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08/22/12 03:55 - ID#56700

the irony

i keep getting all of these emails about amazing scholarship and paid internship offers and it's my last semester.

is this a cruel joke to tempt me to add on a minor and stay through spring?

this is funny...

false, i detect no humor and i will grad this semester.
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08/19/12 11:44 - ID#56694

i am ridiculous

for some reason i can never remember how to spell ridiculous... my entire life(or maybe since i have been able to spell 4 syllable words) i have always wanted to spell it:


well, if oprah's word: "aha moment" and "sexting" are now in webster's, perhaps i can suggest reform.

anyway, the point of all this is to say that i have had this sweet hard drive since february or march of 2011 and i am just now backin it up. oh yea... and it feels really good.

that thing had been in the box for so long... feeling lonely and unwanted. i cannot have the meltdown i did a few years ago... i am still so upset that i lost all my info and the photos from so many important parts of my life.

the box has traveled around the house and many people have wanted to buy it from me, and at one point my mother thought it was a gift from my sister.

i think i have various other items i have purchased and never or barely use.... mini laptop, shoes i never wore, dresses, etc. this is a bad habit and will end now.

sorry people, i have claimed it and it's currently doing it's magic.

the hard drive installation combined with a load of laundry has been emotionally and physically taxing and i must get pizza and a movie to recover.

need shade and a vaca...

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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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