thirty and thirites and such; unjoy life and don't worry about where you will end up. Nows what matters. live in now. And, enjoy colors. Colors are fun
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03/27/04 11:31 - ID#25927

i dont know where my home is

The sinus issue is still present and ever so annoying. Being filled with snot is just no fun. Not only does it constantly drip down my throat and make my throat itch/sore, but it also makes me tired. So, I decided to spend my Friday night alseep before 11. Who would've thought, that crazy party me is now a huge loser who spends most of her time sleeping. I don't wantto cough anymore.
My mommy bought me a new outfit yesterday. Maybe I can wear it to church tomorrow, since i go now. Not because I want to, but for my Granny. I love her, and it makes her happy in her old days. Speaking of which, she was born in my very bedroom. The same bedroom which lies in the same house that has been owned by my family for the beter part of about 100 years now. This old house, speculated to be part of the underground railroad, because of the stairs that life up, is on its way to being sold. We have a prospective buyer. As Tina says, "Awww, Sarah, that really sad, your Grandma was born in your room, and now some stranger is going to have sex in it." This bothers me. I mean, I never wanted to live here in the first place, but perhaps it was my destiny. My mom had no place to go, so we came back to Buffalo, and she ened up buying the house that her Grandparent's owned; the house where she shared many happy childhood memories; the house where I share most of my childhood memories.
So, now I must go crazy taking pictures of this house. I am gonna do it in phases, from lived in, to moved out of. I think it is extremely important to save this part of Kenmore history. This house is a part of me, and my family, and I owe it to all of us, to at least document our last days together(sob).
As for where this little one will end up, who the hell knows. There sre some days when living without my mom seems impossible. There are other times when not seeing Tina for a day makes me wanna cry. Why do I cry so much? I don't think I would ever get a sinus infection in Arizona. I would be coughing up green stuff at least four times a year. But, I would be leaving all this behind, all you folks. Perhaps I should consult a fortune teller, or write down some pros and cons.
One last note: Mad props to my boys for calling me last night! would have loved to go to the Pink if i wasnt already sleeping. And... where did the stars go?????????????????????
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03/24/04 11:21 - ID#25926

sniffling and sunshine

There are two thing that I would like to complain about this morning. The first, my reoccuring sinus problems. Grrrrr, this is really starting to bother me. Every time the weather changes, i.e., freezing or thawing I have to deal with freezing and thawing sinuses, pressure headaches, constant thirstiness, sniffles, and the nose-blowing thing. Yuck. Why can't it just get warm and stay warm? It is things like this that just make me want to pack up and go. Can Elmwood come with?
It is actually sunny out today, which is a good thing. What will it be like tomorrow? One can never tell.
New topic: If you really really want to vote for Nader and do, are you just giving your vote to Bush? I need to register, maybe I will do that today.
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03/22/04 12:16 - ID#25925

welcome back tina

i picked tina up from the airport today. it is good to have her back ,to say the least.
the past week has been a good one; an interesting one. i guess i have learned a couple of things. i am young. i am silly. young is ok, and silly is ok too. but, i need to be serious sometimes. i plan on coming up with some sort of plan so that i can stay. not that i want to stay for the buffalo, but it is the people, and the prospect of growing friendships, and missing out on stuff, that i feel i should be a part of here. arizona would be warm, and pretty, but what is a pretty place without all the people that make you happy.
i need to get my ass in gear and get a full time job. i must also stop the laziness. i think i can do it.
just a bit of trivia: 11 people die a year due to vending machine related incidents. so, if your candy bar doesn't come out, just walk away. you probably don't need those extra calories anyway. unless you are paul, or any other skinny boy. in that case, add some extra money and get those needed calories.
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03/18/04 10:47 - ID#25924


!hAPPY bIrThDaY mATThEw! ,


Matthew, Happy Birthday my dear friend. It is weird to try and think of when I first met you, or when we really became good friends, but my memories seem all a blur. Perhaps, it is that we are destined to be friends! I hope
that you enjoy your special day, and be glad that you were born, because, what would my life be like without you in it?


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