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Category: work

08/26/09 10:14 - ID#49631

i am le tired

wow, it's so tiring going to work and then class.

plus my boss is freaking out about everything, and as usual i end up picking up the pieces after others who don't do things right.

my math instructor spit in my face last night, he is one of those spit talkers. it was so gross, i think i need to need sit front and center anymore.

this girl in my english class was crying because she is so overwhelmed with college and she was so cute and little and innocent. she will be fine, but imagine if you were such a stressed out person like that. maybe she should get a vice or something.

anyway, i already have tons of work due because one of my classes is accelerated and we do the semester in half the time and i choose to take french online which is ridic...

cannot. wait. until. monday. or at least until 10 tonight when i get to come home and go to bed.
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Category: work

08/06/09 08:15 - ID#49477

when life hands you lemons

Throw them at people you don't like.

At least I still have Aruba.

I want a different job.

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Category: work

05/18/09 10:11 - ID#48689

mr sun

he is calling me and asking me to come out and play but i must work.

i was supposed to get the entire weekend off, but the other sec. needed saturday off, so i was only off yesterday.

now i must work mon-wed, and then off thurs/fri and on next weekend.

and next weekend is a holiday which will be the third consecutive holiday i've worked. somehow this doesn't add up.

oh well i get time and a half for holidays.

i just thank god i don't have to work work with the crazy this week who makes up stories about my non-compliance and cell phone usage.

i can't wait until thursday, when i can return to book reading and the pool. my two current fav things.
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Category: work

10/01/08 12:12 - ID#45872

i don't want no scrub

according to a new dress policy at work, i must wear scrubs, or a lab coat...

i ordered a super cute baby phat lab coat, last monday, and it's not here yet. so, my friend gave me some scrubs that don't fit her. they are actually a cuter option for such a hideous look.

i have zero choice. it's either look non-fab and have job, or no job and look fab for a short while until the money runs out...


i am shallow and ridiculous, but the best part of my day is getting dressed and picking out my outfit. i guess i'll just have to focus on the hair and makeup tomorrow then.
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Category: work

07/27/08 12:27 - ID#45157


i am so tired! I've been working since 830 this morning. i worked at the hospital and then left to come here and work at my other job.

i am not sure sure what time the parents will be home, but hopefully before 11. i am not sure i can stay up that late!!!

did you ever get that tired feeling and your eyes just hurt and then you get an awful pounding headache? its like, your body know you need to go to bed and its punishing you for not doing so.

sometimes a whole day at the hospital can be really tough. our census has been really low, and they is actually not much work for me to do, since i handle all of the patients paperwork, appointments, and consults. but, it seems less tiring sometimes when it is busy, maybe because time passes quicker.

also, three patient passed away in the past day. that can be very depressing. especially to see the family, and you get to know that family members when they are there so much. two of the patients that passed seemed to be getting better, and then they just went like that. i saw one of them. i don't know i wanted to see him, but i did, and now i think i am going to have nightmares.

i really think nurses have one of the hardest jobs out there. doctors too, but sometimes i think nurses more so. they spend so much times with the patients and do all of the dirty work, and then when a patient passes, it can be like losing a friend.

i am happy that i am going to be a teacher, and i get to see the development of people, not the digression...

i miss my grandma. :(

when i see all of the older patients, so many of them are so out of it. my granny kinda lost it towards the end, but she still went so gracefully. i remember that last time i talked to her before she got really bad. i was holding her hand and thought she was sleeping, and she squeezed my hand, because she knew somehow that i was crying, even though her eyes were closed as she said, "I am going to be ok sarah."

it just made me cry more. she was so strong. she never complained, and even when she was dying, she was trying to make it easier.

it will be so good to visit her grave. i feel bad about not being at the funeral, but most of my extended family is just way too much for me to handle, and this way i can pay my respects in peace.

i think now is the perfect time to go to blo.

it's going to be really nice to not be in that hospital for a whole week...
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Category: work

07/21/08 11:24 - ID#45099

one small step for me...

one giant leap for me being on time...

i bought alarm clock today... i am officially becoming a responsible adult. really.

i get up for work everyday at 630. i floss- even though i hate it.

this is a huge deal, after years of using my cell phone, which is never the best idea. i hate having my phone on at night, unless im out or up. so, now i don't have to deal with texts or calls, and i can wake up to that age old lovely buzzing noise that many have come to know and hate...
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Category: work

04/22/08 02:31 - ID#44099

good news! hopefully.

it looks like my wish may be granted. i am really hoping that the job with the hospital comes through. it would mean full-time with benefits, if i want, or i can stay on as pool and keep the higher pay rate. either way it's a sweet deal. i would make between 30 and 40 grand a year. not bad for a student.

i could pay for school out of pocket and start saving money and even pay off loans and credit card debt. i know it would be a lot of responsibility, and hard work, but i think i am up for the challenge!

also, i received a 100 on my presentation today! score!

if i get the job, some serious celebration will be needed soon.

this also means i must quit/cut back at other job. i will give the family through the summer to find someone else, and i think that is pretty fair.

if i work two jobs, it will be insane, like working 6 or 7 days a week, but that mad cash money. as much as i hate the thought, money really does help, and financial freedom is my goal.

i am speaking too much like a real adult, so i have to end this post.

ps. i love bacon, and that will never change.

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Category: work

03/03/08 09:45 - ID#43545

i was thinking of quitting

and i get into the hospital today, and my manager and the CEO pull me in to their office to have a talk. i'm thinking, "why are you bothering to ask me about my grandma, when you are about to fire me?"

well, i was wrong.

they pulled me in to tell me i am getting a $6 raise. hot damn, i love this place so much right now. not only do i love it, but i am now oicking up all of the hours i possibly can here! yippeee!

now, if i switch agencies with my other job and get a $4 raise, i'll be so money.

i am finally feeling like i am past that whole minimum wage thing, by a lot. and it feels good.

go me!
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11/09/07 10:34 - ID#42057

most work ever

so, i love my one job, i really do. i love kids. they a;ways have such a interesting take on everything, and its so great to see them do so many things for the first time and watch their minds grow. plus, they are cute and cuddly, and nothing is better than cute and cuddly!

but, waking up at 5am is no fun. i stayed at the little girl's house whom i work for, because the father is out of town this week, and she can be handful. anyway, its good money, because part of the time, i am sleeping, but my oh my, this all makes me wonder...

1. When if ever will I want kids? I love them, but it is soooo much work, and you have no life outside of them, if you decide to raise a family.

2. When if ever, will I get married? Actually its not a "when", question, because I don't really care right now. But, at the hospital, everyone married with kids, and all they do is bitch! They have no social lives, and they have to work so hard to pay for what their kids wants, and they aren't happy with their husbands. I think you can be happy, but I honestly think it's a ton of work, and few and far between don't end up getting divorced.

I just think many women sell themselves short and are always desperately looking for a man to complete them. I also think, many people don't feel like a "whole" person without someone else. Maybe more so women, and not directed at any women on this site.

Anyway, it could be my bitterness of not being in love, but I no longer look at couples in love and get jealous. I get jealous of people who own Marc Jacobs, and can afford private jets.

I am jealous of people who have drivers, or just don't have a car and can walk everyone. I want to walk everywhere again.

If the asshole British guy calls me again in the middle of the night an wakes me up, I am going to have some words. But, for now, I will just silence his calls. The waiter called me for a date, but I think maybe not.

But I AM thinking, Blo in January! Then maybe NYC, prob both. Ok so, here's what I need to know, since no one ever calls me back! AHEM! (e:paul), do you guys still want to rent a cabin in Alleghany? And, I hate having to communicate through my blog, but sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures!

I am now going to sleep for two hours before I work a million more hours!

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Category: work

02/22/07 02:14 - ID#38242

im a getting an award

thats right, something to feel good about.

im getting a "lifesaver award" from work for saving a client's life using the heimlich. isn't that swell!

now, if i could only stop coughing and sleeping. my mother has come to the rescuse and is sending anitbiotics stat. im sick of sitting here, but don't really want to venture out and hack up a lung in public, i don't really think that will make me any more popular.

my sister is really sick now too and has missed two days of work. i think it is fair to blame it on me. im really sorry (e:hodown). i think perhaps my new nickname "typhoid mary" might me appropriate.

p.s. i think i have decided to move to az...
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