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03/25/10 10:10 - 34ºF - ID#51270 pmobl

buff a low and nyc

I miss you both very much and buffalo most. I miss my beautiful little niece and the ethnic foods! I miss my brother and my sister and all of my amazing friends!

I had the best time ever!

I left little pieces of me there so you all can remember me though:

Weeds season 5

A trenchcoat

My macbook power cord

Eye cream

A green scarf

And of course old whitey who remains as a tribute to me and the nastiness of old 'used to be white clothing'.

Now its been back to reality and sorting out the bits and pieces and continuing on the path of growing up and getting a real life. Or a better or more loved one or something.

I miss that baby! Makes me want one of my own... Ahh!

Must hike. Must work. Must study.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

03/14/10 03:09 - 37ºF - ID#51182

dehydration torture

i arrived at the phx airport around 1030. no stores were open, and of course you are not allowed to bring liquids in. i am so thirtsy...

my flight was delayed over an hour... to be a traveller by plane is like asking for some sort of abuse/infringement of your rights...

i wish i was rich enough for a private jet... water please!!!!! oh wait, make that a mimosa!

looking for water...

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03/12/10 04:10 - 53ºF - ID#51164


i didn't lose my job and modern family is such a funny show! love the gay couple!

all must watch that show.

i am almost completely packed, and ready to go. going to the hookah bar tonight to celebrate midterm completion!

can i get a woot woot?!?
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03/10/10 11:04 - 46ºF - ID#51148

still waiting

to know whether or not i still work at the hospital.

feel like a bad child who has been placed in time-out.

not cool.
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03/09/10 11:56 - 37ºF - ID#51144

another one bites the dust

may or may not get fired tomorrow for something i didn't even do...

perception is everything. and my boss i think perceives me to be a threat to her. i am too smart and i see and say too much which gets her in trouble. from now on, when she is out of line i will say nothing.

i will put my head down in the hall and mind my own business. that what my mother said to do. and then she said find another job fast cuz that place is full of psychos and i need to get out fast.

either way, fired or not, i do need to move on. i also need to dumb it down a bit and just play robot at work.

anyway, after all that shiz went down with that man, i knew it would get spun and i would be placed in a position like this...

all that matters is blo is a few days away and i have another p/t job still and connections to help with a new job...

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03/07/10 06:28 - 34ºF - ID#51125 pmobl

the best feeling in the world

Is rocking a lil bebe to sleep. Melts my heart every single time!
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03/06/10 07:14 - 28ºF - ID#51120

straight up ballin!

ok, so i'm not really a baller. i am proud of my work ethic these days though. i'm doing super well with work and school, and keeping up with everything.

i have been keep the socialization down to a minimum which gets to be kinda hard. espesh when all of my friends are doing super fun stuff and i am stuck at home or at work, doing work of some sort.

the great part is that i am well on my way, well, really halfway there to having my dream job. i guess two years is really nothing though.

the only things i really need to work on are my finances, saving and building my credit, and the exercise thing which has way fallen to the wayside.

it has been a grueling schedule of get up get ready and out the door. i get so hungry and then reward myself with food... i haven't gained a lot. but i am losing muscle tone...

one of my classes is ending this week, and i plan on stepping up my fitness on tues and thurs when i will finally have some free time!!! woo woo!

can't wait for next week! i still have so much work to do, but this trip will be my reward. and the reward is gonna be so sweet!!!!!

also, i am getting back a nice chunk of change for my tax return which will be pretty sweet as well... life. is. good.
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