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Category: friends

05/13/09 11:03 - ID#48663

im so excited!!!!

and i just can't hide it. you get the point!

(e:deeglam) is coming to visit me in july!!! for 4th of july weekend, and that one of my fav holidays, because it involves sun and swimming and yummy barbeque food and margaritas and fireworks!

i really think this is going to be my fav 4th ever which is hard to top since the last two were so much fun!

i have to say i am so glad we have reconnected because hse is kinda the last of my childhood friends i am actually in contact with, the others i seem to have fallen out of touch with, or we both changed so much, or they turned out to be bad friends.

anyway, i am so so so happy she is coming, and it really makes me feel good that she is coming all the way here for a visit because no one ever comes to visit me minus (e:hodown) who comes all the time, but its cool because we lost touch for a while and it's good to know that even though you go through rough patches the true friends always find their way back and it's even better than before!

hurray for friends!!!!!! :O)

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Category: friends

01/25/09 06:26 - ID#47519

a spoonful of sugar

i had class friday night and then all day yesterday, and a couple of people were sick, and i think it became like being on an airplane, sitting in that same room with sick people and all of that recycled air.

anyway, i don't think all of the sitting helped, because it was just making me feel more sick and tired. i had plans with a friend i haven't seen much of lately, and the whole day i was thinking about how i just wanted to go home and sleep.

when i got of class, she had already text me, so i forced myself to go out, and i'm so glad i did. lately, i have been consumed by work and school and personal issues. it's strange how caught up you can get in your own world, and forget their is an entire world outside of you.

anyway, we got food and wine and went to the mall. i bought new shoes with a christmas giftcard and bought a sexy dress to wear out, and out we went. it ended up being one of those days that runs seemlessly into night with no flaws.

i had so much fun last night! i guess it reminded me of how important a good friend can really be. and also how important a hot new pair of shoes can be!

we ended up at this club we had been to one other time, and ran into this guy we know who does security for sports players and some celebrities, and he always knows the fun people and has the hook-up.

then everyone kept offering to buy us all these drinks, and that is always nice, although sometimes i just want to buy my own, because it can be a hassle to have to talk to someone just because they bought you a drink.

i think i have found my happy drink place. it's three grey goose citron and sodas, with a slice of lime. and then two bottles of water in between. it's a magical mix. it makes for good conversation and witty remarks. and, a few sexy dance moves.

how i wish it was saturday again...
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Category: friends

08/11/08 09:26 - ID#45300


i think i said i was gonna hang out with so many people while i was here in blo, but come to find out, i don't really feel like seeing much of anyone.

i am gonna miss tina so much, maybe thats why. i kinda just want to spend pretty much every moment with her. shes so cute and fun! and she likes to talk about fashion. and perez.

its gonna be so sad when i say goodbye, because she is really the last girlfriend i have. i have a few in az, but she is last of the the originals. its so hard to meet people that truly accept you and love you and im freakin gonna miss her.

ps. the weather here sucks which also makes me want to do nothing.

i think the tinster and i are gonna hit the mall today, that is pretty much my fav thing to do with her, shop, or eat chicken pizza, and i think we can do both!!!!!!!

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12/10/05 11:29 - ID#26239

doesnt anybody stay in one place anymore

yes, in the fine words of carol king.

i feel like I've lost so many friends in the last year. people that i became incredibly close to, who just aren't really a part of my life anymore.

that sucks.

i guess its time to make some new friends. not easy to do.
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