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Category: sickness

10/06/08 12:39 - ID#45960

it's that time of year

when all the germs come out and start festering.

im pretty sure i have a sinus infection, but i refuse to take antibiotics. i took some about two months ago, and they did not agree with my stomach at all. i was a week full of crackers and bananas, and getting really sick at work, and the movies, or wherever i was.

anyway, i will getting the flu shot at work on wed. i got it last year and i was flu free. my mom didn't get it, and was sick for two weeks.

i think people are way to into taking drugs to cure everything, and thats part of the reason mrsa is so rampant in this country.

anyway, go get your flu shot, and no kissing.
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Category: sickness

03/01/07 01:13 - ID#38318

not feeling well

yesterday. worked my ass off in class. fabric printing is a bitch, and the work load never seems to end.

then, i ran some errands, went home, ate dinner, and then went to the gym. after the gym i decided to enjoy a pipe, and some wine. bad idea. i swear i only had two glasses. well, i woke up throwing up at 5am, got very little and poor sleep.

now i am in between class. going to a three hour class, and feeling like puking again. i hope i make it through.

this is a strange sickness. my whole body hurts, and im just so tired. i actually don't think even think it is illness, its exhaustion. work is so shortstaffed, and i barely have time to think.

anyway, i went to the gym last night, and now my legs feel like they might break off at the knee. i supposed it doesn't help that i am wearing heels, but after five days of jeans and sneakers, i had to return to my girly self. even if that means a little suffering in my part.

good day all. hope you are still enjoying this lovely winter. its my last. ha. ha.
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Category: sickness

01/30/07 09:54 - ID#37919

feel like crying

i could handle the coughing, the sore throat and tiredness.

i can't handle the earache i woke up with this morning. the pain is unbearable, and now i won't be able to go to class, which i can make up. but, i don't know if ill be able to make it to work. this would be the third day I've called in.

i need stronger drugs...

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Category: sickness

07/03/06 11:51 - ID#26295

spendind quality time, on my day off

that's right. i have food poisoning for the third time this year. is that a record? this shouldn't happen, i don't live in a third world county.

anyway, i will spending some quality time with au toilet today.

im so happy.
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