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Category: random banter

11/26/07 07:34 - 40ºF - ID#42292

the flow of information

my mind is flooded with so many things, that i feel like i need a newer/bigger hard drive, and more RAM.

i officially hate my job at the hospital, and quitting it would mean more time for other ventures, and i could pick up more hours at the other job i actually like. and perhaps pursue some other job, i actually like.

glad all of you, think getting gross voicemails is so hot, give me your numbers, and ill forward them next time...

i was reading this editorial about how Halloween-new years has been mashed up into one huge never-ending holiday, that is taking us over. i agree, and wish to put it to an end. if that means no presents, i am okhwith that. because, lets face it, what i actually want, i can't have, and the rest is crap probably made in china.

(e:hodown) agrees.

on thanksgiving, my macbook took a 6' plus tumble, and is totally ok. apple will take over the world; i want to live there. and work for apple of course...
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Category: sick fucks

11/24/07 11:43 - 33ºF - ID#42276

people with zero class and 100% crass

somebody called me today from a restrcited number and left a voicemail of a woman having an orgasm.

i get restricted calls a lot, and random text messages. who ever is doing this is gross.

it looks like i do have a gross stalker lurking.

there are other worth while things i could post right now, but i am angered by this.

f off gross stalker person.

i feel like i need some mace.
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Category: cooking

11/19/07 11:38 - 40ºF - ID#42197

thanksgiving: a good start

last night i baked an apple pie. i made the crust from scratch, because us hos don't like to do things half assed. actually i do like doing things half assed, but not when it comes to cooking.

here are the results:

the ingredients and supplies, let's get started!

steve, my helper, and my momma's beau, helped. thanx steve!


put in the oven, and mark it with a "G" for grammy and me!

all cooked, and wrapped and ready for thursday!

there are no photos of the rolling, and prep of the dough, but i assure you, i made it from scratch. making dough is a bitch, and messy too.

i need to buy some white bread to lie on top of my pie to keep it moist, because no one wants a icky dried out pie.

tonight, i might make another mini pie, with raspberries. tomorrow, i start on some other stuff!

i feel like this is going to be a great thanksgiving! yesamesh!
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Category: car

11/17/07 11:51 - 32ºF - ID#42181

when life hands you lemons...

make a lemondrop!

or a screwdriver.

im le tired.

my car broke down a bunch of times this week, luckily, i was able to restart it each time. except for tonight after work. i then sat in my car for an hour and half, half crying, half laughing, nearly peeing my pants.

i had to pee so bad.

my car was just in the shop last week, and being the little nazi btich it is(more on the lovely swastika scratched into the hood later), it wouldn't do its not starting thing for the mechanic, nope. it loves to stall for me. in fact anywhere it can; in the middle of an intersection, the engine shut down on the freeway, on a curvy road, on a major hill; anywhere. i have been here 6 months, my car has broken down about as many times.

the upside to all of this? there is none. i hate that car.

anyway, onto better topics. this will be my first thanksgiving i am charge of everything, shopping, cooking, taming the wild beasts in my family. i have the shopping part done.

i also have a million art projects to complete in the next month.

oooh, and i am officially applying for my passport in two weeks! which means i will have it soon! i can't wait to travel!!!!

and, i still hate cats.

whenever i have really bad days like this, i think, at least im not preg, that makes every situation seem like such less of an issue. not that i am sleeping around so i would have to worry about that, but more of a, at least i don't have a family to feed or some shit like that. i can just hit the sauce when the going gets rough, not that i do that all the time either...

anyway, i cleaned my room today, and it looks really nice, so without further ado, i bring you the (e:lilho) abode! i will be lying in my bed, drinking some form of vodka drink....

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Category: i hate cats

11/15/07 10:46 - 39ºF - ID#42154

break out the anitfreeze

and feed it to the cats. i hate cats, and i want them all dead.

like (e:paul), i am allergic to everything and everyone.

what am i allergic to the most? CATS.

i hate them. i am having asthma. yes, asthma, for the first time in years.

cause? CATS.


die cats, die.
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Category: sex

11/15/07 12:20 - 53ºF - ID#42129

dong count

(e:paul,42128) and i had a lovely video chat this evening. we got to talk and how many partners we have each had...

without further ado, the list:

didn't start until college:


11 total. thats way more than i ever planned on... oops! anyway, there are no players in this game right now. maybe twelve will be way better than the last 3, they all sucked...

more on that later!

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11/14/07 11:40 - 57ºF - ID#42113

bring on the happy!

instead of complaining about random crap, lets emphasize the good. so not me, but im trying.

i would like to declare today, official hugs and drugs day! so, get your drugs, and get your hugs, and start a happy fest!

i am not sure what brought this on.

i also had choco cake for breakfast. for the second day in a row. i think i should eat an apple for lunch. and drink lots of coffee to rev my metabolism.

i have decided i am whisking off the europe for a while, to be an au pair. i like kids, i like foreign places(i think), and i love not being able to understand what anyone says. i figure why not.

i need a new residence game plan, i mean, the warmth is good, but its still 90 here, still. i need fallish. scarves! i wear them anyway but people think im weird, i mean i know i am weird but, it needs to cool down.

i am in charge of cooking thanksgiving dinner. i need a game plan for this as well. i will require full control of my "main deck", ie, the kitchen. people better stand back and recognize!

i don't like guns, but i really like this andy warhol screenprint, it is my current deskop. i wonder, do people think, "wow, she wears scarves when it is hot, and she really likes guns... what a freak!"

but maybe i really do like guns, because i am obsessed with that sniper vodka...

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11/12/07 11:28 - 54ºF - ID#42098

im going loco!

PB loco that is.

i was stuck all day with the mom. it was taxing.

you know how babies like shiny things? yea, shes kinda like that. so imagine going to multiple furniture stores, and then the mall with her. she gets all wide-eyed and crazy; grabbing things, buying random crap, and trying to rationalize why we need everything williams-sonoma sells, so we can have a successful thanksgiving.

did i also mention that she gets lost every couple minutes? she never remembers where we came in, which direction to go....

like a chicken with her head cut off. but i love her so.

i do.

anyway, i got this yummy choco banana pb from this place PB loco. mmmmmmmmmm...

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Category: movies

11/12/07 02:03 - 41ºF - ID#42088

laughing so hard it hurts

i just went to see Dan In Real Life, with Steve Carrell. I have never in my life laughed so hard. I actually thought my cousin and I were going to have to leave because our laughter was disruptive.

Such a great ending to a very busy, very taxing, but productive, amd actually enjoyable week. After only four hours of such last night, I am definitely ready for bed, and another hopefully great week!

Anyway, you should go check out the movie if you need a good laugh. The really great thing is that it ok to see with anyone!

Other great people who appear in this film, Juliet Binoche, Dane Cook, John Mahoney. Oh, and Sondre Lerche did the music.... I have only great things to say! Made my week.

A really great laugh can put things into perspective, and so can a really great massage(which I plan to get tomorrow!).

a bientot.
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Category: non-wedding

11/09/07 11:31 - 37ºF - ID#42063

the whole marriage thing

and, to clear it up, when i said i didn't know about marriage; i wan not including the big party and diamonds part!

because, i am all about:

huge parties.


fancy dresses.


i will have a non-wedding. man- optional!
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