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08/29/06 05:20 - 67ºF - ID#26299

back to school shopping!

(e:thesimeon) started school this week. i start neek week, as well as my new full benefits full-time job. am i a real adult or what?

anyway, on his break from class today, he(nick), suggested we go shopping. i thought he meant grocery shopping, and i wasn't in the mood, as i had planned a whole day of sleeping and lounging for my day off. i'm still kicking an ongoing almost three-week sinus, throat nasty infe ction.

well, he took me to t.j. maxx, my fav store, and let me loose. i was however the bargain shopper as always and only spent about $70.

i am now the proud owner of 5 pairs of new undies, very cute. a new bra, oh la la. a very pretty beaded skirt. a studiues new cardigan. and a bright pink tee, with some ruffles of course.

i had a good day.

then i came home and did my chores, and fixed my lunch. breaded chciken cutlet, tomato w/olive oil and balsamic, and a screwdriver to top. yum.

i need to now continue my sex & the city marathon. joy. :O).

p.s. i love you (e:hodown).
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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OMG welcome!...

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New years resolution to top (e:strip)?...