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Category: arizona

12/23/08 04:34 - ID#47156

the best choice i've ever made

moving out here was so scary at first. it was the first time i truly stepped outside my comfort zone.

and after a year and a half, i can honestly say it is the best decision i could've made, that i've ever made.

i am really proud of myself. i am doing good in school, and if all goes well, i will be at asu in the fall. i have an interview for a job coming up with a company that will pay for my school and offers great health insurance, so maybe hearing aides can become a reality for me.

i have fond something i love doing, and that i am truly good at, and i feel like i can make a positive difference in the world.

i spent the first half of my twenties so lost, and the second half will be all about gaining that back and becoming a strong woman.

i really have my mom and sister to thank for all of the help and support, and of course good friends too.

it's such a good feeling having something all my own, to work towards and be excited about.

i feel like i am really ready for the future, and anticipating what it will bring, because i think it's gonna be good stuff.

through all of the changes in the past few years i have definitely learned one of the most simple, but valuable things in life; hard work truly pays off. i feel like i can have most of what i want in life if i work hard and stay dedicated to my goals.

it makes me kinda emotional, but i think coming here to arizona really put me on the right path, and i miss buffalo and all of my friends and the familiarity, but being here has definitely allowed me to grow and allow my life to head in a better direction!

2008 was good, but 2009 is going to be even better!!!!!
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Category: arizona

08/06/08 09:54 - ID#45249

not cool

i woke up thinking, dang its hot and humid up in this !@#$%!

our ac is broken for the second time this summer. im pretty sure it cost upwards of 2500 to have it fixed just two weeks ago, not even.

i am shit for real this better be fixed today. because i have lived 21 days w/o sleeping in my own dang bed, and i am not joking around i will threaten someones life if they don't get here.

no ac here in summer is like an eskimo without an igloo. i have to do laundry and pack for my trip and tomorrow is my day off to do that...

very much not happy right now.
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Category: arizona

06/30/08 02:13 - ID#44830

this shiz is broke!

umm our air conditioner is broken. luckily i was out and didn't sleep at home last night, but now i am here, and it's hot as hell in this biznatch.

someone needs to come fix this now!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i am just going to sit in the pool until someone can come....
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Category: arizona

02/29/08 03:42 - ID#43509

i am in love

nothing beats a sunny 85 degree day before march has even begun...

i think the sun is getting to me. maybe not though because i actually spend very little time in it, but a good amount outside, just in the shade.

i can't wait til my little lady wakes up and we can go have fun times outside!

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Category: arizona

06/22/07 01:18 - ID#39764

missing you losers already!

things here are really good so far! i already have a few job interviews lined up, and it seems there are just a million people hiring everywhere.

the mom hasn't driven me crazy yet. luckily we each sort of have our own sides of the house. what can i say about her backyard? umm, it's fucking mazing with the nicest pool ever, i love it. i am actually going to head out and tan in a bit.

i got a new cell phone and i had to give up the 716 area code! im kinda really sad, but oh well. i got the free phone, but i think i am going to go back an get this sweet flip phone that opens up and has a keyboard!

m car is really cute, abd blue. it's a mitsubishi eclipse. very sporty. only downside... some one has scratched a swattika into the hood of it. who does that? why did everyone forget to mention this to me???? anyway, we are looking for a new hood and if we can't find one, i guess i have to find the lest cheesy decal and slap it on. i also can't really drive the car yet, because i don't know how to drive a standard, and we have decided it's in the better interest of our health that my mother does not teach me.

i hiked last night in the 107 degree weather. 2 1/2 miles, peaches. it was intense, but actually not that bad. apparently, it was something like 126 in the sun yesterday, because most of the temps are taken in the shade or something like that. insane.

i went to school to talk with an advisor and they were useless and of no help. i really need to know if i should get into the web design or graphic design program. web design seems more practical, whereas, i feel i would enjoy graphic design way more, but might not be able to get a job. some advice would be good here (e:paul), as both department heads are on vaca until august.

it kinda sucks that it is friday and i wont be going out with my usual crew, or making a fool of myself publicy. i will be back in august to clear the remainder of my crap out of (e:paul)'s house, and to party with (e:terry) and (e:mike) for there bdays!

thanx to my lovely sister (e:hodown) for a lovely time in new york. im pretty sure i gained 10 pounds from eating so much delicious food, and i am now on the hiking, much less food diet. seriously, i am determined to get back in shape, and with no 40's or pizza around, i think it will be an easier task!

anyway, i know i am totally the annoying sister, but (e:hodown) is the best older sister, and i am currently trying to find a way to express my gratitude for all she does for me. first step, replace the toothbrush holder of hers that i broke. i know, but it really was an accident.

anyway, you'd think i'd be bored here with none of ya'll around, but i feel like i've been so freaking busy, and will be, because planning a new life takes a lot of time and effort.

can't wait to see ya'll and miss you. be good, and you probably will, because i am not there to enable! peace out, peaches!!!!!!! XOXO

umm, i lost the usb cord for my camera and need to buy a new one today. a million pics promised this weekend!
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