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12/28/05 11:56 - 39ºF - ID#26247

i miss my sister:O(

jess left early this morning. back to the city. wah. her last words to me were, "there's coconut encrusted shrimp in the freezer, and mango sauce too!". yum. maybe ill check that out today.

it weird. even though my strange and awful illness is gone, i still have not regained my appetite. i can eat a little here and there, but nothing like my normal mammoth hunger. stress will do that to you.

my mom had to work today, so im kinda just here in the beautiful place with nothing to do. i go a little crazy sitting around all day.

maybe i will just take super long getting ready and mess around with my multitudes of new makeup, jewelry and clothing. oh the joys of being woman.

one good thing about having so much time on my hands, is all of the thinking I've been doing. thinking about the direction of my life, or lake thereof(lol). my aunt and uncle asked me last night why i was still in buffalo, she was sure id be in paris by now. i guess the answer is that life does always go as planned, and i made a few mistakes in the past few years. nothing i can't fix relatively easily. but its funny that my whole family is gone, and here i am, still a buffaloinian. its not so bad, i have some great friends and my own little apartment. lonely at times, but thats life.

when will i go to paris?

p.s. im buying my sis's ibook, so soon i will no longer be computer free. look for me at spot, ill be the one with ligloss eating cookies and drinking italian soda; pretending to do work, but really just idling.
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12/26/05 01:24 - 31ºF - ID#26246

best vacation ever

i guess my stomach needed one day of rest, and then back to its old ways.

what is wrong with me?

plus, another holdiay family crisis...

as bobby b would say, "hell to tha hohoho!"
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Category: dehydration

12/24/05 10:55 - 38ºF - ID#26245

last night

i collapsed and my whole body went numb. my family got me in the car and we headed for the hospital, but i started to feel my hands and feet again, so we headed back home.

i guess i feel ok now. thats only because i am completely free of any liquids or nourishment. i afraid even to drink water.

this is the most sick I've ever been and i might have to have iv fluids today. i don't have any health insurance, so lets hope to god i don't worse.

i wish for christmas to pass without any notice.
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12/23/05 01:20 - 38ºF - ID#26244

warm weather christmas flu

just tried to post and i closed the page. fuck.

in az for the holidays. I've waited many months for this, and now i have not only a sinus infected, but the flu as well. spent all night with toilet last night. we know eachother very well at this point.

momma is good. looks a little different. she had some plastic surgery, i kid you not. she had her eyes done. uhhhh. yea.

i love her house. sooooo nice. big walk in shower. big kitchen. sunny patio. mmmmm.

well, im off the shop some more and deal with my many illnesses. boo.

p.s. all i want for xmas is to be not sick. argh.
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Category: tired and cranky

12/18/05 10:06 - 23ºF - ID#26243

clean happy car

i had my car washed and cleaned out today. its a beautiful thing.

i am sick and tired, and i have too many parties to go to. im not dressed for a party. i don't care. im sick.

can't wait to sleep.

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Category: soiree

12/16/05 08:58 - 30ºF - ID#26242


[size=xl]git ur ass to tha partay! celebrate (e:hodowns) bday. hostyle.[/size]
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12/16/05 11:23 - ID#26241 pmobl


if i get puked on one more time this week, im going to be sick. i wont get into the watery, green nasty ass diapers, or the lingering smell of vomit. oh god.
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Category: disagreement

12/11/05 04:26 - 29ºF - ID#26240

c'mon guys

argh. i don't agree w/ a lot that is said here, however, i don't think we should shut people out because of certain conflicting views.

let's just chalk it down to a difference of opinion and call it a night.

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Category: friends

12/10/05 11:29 - 25ºF - ID#26239

doesnt anybody stay in one place anymore

yes, in the fine words of carol king.

i feel like I've lost so many friends in the last year. people that i became incredibly close to, who just aren't really a part of my life anymore.

that sucks.

i guess its time to make some new friends. not easy to do.
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12/09/05 10:09 - ID#26238 pmobl

snow day

we all need hot chocolate, a good book, and someone to snuggle with! mmm...blankies
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