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09/28/13 01:56 - ID#58098 pmobl


This is the month I turn 30, start my career, and sell myself out to the corporate world.

I feel like I need some good and original ideas to start my own business in the next 10 yrs... Because, if I'm not following my dreams, I'm just signing up to help someone else achieve theirs.

I gave up most dairy and gluten... For health reasons. I quit smoking, and I barely drink. This sounds so boring, but it makes going to the gym everyday so much easier.

I have a ton of interviews coming up, and I feel much better now... For a whole it felt like applying for job after job was a waste of time. Life is strange how things seem quite and then suddenly pick up.

I still want to move to LA but might have to hold off for a while unless I get a decent job there.

I was freaking out until I realized that I actually look and feel better and healthier at 30 than I did at 20. I also have a smarter and more conscious head on my shoulders than ever before. I actually think before acting, and I'm more focused on what's best for me.

This sounds so lame. I can promise an amazing Halloween party with my most fit self ever. I goes hard in that gym daily! Going on a hiking adventure Sunday, will post pics.

I just looked at my messages and apparently someone loves me... Who are theez random readers?!!! Maybe I should just forget all the crap and go for famous...

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09/19/13 12:55 - ID#58080 pmobl


I drove through and made a deposit and went to the grocery store and realized before I got out of the car.... That I had left my card in the machine.

It was still in the machine when I drove back...

Benefits of living in a sleepy town, and being the most absentminded ever.

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09/16/13 02:47 - ID#58078 pmobl

Taxidermy lovers dream

I just interviewed with this lady whose husband is a game hunter... She wants some cleaning help. I may consider it if the money is right.

Among the animals her husband has hunted and displayed in their home:

Several different kinds of deer and mammals with antlers

I'm sure I forgot some others but there were so many...

... On second hand... Do I refuse the job based on principal? I don't like endangered animals being killed just for fun... It seems like a disturbing hobby.

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09/14/13 06:16 - ID#58073 pmobl

Where is my gym card?

Where is the mail key?

I want sushi.

Did that just accidentally rhyme? Oh, and I want to be a rapper... It's a dream.

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09/11/13 10:56 - ID#58068 pmobl

Job interview

On Saturday morning... I gots two days to get my professional self togetha!

Wish me luck peaches!

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09/10/13 11:15 - ID#58062 pmobl

I want to be a

I just received the most glowing letter of recommendation, and I can't wait to apply or more jobs. Even if nobody reads it, it feels really good to have worked for someone who is so complimentary and confident about my abilities.

Might go into tutoring, or start a business doing that. I may have realized I really want to work in a more one-on-one capacity with several clients/students. I think it's what I'm best at.

Anywho, I am so excited to design and plan my Halloween costume. I think I want to be a forest fairy... With leaves and a brown skirt and top, and a way to work in lots of gold accents and a gold body chain and shimmer- really just a spectacle.The best part of this is the fact that I finally joined the gym and I can't wait to pound that treadmill like a little hamster. And perhaps hit the weights... After some instruction as not to injure myself. I have this fantasy of being strong enough to do a one arm push-up, and being in the best shape for Ho-low-ween.

There's a new baby in my life. :)

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09/06/13 05:29 - ID#58057 pmobl


Week 3 or 4 of my career search...

Had an interview. It was a no go. I think I was over qualified... I feel like being a nanny is below me now. The family seemed upset when I asked about benefits and health insurance... Ummm? Full time jobs should provide cost effective health benefits as well as life insurance, 401k opportunities, and other benefits. They probably hired someone without a degree who didn't want 25/hr.... And that's on the books. So I would actually make much less having to procure my own health insurance and having taxes taken out.

I may be interviewing for a job with CPS soon. Government jobs usually provide the best benefits however this would be hard work. I'm fine with working hard, but I get emotional when it comes to children and their well-being.

Anyway... I feel this is a step in the right direction. My uncle who is a high level CEO said my résumé is on point... But to make it two pages rather than one.

I'm ending this week feeling renewed and ready to go full force. Yea buddy.

On other news, my friend has a cute lil baybay... He's 3 weeks and just so good. I love that lil babe. He's so good and barely cries and just loves to be cuddled and given attention. :)


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09/01/13 02:11 - ID#58039 pmobl

About to go off

I was probably the most livid woman in the country last night. We have have family visiting and I'm letting them use my room. I'm pretty much used to living alone and when my mom is here she is pretty respectful about giving my privacy and staying out of my stuff. If she needs something, she asks.

Well, my uncle and his girlfriend are smokers and now my. Newly redecorated spotless room smells like old cigarettes. I decided to ignore it and wash everything Monday. Then, I kept noticing my toiletries and beauty products in different places on my room and bathroom. I have very sensitive skin and acne issues that I spend a lot of time and money keeping under control. Some of the stuff I use is special ordered and really expensive... I am just livid that they would go through all my stuff an just use it without asking. It would be completely different if t was my sister or girlfriend... Because they always share with me, and ask for something before taking it.

I love my uncle and his girlfriend is really nice, but kind of rough around the edges. I have bought food for them without reimbursement and then they use all my sunscreen and shower stuff like they live here and help pay for it. If I had unlimited resources I wouldn't care, however they know I'm on a budget and actively looking for a job.

No one other than Zooey or my sister is ever allowed to use my room or bathroom again. I'm trying my hardest to be nice... But the one thing I spend money on is beauty products. It's like taking someone's super nice car without asking permission to drive it. I literally hid all my stuff in my mom's room... I don't care if they think I'm crazy. I don't have $300 to replace all my stuff because they didn't feel like bringing shower stuff and lotion. I don't use other people's things without permission when I visit people....

I can't wait to have my privacy back on Monday. And furthermore, can't wait to find a job and have my own space where I call all the shots.

They also go in and out to smoke every 5 minutes and slam the door, when we asked them to shut it gently about 50 times....

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...