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04/27/10 05:12 - 47ºF - ID#51460

jillian micheals

she is trying to kill me.

50 minutes at a time.

someone needs to stop her.


me after 50 minutes of her boot camp style workout. this shit better pay off soon. a 4 mile hike at a 1 mile incline is easier than this shit. this says something about why they pay her the big bucks on biggest loser. she wants to end the life of everyone that works out with her.
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04/27/10 01:58 - 46ºF - ID#51459

return to blogging

i have been absent.

various reasons why, the major reason being that i left my laptop charger in blo and then bought one on ebay and i turned out to be some piece of crap glued together ac adapter that didn't really work and then completely broke after a few days.

i have really been trying to workout and eat right and it takes major dedication and a good nights rest. my goal is to hike 12 miles a week and then circuit train at least 3 times a week.

i came back from my ny trip really ready to just quit the hospital. i honestly never want to work in a hospital again, thy are such disgusting places filled with crazy patients and even crazier family members.

i also will not miss the threat of nasty diseases spread easily through contact and droplets... so i am leaving to go work with special needs children full-time. really excited about this as it seem to be the perfect fit for me. i love working with kids and getting to play all day. it's also great to start my work day off with a giant hug from little cuties!!!

i also have several people who are in a need of a babysitter, which is awesome because i have established a client base with upper middle class people which means their cupboards are stocked, they have nice clean houses, they pay well, and they have sweet pools and backyards!

i will never have to work a holiday again unless i choose to and i get to call the shots!!!!

goodbye mrsa, goodbye sleezy physicians, goodbye scrubs! goodbye taking orders from ugly barking old farts! hello self-employment and freedom!!!! hello library and swimming time and park time and snack time!!!! and nap time!!!

i miss (e:hodown) and my blo peeps and hopefully if i work super hard this summer i can make a visit happen soon!

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04/12/10 04:16 - 54ºF - ID#51383 pmobl

filipino women

They are so kind and generous. They always share their yummy food at work! I love it!

They are the cutest sweetest ladies I know!
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04/04/10 07:00 - 62ºF - ID#51331 pmobl

earthquake Easter!

Sitting at my desk at work. Felt like I was wiggling. Totally trippy! It was an earthquake in baja California! 6.9!

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04/01/10 03:36 - ID#51309 pmobl

through the wire

I am a fan of any song that makes use of a chipmunk voice. These songs are usually hip hop and rnb tracks.

This doesn't say much about my taste but I am a sucker for the chipmunk!!!

Kayne does it beast in through the wire. Check it out.
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04/01/10 12:09 - 46ºF - ID#51303 pmobl

gorilla ho

Spent some time with the primates at the zoo. Paid 16 dolla to only be there for an hour or so.

I want to go back and rent a two person carriage bike I saw people riding...looks super freakin fun.

At least my money goes to a good cause and it was a really nice zoo.

I am so tired and physical anthropology is the worst class ever. What was I thinking.

Must sleep!!!
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