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02/23/14 01:20 - ID#58722 pmobl

Over it

The feeling of being officially over someone who completely shattered your heart is possibly the best feeling. It's even better to know you not only lived through the heartbreak, but you are also better because of it.

Annnnnd.... What's really the best is meeting someone who compliments you and makes you laugh... And the more you know them, the more attractive they become. It feels so good to be around someone that commands your full attention because you are drawn to them so much... And you are nicer, happier, better around them. It's like this guy makes me want to be a better person and vice versa.

I'm really just loving life the past few months. :)

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02/22/14 12:43 - ID#58715 pmobl

Really Arizona?

This whole anti gay legislation and Jan Brewer get me so upset. I hope that pass this law and get the whole country in a rage because its insane this is happening in our time.

I guess I don't realize how much ignorance their can be because I don't associate with those kind of people. I think in actuality most probably dislike what they can't understand... But Arizona needs a lesson on human rights.

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02/18/14 08:17 - ID#58705 pmobl

Getting takeout

For my boo and I and I'm waiting at the bar and some giant thing filled with wooden sticks fell on my head...

Awkward. I just yelled out "ow", and then they gave me a $20 gift card.... I kinda want more but I'm alone and my into causing a scene.

This damn Japanese food better be good. :)

And dats my boo... So handsome.

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02/16/14 10:19 - ID#58691 pmobl

Bad grandpa

I really don't want to go to work today... I want to sit around and be lazy and wear knee socks as eat cookies!

When I think about why could get me excited about the day.... I think about bad grandpa. Johnny Knoxville plays this character on jackass and they made a movie starring bad grandpa and it likely the most insane funniest thing I've ever seen.

If you need to laugh so hard your stomach hurts... Watch this movie. The ending is possibly the best as most unexpected part. It involves bad grandpa and his fake grandson and a children's beauty pageant... Even just the mention of a beauty pageant and I'm all in!

I suppose I can just be happy today because I weighed myself as I somehow managed to lose some weight without even trying. Just 10 lbs to my goal weight oh yes!!!!

It's been so nice here all week it feels like summer!!!

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02/13/14 04:37 - ID#58675 pmobl

The sweetest thing...

Is when ur man buys ur fav Girl Scout cookies and rings them to your desk. :)

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02/10/14 08:12 - ID#58661 pmobl

Being happy

I've been walking around with a smile for over a week....

I have a job I love. I work with super cool fun people. My boss is amazing and not bad on the eyes. I have a pretty sweet part time job.

I'm going to see my sis for Easter.

Annnnd I have the most handsome sweetest man who asked me to be his valentine. I've never had a valentine so I pretty much gave up on that forever ago. I noticed this guy at work the first time I saw him but just admired him from a distance never knowin he was doing the same thing. He approached me one day to compliment my outfit and a month later I finally got the nerve to send him an email... Le sigh. He is so kind and sweet and it's amazing how much he makes me smile for barely knowing him.

Who knows where it will go, but for now I'm the luckiest happiest girl. :) I'm about to spend the day with him and I'm soooooo nervous!

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