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11/23/14 10:21 - ID#59612 pmobl

Moving up and moving out

My lover and I finally found a place and we couldn't be happier. It's the cutest apartment and everything has been remodeled very nicely. I'll post photos next week... I'm super excited the rent included utilities because the electric can run high wih all the heat.

We were denied at a not so nice place and approved at a really nice place? I wanna go back to the first place we tried to rent and tell the leading agent he is an idiot.

I also have an interview for a career working for an education company which would be so cool. Normally sales isn't my thing, however I realized it's pretty much what I do all day- saving the business of upset customers. My numbers are really good and I figure I can definitely sell educational products because it's what I know. The salary is waaaay better and with commission I could finally start establishing myself financially. Even if it doesn't work out- my applications and resume are actually getting viewed and that feels good.

The rules at my company are insanely strict and unreasonable. For instance, as of December 24th- any punch one minute late or more counts as a partial absence. Really? This is not the military. This really makes me so angry when I know that a coworker on my team got away with calling his cell phone and leaving his desk for hours at a time- he would call his cell so he could t get any inbound calls but his status showed ready so it seemed like he was working. So- he gets paid for pretty much doing nothing but I will possibly get fired for a few one minute late punch ins????

The amount which I care is enough to realize that people calling in need help and I really care about my customers. I care nothing for the company and its terrible management and lack of sound decision making. I can't wait to find a new job and put in my notice.

The worst part is that my boss told me he wanted to fire this guy but his boss and HR said no! So, now I have this secret that I can't share with anyone else sitting their actually working all day... I'm sure there's all sorts of things I could get away with but I just don't care.

One of our company mottos is- "do the right thing". Maybe I should call my cell phone today and take a little time for myself?

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11/10/14 09:41 - ID#59559 pmobl

Ya bish

Just us babies!

Missing Image ;(

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11/10/14 09:31 - ID#59558 pmobl

Life is good

The past year has flown by so quickly, and I feel lucky to have spent the majority of it being so happy and content. It's amazing to have someone by my side to share it all- I completely forgot what it's like to have a partner and I became so used to being alone. At first it was really difficult to find compromise and I was scared to really be myself.

Love is definitely the best gift you can be given- it's so hard to find. To have an amazing and crazy family and friends was already a blessing. Meeting Bobby has changed everything and while I used to be the skeptical one, now I'm the sappy person in love.

Can't wait to come back to Buffalo and show him all the summer fun stuff and Toronto!

Apparently a frigid cold is about to sweep the northeast, stay warm peeps!

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

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