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Category: happy

11/29/06 11:50 - ID#26341

alls well that ends well

let me just say, i had the most most pleasant lovely little thanksgiving of my life. i could have been

a). the absence of my psycho family

b). overconsumption of wine and delicious food

c). learning that scientists and randoms are really the best way to celebrate any sort of holiday


d). that my sister is cool

now, i think all of these played a role. plus i think i love nyc 4eva. but, we'll see. thinking of applying to FIT, and various other institutions.

also thinking about my new nemesis. shes possibly the most crazy person i have ever come across, who seems to have a personal vendetta against the entire world. let it be known that her name begins with a K, and emotionally unstable people should not work with the disabled.

with the exception of two days in the lovely city, i have no life, and go from work, to school to a couple hours of sleep, and start again. but, it is pretty cool, because soon i will have lots of cash money in which to spend on you, or me, or me. or on bills.

i recieved my nano yesterday, and its so cute and silver, and i don't even have itunes on my computer, so i might show up at your house to see if you have any good music.

its a lovely day for another class, and then 10 hrs of work! enjoy the sun, you know it aint comin back once it goes.

next week, i shall annoy (e:terry) with my constant presence, and make him walk to the library with me, cook food with me, and have fun with me. he has no choice, he goes back to work soon, and there is much fun to be had...
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Category: life

11/20/06 09:34 - 33ºF - ID#26340

i saved a life. what?!?

last night @ work, a consumer(those for whom i work with), not a coworker, starting choking on his dinner. the other staff froze, and his face went from red to bright red, to purple.

in the haze of the moment, i jumped up, placed my fist under his sternum and just began to push. the food was dislodged, and thank god, he is ok.

im still in awe of the fact i have actually rescued someone from certain death. all these people at work call me a hero now.

and to think that i had forgotten about that this morning.

now matter how shitty, and tired i feel, i fucking saved a life. and that makes me feel damn good.

the Heimlich does work. learn it, and use it.
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Category: life

11/16/06 07:22 - 60ºF - ID#26339

rough day

i went out last night, which was good for the soul, and has some bonding time with an old friend. its wierd because we don't hang out that much, but, he is a really great person to be around when im going through a rough time, and thats just what i need right now.

i just don't understand why, when one thing goes wrong, it all goes wrong. im having major trouble focusing on school, or anything for that matter, but i must pull through, because when i get through this year, i can start to think about applying to schools, and where i wanna be, which is kinda exciting. very exciting actually. and scary too. but im proud that i feel like ihave so many choices now, compared to a couple of years ago, when i was so helpless.

my brother called me very early this morn, begging for me to take him to the hospital, and after a day of getting these calls, i sucked it up and took him. i was extremely tired, as i had a late night, and am still not feeling well.( did i mention that i puked in the pizza place this afternoon?) classy, i know, but now im paranoid about the mono thing, as i now know two people who have it. one of which is my poor sicky little brother. i feel awful for him, and want to help him, and its just so sad, and he got into a huge fight with his gf, who he lives with, and might come stay with me.

plus, i have so much fucking work this weekend...and i now feel bad about leaving for ny on thurs if josh is here with no fam. help?
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Category: school

11/15/06 09:31 - 44ºF - ID#26338

to resign

i have to make a decision in the next hour of whether or not to resign statistics.

the good news is that it will not take me down to p/t status, and my financial aid will not be affected.

i will just feel like i've failed and let myself down. i've really tried, and it gets me so frustrated, because i just suck at math.

why did i think i had a future in speech? i'm taking (e:tina)'s advice and pursuing design. i think i will be much happier actually taking courses that interest me, and not trying to conform because i know speech would be a good career. some friends have told me that if im good at what i do, the money will follow, and i think they are right.

this doesn't mean i don't want to take and sort of speech classes, because i'm very interested in sign language, but all of the math and science will overwhelm me, as it already has.

lesson to all: don't try and be something your are not.

  • and in fashion news, i will be recieving my new monster cutie boots in just a few days!*
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11/14/06 09:21 - 42ºF - ID#26337

how am i supposed to get my party on?

i have no time for fun, or sleep. i have 60 hr work weeks coming up, in addition to so much school work, and everything else.

i kinda feel like im gonna collapse. but at least i get to see my sis soon. hopefully she isn't sick of me by now.
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Category: anxiety

11/08/06 09:30 - 51ºF - ID#26334

this will probably be,

one of the least favoriie days of my life.

i have million things to bring home. including this wooden art easel, and a tray of muffins. (don't ask.)

i have done no school work, because i can only concetrate in my apartment, and im a lazy ass.

i have gotten used to seeing mommy and will miss her so, and well as sister, but i see her again very soon.

i just feel like this trip was a high point, and things can't continue to go so well.

shit will hit the fan. maybe literally.

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Category: vacation

11/06/06 11:42 - 45ºF - ID#26333

listen up bitches

i havent had much contact with th outside world, and have been drunk for basically five days consecutively, and i feel like im gonna be a huge bitch when i get back to b-lo. but, i have gifts for my homeboys and girls, so ya'll better represent.

this bitch don't come but once in a lifetime, so appreciate.


drunk? i think so.
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Category: las vegas

11/05/06 06:29 - 49ºF - ID#26332

fancy hotels, and elevator pickups

in vegas, we stayed at the newest, most luxurious hotel ever. probably will be the nicest hotel of my life. flat screen tvs, one in the bathroom, curtains that open with the touch of a button. a window the size of the wall. amazing beds, and sheets.

what else. oh yeah. the gala last night was basically like being the golden globes. everyone had an ice sculpture at their table. top shelf liquor pouring out like water. glitter falling from the celing. elvis, dancers, singers, band.

I've never seen anything like it, and ill post the pics when i can. it was insane.

but after all that insanity, it is nice to be with my mommy, in her house. thats right, now im in az. third leg of my three city tour. im contemplating never drinking again, due to the massive hangover, and about 6 lbs gained thus far on the trip.

anyway, last night, we were heading upstairs to call it a night, and, i was of course decked out in a tiara(they were gving them out at the party), and some guy asks if im getting married. what? i was confused, and luaghed and said no, that i was at an event, where they gave me the tiara. he then proceded to invite to his room, and said that we could just "hold eachother". while some snuggles would have been very nice, and needed, i declined, and went to bed.

the best part was everyone on the elevator was drunk, and laughing, and encouraging me to go with him. i guess its just the insanity that only vegas can bring.

when i arrive home, the simplicicty of buffalo will be a nice return to reality. :O)
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11/01/06 12:14 - 45ºF - ID#26331

im leaving in two hours

but i feel really guilty about leaving school and work behind. right now, im doing really well, and im hoping this week doesn't fuck it all up.

but, how do you write papers and the like, when you are in sin city?

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