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09/22/04 02:52 - ID#26049

oy vay

i feel like there is no time for anything but work and school and grandma. school is fun. its just long and a lot of hours. 24 per week. it may sound silly, but its intense, as intense as you make it, and tiring. but i feel like i have finally found something i enjoy and excel at. yay.

where is my mommy? i can't wait for her to come visit me. i need hugs and kisses from her. i also need her to see how freakin poor i am. 37 dollars for the rest of the week, need gas, oil change, uniform stuff for school. wtf?

i never seen anyone anymore. mainly tina. i mi9ss the times that we used to hang out, but i don't have so much free time anymore. plus, me little car doesn't like driving anywhere too far, and school out in west seneca shall take a toll on her this year. we must make it.

those bastards wont give me money. they say my hearing loss isn't bad enough. what? i don't understand. if you drink and have drug problems, you have a problem and can get help. i you can't hear, thats just fine. fuck you state of ny.

i think im gonna hang out with pmt tonight. yay. i love salami.
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09/16/04 03:53 - ID#26048

there's a fire...

us epeeps is crazy. what do you gwt when you have all of us, and alcohol, and a bucket of fries. just plain fun. i didn't drink though. i am high on life, or something like that.

i realized, i need to stop isolating and get out more. when did i turn into such a bore? lets have this period done and over with now. crazy party lilho shall return. holla.

hehehe....... i love my granny!
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09/15/04 08:14 - ID#26047

long time

i wrote an entry before. iit was erased. oh well. bad day turned good day; i think.

long time since:

i saw the ocean

saw my mom

saw brother

liked working/ wanted to work

is prozac the answer? matt says he thinks i will be a pill popping wife. oh boy. i guess really being just you by yourself for the first time ever means a lot of freedom, choice, and confusion. its natural to feel alone. but i really really hate it. maybe i will work with kiddies again, they always make me happy. yay for kids. they're just wonderful, and if you don't agree, you're stupid.

zucchini soup and cigarettes...nature's cure.

im dramatic. give me something so i can be normal.

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09/05/04 03:25 - ID#26046 is good

so, i have new place which i like. new job, don't know if i like cuz i don't start til tuesday. going to school. owe mom lots of money. shes real mad. at least i got happiness.

how about this weather, absolutely freakin awesome!
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