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08/28/05 09:13 - 76ºF - ID#26188

perfect day and circus tricks

apparently julie's mom twirls batons, or did. i am speaking of my good friend julie. they couldn't afford the dance classes. screw dance, twirling things is way cooler.

went to the art fest today, saw lots of people. even sawonelady that i know, and she clearly looked at me,noticed me, and walked away.i've been trash talked, even though I've not done a single thing to make this person dislike me, hmmm.

going to pick up (e:drchlorine) from the airport soon, thank god. his place was cool, but not girly enough for me- and the cat, well its clingy. oh dear.

p.s. don't play frisbee with platters. it will not work out in your favor.
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08/28/05 11:24 - 75ºF - ID#26187

happy terry day!

happy birthday terry! today must devoted to your total complete happiness. what did you wish for?
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08/27/05 06:46 - 73ºF - ID#26186

sorry boys

woke up this morning feeling not sogreat. don't really remember a whole lot from last night. didn't remember the drama with the key situation. sorry (e:paul)! i was being a crazy lady. too much red wine, a couple pbr's and moe naked people than i have even seen in one place created a monster.

in any event, i wouldnt trade last night for the world...well maybe. one of the most unique and memorable nights ever. how will ny other party ever compare?

i have so much alcohol in my fridge and no food. someone needs to come over and drink it. or i need to have another party next weekend.

what will happen tonight?
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Category: pain

08/26/05 09:20 - 63ºF - ID#26185


i think my choice of career(for now) is going to give me carpel tunnel. my body is feeeling more and more beat up with each passing day. maybe i just slept wrong, but my shoulders are killing me and unfort (e:drchlorine) does not return until sun night, so there will be no backrub. he gives very good backrubs; in a totally friends only way of course. i don't want weird rumors showing on page seven, you evil little gossip making twits.

on a totally different note; it makes me so sad that i never really talk to my mother. i mean, i talk to her almost everyday, but between the time difference and the fact that pheonix has so many hills and mountains, all we ever end up having is a two minute conversation, in which, we either get cut off, or someone is in the middle of something. hmmm. i can't wait to see her again. it will be so long. probably not until thanksgiving.

i had the strangest dream last night. it was filled with friends and mystery guest.

don't you think, that the weather this week has been absolutely perfect? perfect timing, since next week, craziness ensues again with full time work and full time school. oh productiveness.

p.s. i miss (e:hodown) and her asskicking, dropkick, kung-fu, streetjustice, crimefighting ways.
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08/25/05 02:07 - 63ºF - ID#26184


i really don't like it. one bit. i feel so discluded. so dead, when i am there.

my mind is not being fed. the chemical are turning my brain into mush.

i really need to decide what kind of school to do next. take a year off and then decide.

on my morning walk, i ran into a random and we walked his crazy dog. so random... but fun.

le petite soiree tomorrow night. hopefully the mystery guest of honor will come. if not, i will be so very sad. wahh.
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08/22/05 10:52 - 62ºF - ID#26183

scary night

on my way home, my car hydroplaned, and i was about a second away from death. now, i face death again at (e:drchlorine)'s as the mang(his cat) will not stop hissing and following me around. i am hunched over the keyboard, trying to type this, because if i sit in the chair, he climbs on my lap and starts scratching me. owww.

i wish the scariness to stop. now.

what did i do to deserve this. i even gave him a little kitty treat, and he hissed at me. poo.
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08/22/05 08:20 - 61ºF - ID#26182

yesterday and the day before

i shall post more pics, and it seems to be the new fun thing to do. so nice to look back and say, "hey, i was there, life is fun." so, the first four are off my firend nicoles and i at papa jake's. yay. my friend julie was there too, but for some reason, there are no pics of her. huh.
p.s. nicole is hot. if i liked chicks, i'd be all up on that.





these pics of this crazy place i went to with my skater friend/friends yesterday. i don't know why, but I've always liked the skater boys. they are fun and kinda crazy. we went to this place downtown near the general mills factory. mmmm, the smell of cheerios. anyway, they skated, i wandered and took a few pics. i wonder if homeless people live in all those abandoned bulidings...




must go clean for lady now, and then eat something and go to school. blah. i really want to be done with soon. then its work and figure out what to do with this crazy life.

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08/21/05 12:19 - 76ºF - ID#26181

shes back

my friend nicole finally got home from swissyland, and we have done some much needed hanging out. she always has a great outlook on things, and just makes me feel good.

the mang is a little less crazy today. i must go feed him and then who knows what...
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08/20/05 09:24 - 68ºF - ID#26180


i just did pukey. why do i have the most unagreeable stomach?

can i just stop with food and eat a little pill supplement each day instead?

p.p.s. the mang is being a little clingy.
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08/20/05 09:13 - 68ºF - ID#26179

the mang and me

so, here i am at (e:drchlorine)'s, taking care of the man. he seems to be somewhat distraught over the absence of his owner. i would be sad too.

david is the best. he set up an account for me on his computer and even cleaned the place spic and span for me in case i want to stay here. i must say, for a guy, he keeps it nice and neat.

there are flowers and a cookie on the kitchen table...for me? lol.

p.s. wish i still lived on the west side. too expensive.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...