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Category: injury

03/29/07 12:39 - 37ºF - ID#38678

my ankle is a kankle!

i fell last night and twisted my left ankle.

was she drunk you ask? was she stoned?

nope, just a huge dumbass. i fell to my knees and rolled over. i lied there for a few minutes. did anyone help me up or see if i was ok? nope.

then i walked home from target.

now, im going to lie on the couch all day. in the hopes that ill be able to walk again tomorrow!
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: helping

03/23/07 09:29 - 48ºF - ID#38598

dont just stand there, do something!

when did the world become filled with assholes?

probably a long long time ago. and im probabyl one of them.

but, when an old old man falls on the trasin tracks dowtown in the pouring rain and at least 20 people stand and do nothing; that is unacceptable. this makes me sick.

im glad i was there to help the poor guy up.

being 23 can suck. but im sure being old and rickety, and having nobody to help you get up from the tracks when a train is coming sucks way more. and in the pouring rain. im so sick of all of the dumb-fuck "suits" that think they are too busy to help someone.

i know im girly and into celeb gossip. but i wont ever sell out and think im too good to help someone out.

this makes me soooo mad. i don't understand why people will just watch and not help out. i see it all of the time. people who don't hold open doors, drivers in such a rush that they can't let someone cross the street. where is everyone rushing to? why is everyone suddenly more important than someone else?

being 23 really doesn't suck. but i never want to see myself turn into somebody who is totally selfish and impatient. that would suck.

i think not having a car, and seeing how people who are truly impoverished live, gives me a whole new perspective. i live a totally pampered and self-indulgent life. i want more than that. there are so many people that have so much less than me, and i need to stop wanting more. the only things i want more of, are love, friendship, and compassion. ok, i do want more cute dresses, and some alcohol and lipgloss, but if i truly am able to give back, i think i deserve it.

have a great weekend ya'll. and if you see someone in need, don't just stand there. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!
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Category: post-party

03/21/07 11:51 - 50ºF - ID#38550

things are what you make of them

thats a really great song by "bishop allen". check em out ya'll thats some good shit for the ipod.

if you missed out, on the parade with me. well, you missed out. i hugged every old man, and even rode in a van with the parade for a bit. (e:brit) , i think you must owe me about $200 bucks for all of the bets you gave me. its the one day of the year i feel completely free. out in the street, drinking the crunk juice. oh yes.

now, im back in work/school mode and thinking i am totally ready for spring break. apparently the assholes at ecc, do not consider midterm a good time for spring break.

I've been celibate for way too long. perhaps i will become crazy born-again, again, and revirginize myself...

ps. i shall post some st patty's day pics soon...
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Category: st mattys day

03/17/07 11:41 - 22ºF - ID#38497

Meet up before the parade!


Hey (e:peeps) , let's continue the celebration, and all meet up at (e:strip) headquarters on Sunday before the parade! To give us time to get downtown and pregame, let's strive for 12:30-1:00.

The parade starts at 2pm and will kick off at Niagara Square and end at North Street. So, if you are Irish, you like the Irish, or just like drinking and want to have a great time... BE THERE!

If you need anymore info, just leave a comment.

P.S. It was great to see everyone at the party. A more tame time than usual, but good times as always. :O)

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03/16/07 01:43 - 26ºF - ID#38482


umm, ill be there. reason enough!

but really, i rarely get the chance to socialize anymore, and it would be great to see you all! hope to see you!

ps. spring is so close, i can smell it! and who knew i loved walking so much! i loves it. love it. loving it. feeling healthy is so great!
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Category: school

03/14/07 05:37 - 49ºF - ID#38457

my back hurts

whatever dumbass tells you that art classes are an easy "A" is wrong.

i now have to re-do a million projects for tomorrow, because my professor apparently grades my pieces way tougher, since she has discovered im not a complete idiot.

an fabirc printing, makes me feel like im some 1800 era poor woman working at a fabric mill. i shall have some very pretty pieces though!

off to walk my aching back a million miles, and then to the gym!

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Category: life

03/08/07 01:15 - 22ºF - ID#38397


i feel totally fine being alone. i don't feel like i need anything or anyone.

ok, maybe i totally need my ipod! and lipgloss of course.

i'm actually so ok, that i've pretty much lost any interest in dating. im more interested in getting good grades, getting ready for my huge move, and going to work. and of course, having great times with friends!

this feels good! :O) have a great day everyone!

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Category: the blues

03/02/07 10:46 - 34ºF - ID#38333

dont bother reading

ok, its almost os ridiculous, so i may just laugh. or sit and paint and listen to emo music...

the 15 hour shift begins...

and only a few aren't going to know what i am talking about. so ju8st ingore this post. i just want to keep a memory of these times so i can look back and laugh, and remember why i moved.

sorry, (e:peeps), im still in high school.
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Category: life

03/02/07 02:54 - 38ºF - ID#38329

the minimalist life

so, living by yourself is a bitch. its expensive, nobody has dinner for you when you get home, and its expensive.

i have decided to cut back in anticipation of said move, and the fact that i NEED a new car. here's what i will be saying goodbye to:

  • netflix

  • internet(ok, maybe)

  • my car, i loved you while it lasted

  • alcohol for the most par

  • any sort of clothes shopping, at all. but i do need to get new sneakers, so that doesn't count

im gonna keep my gym membership a my one luxury. im sure between all of the walking plus the gym i will be in tip-top shape in no time.

also, the fact that i will no longer have a car, means i can really be green party, at least for a short while.

ps. the police will never ever have your best interest at heart. don't let them catch you ridin dirty...

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Category: sickness

03/01/07 01:13 - 29ºF - ID#38318

not feeling well

yesterday. worked my ass off in class. fabric printing is a bitch, and the work load never seems to end.

then, i ran some errands, went home, ate dinner, and then went to the gym. after the gym i decided to enjoy a pipe, and some wine. bad idea. i swear i only had two glasses. well, i woke up throwing up at 5am, got very little and poor sleep.

now i am in between class. going to a three hour class, and feeling like puking again. i hope i make it through.

this is a strange sickness. my whole body hurts, and im just so tired. i actually don't think even think it is illness, its exhaustion. work is so shortstaffed, and i barely have time to think.

anyway, i went to the gym last night, and now my legs feel like they might break off at the knee. i supposed it doesn't help that i am wearing heels, but after five days of jeans and sneakers, i had to return to my girly self. even if that means a little suffering in my part.

good day all. hope you are still enjoying this lovely winter. its my last. ha. ha.
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