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06/19/11 03:43 - ID#54537

father's day

it's hard not having a father on father's day. it's hard not having one at all...

my mom's bf, well his kids don't do anything for him. i offered to take him out for dinner...

we will see what he says.... but i just don't want him to feel sad. i am feeling kinda sad, but it will pass.

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06/15/11 12:37 - ID#54497

holiday mode

is now my official phrase for this summer.

the people i work for have a button inside their fridge that says, "holiday mode". what does this mean for a fridge???

for a person, more specifically me, it means low levels of stress and high levels of fun and fancy....

my summer has been mostly that so far...

12 hrs of children and me tomorrow, getting a good nights rest.

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06/06/11 11:23 - ID#54435


i met this guy once, gave him my number...

big mistake. i have never had a stalker, so i guess this is the closest it gets. he has been calling and texting at all hours.

did he not get the clue when i stopped responding? i never even went on a date with him and i don't even remember his name.

pretty sure it is time for him to move on to pursuing a female that will actually talk to him.

in the same way, when a guy stops responding to my calls or texts, i stop. i even do regular delete sweeps through my phone and remove people i don't speak to anymore or am angry with so i don't make a mistake and text or call.

the only people i wouldn't dare delete are my family and oldest friends... but everyone else is fair game. maybe this makes me weird but i don't care.

that being said, at least there is one guy who really wants to date me... even though he will never get a date, it is a somewhat nice feeling to be wanted.

i went to my friend's house yesterday, and she and her husband have created this insane huge garden in their backyard, and they have so many different things growing. bamboo, pumpkins, herbs, peaches, oranges, zucchini, peppers.... it was really neat and it made me feel like i should take on more tasks like that and be creative. or maybe i can just visit their garden when i have the urge...

much respect to those who garden, i don't like getting dirty or lifting things or sweating when it is not for a workout or dancing. i do however like gardens, and tea, and tiny little sandwiches and cakes...
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06/04/11 01:12 - ID#54422

new york!

so i am going to the city in a few weeks to help my sis move. i am taking this job very seriously, and i have amped up my workouts even though she is hiring movers and i won't really need to lift anything. i want to be strong and fit just in case.

it's really happening at the perfect time, i miss ny and i miss my sis. plus we have lots of fun activities planned:

reception at the mandarin oriental, one of my fav hotels that i've never stayed at but i just love it. everything about it is classy and beautiful... did i mention that hotels are one of my fav things in the world?! the nice ones of course... i am sure they also serve great drinks with top notch ingredients... which is also important to me.

we are going to get awesome bedazzled nails as well...

also, my sis's crazy scientist friend is having a bday! so that will be fun. well, she's not so much crazy and she is just very smart and pretty too... and she can sing so i am jello. and she runs a million miles, and i want to run too in central park but i really hate running...

ok, and of course pizza.

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06/01/11 11:07 - ID#54401

lost and found

at my house its located in the washing machine where i found my broken hearing aids.... that's a 4 grand sound system wrecked...

i have no clue how, i checked my laundry i tore the house apart....

the best part?! now that i have them and they're broken i pay nothing for them to be fixed..... double yay!!!!

i still have a broken heart though.... i wish they could just be sent to be fixed.

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06/01/11 12:06 - ID#54396

being deaf sucks

i swear i thought i was on the upside of everything...

lost my hearing aids. zero clue to where they could be. i didn't bring them out with me over the weekend because i went to a hotel and pool party...

had them saturday morning... and now they have vanished. they are nude colored and tiny... the worst thing ever to try and find.

already ordered new ones, for $700 and that's after insurance coverage. better then $3000 but still...

i am going to be very sad for a day and then get over it.
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