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06/29/05 12:09 - 75ºF - ID#26152


sometimes my sisters life seems a bit more fab than mine.

ps. nice userpic hodown
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06/29/05 12:05 - 75ºF - ID#26151

the dampness

is taking over my life.
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06/20/05 05:29 - ID#26150

i guess im on a starvation diet

since everything I've eaten in the last day just doesn't agree with me. :O( I'm not sure if it is a bug or a food allergy, but i just don't want to throw up again. unpleasantness. no sleepies.

im taking the night off, so that i can hopefully return to my normal self tomorrow. this means bland food, or no food and an early bedtime, if my roommates let me get to sleep early for once.

i still don't appreciate the sex story journal entries (e:egyptian), do you not know how to write about other things? the interent is filled with that stuff, take it someplace else. thankyou.

on a more random note: (e:hodown) gave me some lovely lace curtains on my most recent trip tp ny, or nj, rather. i just hung them on sat, and i must say, they make my quaint little room look that much nicer. i love bedrooms, and beds!
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06/18/05 02:26 - ID#26149

ok people

this site is many things, but it is not a soft core porn site. we do not tell steamy stories involving descriptions of the way our nether regions are feeling. lets keep it pg-13 kids.
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06/17/05 07:00 - ID#26148

me likey

the new colors.

lots of drama this week, but as mary j blige says, "no more drama, no more tears".haha. yays for weekends. i need to find a job for summer, hmmmm. mcdonalds or bk? i would rather starve than work there. the ceo of mc d's died a few months ago, and guess what of... heart problems! he eworked there his whole life. mmmm. unidentified beef object, made into patty like substance, just what i need.

anyway, im hanging with the pman now. he's so sweet. we gonna go eat some squids.

i miss you hodown. and stop dating shady men. :O(

p.s. curb your enthusiasum-sp?, is best show ever, so funny! haha, i funny.
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06/09/05 01:05 - ID#26147

hot sneezes

getting flak @ school is not fun. oh well too long to get into. posting from phone! im hot n sneezy, thats hot. need sleep. good day!
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06/04/05 08:48 - ID#26146

last week was way better

now i am back in the real world, i.e., buffalo. strict schedule, not much fun, and missing my bestest sister. awww. i wish i had a laptop, then i could at least have some pc happiness. ah well, why is the weekend almost over?
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