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02/28/05 11:58 - ID#26118

impossible outcomes

we all have to deal with it. sometimes, things just don't go the way you want them too.

p.s. why does it never stop snowing?

p.p.s. why do i have to drive home from school at 10pm? its scary, when it snows that is.

i miss my mom and my sister :O(
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02/27/05 09:36 - ID#26117


i moved into the new place. really, i did.

i made the simeon more sick- he was the man. he wears a gold star now, and a sash. for being the expert mover. i better watch. i been wanred that i will be abandoned is there is another move. theres been three thus far.

moving losses: one awesome earing. three bad smelly housemates. one ant infested house. i loose the ghetto.

moving gains: just about everything else. i love elmwood! (the new place in on ashland near potomac, right off elmwood...yay!
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02/25/05 02:50 - ID#26116

send me messages

or i boycott this whole thing.

who makes a message system and then nobody sends me any. this is all wrong.


weekend. yay. moving? i sure hope so. my operations are alway so half-hazard.

at least i got some pretty flowers around the room. what am i talking about...i need lunch. and maybe some bacon-later though. i need to ease into the day.
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02/17/05 11:52 - ID#26114

oh yea

one phrase says it all


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02/17/05 06:14 - ID#26113


same entrry, different entry written over thrice, work and school again tomorrow. nicole bringeth home the wild one in me... go home biatch. i got work to do!!!!!!! (YOU TOO!)
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02/16/05 12:32 - ID#26112

i for one,

think the new message system is fantastico.

in fact, i will send one(maybe two) now!
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02/11/05 06:45 - ID#26111

its friday.

i just fell out of the chair. that hurt.

sister( (e:hodown) ) comes next friday. oh boy. left bank. car wash. the possibilities are endless...

here comes the [size=l]SUN[/size]

[size=l]no; wait, that's snow:O([/size]

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02/09/05 03:11 - ID#26110

i disagree

that chili was diggity damn good. mmmmmmmmmmmm. it just needed mucho hot sauce and chili powder and cheese and chips on top. nothing like being a total fatass.


so anyway. i am le tired.

flacidness and i are soon to be roomies. oh the joy of him. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. sorry.
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02/06/05 06:49 - ID#26108

bon weekend!

why did it go by so fast? :O(

a few more hours left to enjoy.

...had the most most delicious mussels scampi sat night.............mmm. thank you(you). had tummy ache last night, maybe because the sauce contained a whole stick of butter and i consumed half of it. then the "cold ones". then a workout, tummy ache for little sarah. as if you even care.

tax time. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. tax return. wooooooooooooooooooo.

blah blah blah. off to enjoy the mansion.

"hello to the princess soybean, from all of us here @ estrip!"

p.s. its ok, it good to buy new balance stuff, made in usa. from now on, all my sneakys will be that brand.
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02/04/05 01:15 - ID#26107

twisted: BLT goodness

well, if you wanna make it fancy, baguette is your best bet. make sure it is "sameday" fresh, otherwise it gets to crusty. another suggestion? plain old white bread, but toasted, the bread, whatever it is, MUST be toasted. wish i could come and help! have fun western friend.


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