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03/12/11 10:44 - ID#53811 pmobl

for Josh

When my sister called to tell me the news I was pretty floored. I didn't have a lot to say...

And then I cried for a while because it just made me so sad and every time I think about Josh the tears come back.

Josh you were truly a great guy, someone who I genuinely had respect for and always smiled when I thought about you.

I am not even sure when I saw you last and I find myself really regretting not staying in touch because now there isn't another chance to have a beer or dinner party or run into you on elmwood.

The memories I have of you are all happy so I will hold on to that... I remember having a dinner party for you and Jason at pauls's house and I made gumbo and my sister and I mixed up some champagne cocktails. Its probably one of my favorite buffalo memories. We all had a great time and you were so gracious, you and Jason both. You were always singing praises for my sister and I, and it was nice to know a pair of siblings who shared such a strong connection.

My sister is my best friend, as Jason was yours. My heart goes out to you Jason, and although I'm far away I will always be here for you as a friend. :o)

My mom tells me that it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all... I will remember Josh and like my sister said, Josh you will hold a special place in my heart.

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