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10/30/08 01:27 - 33ºF - ID#46419

me bum hurts

i had what looked like two bug bites.

turned into giant infection thing.

must wear giant bandaid.

can't sit on bum. ouch.
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10/24/08 11:31 - 51ºF - ID#46315

my heart goes out to jennifer hudson

i really like her. i like the fact that she is so voluptuous and beautiful and not the hollywood standard.

and i loved her in dreamgirls.... she stole the show! that voice, that rack!!! yowza!

someone murdered her brother and mother today, and i can't even imagine how horrible that would be.

then having to deal with the fame thing along with that, it seems unbearable.
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Category: school

10/23/08 12:10 - 38ºF - ID#46266

why i hate group projects

the stress is never on any specific person, and it is supposed to be a group effort.

well, eff that.

next time i am going to protest to work alone. because at this point, everyone else gets to take credit for my work.

it is also less time consuming to do it alone, rather than having to edit other people's typos and add in missing info, and then complete all of the other parts that are missing.

im pissed and im going to bed.

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10/18/08 12:22 - 38ºF - ID#46171

my bday

this is the ecard, (e:hodown) sent me. i have decided to no longer date younger guys, because they are idiots and have no clue what they want, or how to deal with me. anyway, i am now an older woman, and this is le card... i'm reverting back to older nice guy approach.



i didn't really get a gift from my momma yet. i can either get a savings account with some money in it, or a necklace of my choosing. i don't really want/need anything... so i haven't decided yet. plus i have 12 hours days everyday and not much time to shop or even go anywhere with her. plus, we had a nice dinner and drinks with friends the other night, and that was generous enough.

and cougars have jobs and can buy their own things.
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10/17/08 01:00 - 50ºF - ID#46152

a lack of blogging

all work and no blog makes jackie a dull girl.

my life is officially mostly boring and i never blog.

what happened?????

i need a new blog focus.

and i spend way too much time wondering if other people actually wash their hands, and for 15-20 seconds with soap. i'm really thinking no, and it grosses me out...

esp chidren, with their nasty touched everything, stuck their hands down their pants, and then in their mouth nasty little hands. the kids at the daycare i go to play on this playground and the ground is covered wth wood chips. i officially hate wood chips. i swear these kids come back inside for movie time looking like they've been through the war after a half hour on that playground. they love eating and playing with the wood chips, and rolling in the wood chips, and sometimes throwing them. they are the war chips.

my children will not be allowed to play in wood chips, and i don't really like sand either. and they will wash their hands regularly. wow, ocd. they're gonna turn out weird, but the don't exist yet, so maybe there is still hope...

it's 10:00, time for bed!

smooches (e:strip)!

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Category: scottsdale

10/08/08 11:42 - 62ºF - ID#46007

it happened

i am now being judged as a "scottsdale" type. oh no!

i look like one of those pathetic girls, who have daddy buy shit for them and shop and do nothing but sit around and read magazines????

ok, i like to do all that, but i do pay for all of my stuff. and yes, assholes, i live rent free. but i work 50+ hrs a week and go to school.

i am spoiled, but i'm not lazy. maybe a bit bitchy, but notttt lazy. and i do my part to better the world.

so there.

i am going to get my nails done in the am, it always makes me feel better. maybe it's the toxic fumes... either that or that fact that no matter how hard i try and practice, the asians always do a better job on my nails.
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Category: sickness

10/06/08 12:39 - 55ºF - ID#45960

it's that time of year

when all the germs come out and start festering.

im pretty sure i have a sinus infection, but i refuse to take antibiotics. i took some about two months ago, and they did not agree with my stomach at all. i was a week full of crackers and bananas, and getting really sick at work, and the movies, or wherever i was.

anyway, i will getting the flu shot at work on wed. i got it last year and i was flu free. my mom didn't get it, and was sick for two weeks.

i think people are way to into taking drugs to cure everything, and thats part of the reason mrsa is so rampant in this country.

anyway, go get your flu shot, and no kissing.
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10/05/08 10:22 - 48ºF - ID#45940

double stuf oreos

i kissed this boy. and now im sick. therefore i now hate him.

i'm so sick of the stupid dr at work who keeps asking me out. i went from being all for it, to flattered, to just annoyed. he annoys me.

i have come to the conclusion, that until i find someone completely worth it, dating is a complete waste of my time.

what is not a waste of my time???? wel, good question. working, going to class, doing homework, reading, playing rock band(which (e:hodown) is in the process of sending.. ahem) and paying bills.

until then, i shall just make out with random hot guys as i wish. nothing else, just making out. it's enough to satisfy my urge, but not being totally slutty.

now im totally sick but still going to work, so i have surrendered to the scrubs. they are my friend when my head is hard to hold up, and i want to wear something pajama-y. which is never, unless i am sick.

makeouts, and double stuf oreos...

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Category: work

10/01/08 12:12 - 55ºF - ID#45872

i don't want no scrub

according to a new dress policy at work, i must wear scrubs, or a lab coat...

i ordered a super cute baby phat lab coat, last monday, and it's not here yet. so, my friend gave me some scrubs that don't fit her. they are actually a cuter option for such a hideous look.

i have zero choice. it's either look non-fab and have job, or no job and look fab for a short while until the money runs out...


i am shallow and ridiculous, but the best part of my day is getting dressed and picking out my outfit. i guess i'll just have to focus on the hair and makeup tomorrow then.
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