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11/29/09 09:32 - 48ºF - ID#50412

a few of my favorite things

glee is by far the best show on tv right now:


this panther ring will arrive in the mail soon, merry xmas me and maybe one other lucky person, if i ordered two, which i may have, but prob not:


and this bishop allen song, is def my fav song this week, and maybe next week too. i think they are the cutest band ever:

and because whenever i try to post a link or video, it never works, and i know i am not doing it wrong you will have to youtube the song, "rain", by bishop allen. best most danceable song ever. i had dance party today, by myself.

and psssssst spray shampoo is the lover in my life. i only have to wash my hair twice a week now, which is so great because my getting ready time is much less, and my hair is healthier. this stuff is amazing and also the cheapest and most effective of all of the spray shampoos i have used thus far...


apparently gold is an unethical luxury item as well as diamonds, and most jewelry. tiffany does a really good job of only selling gold and diamonds that they track the source of. good thing they are also tres cher. le sigh, i am never getting diamonds...
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11/29/09 12:14 - 34ºF - ID#50399

same as it ever was

i didn't post about dating for the longest time, because of fear that different guys read this but i decided i no longer care, for now at least.

the guy i think really likes me never calls and is always working so who knows about that.

then i think this other guy wants to go on a date but it turns out he just wants a booty call. sorry, but just because you are a dr does not give you that power, at least with me anyway. i told him he is cute and smart and we can hang out, but he did not seem to like that.

im just kinda done doing the whole fun single girl thing, and i feel like no guy is worth my time unless he is paying me attention and treating me like a lady.

so, i think i will be reading many, many books from here on out. dating is confusing and no fun, and somewhat pointless.
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11/26/09 11:46 - 49ºF - ID#50385

bitter thanksgiving

i have been very bitter lately and mad.

no reason really since my life is not very hard or complex.

i am just a giant ungrateful brat. and im mad i have to work holidays.

happy bitter thanksgiving. at least i get holiday pay, to pay for someone's xmas gifts.

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11/25/09 06:18 - 46ºF - ID#50380

playing dress up

this is what i did all day instead of doing my french. which i have not done in well over a month.

i am going to enter french purgatory as of tomorrow. i need to stop being a sinner and start studying...

also, i am locking myself up for some time because of this and also to save for xmas because i have expensive taste and i like things too much and every time i go out i end up buying things, way too many things.

anyway, i am obsessed currently with a few things lately, getting my hair super long, the twilight series(cringe), glee, and girly things like makeup and nail polish and dresses and jewelry. oh, and champagne, but not cheap champagne, and this nuvo stuff which is amazing!


check out the pig ring, i love it and hate it. and i look at it when i need a good laugh. (e:hodown) and i like to talk about it...


nuvo=delish. and pink.


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11/21/09 04:17 - 47ºF - ID#50360

down with technology

i have been on a tech strike. and i think i like actually being around my laptop less.

of course i am still hoping i can get all of my data back.

i also hope they start hiring people at the apple store who aren't idiots...

anyway, i'm basically a month behind in french, probably more than that actually and i am going to be french intense for the next month. this means about 8 hrs of french a day on days of, and maybe more than that.

i saw 'coco before chanel' yesterday and omg, i love her so much. i think i cried about 4 times during the movie, because i am a crier. you must go see it, it's so beautiful and she was a pretty incredible lady!!!! so ahead of her time in many ways! audrey tatou was perfect for the role and needs to get an oscar!!!!!!

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11/13/09 11:51 - 48ºF - ID#50295


my sister makes me LOL:

me: its chat time beeeeeeeeeeyotch
ok, and no more talk about thanksgiving
i work annnnd aunt jean is going to be here

sister: wo hoo

me: ok
no woohoo

sister: ha ha i know
not fun

me: fun for you
to hear about
ok you need to talk to mom
and have her tell you about the plane
she bought me a book

sister: I want a book!

me: and its about some woman named sarah who saves thanksgiving

sister: sarah saves thanksgiving]

me: which is basically awesome and when you come for xmas we are having sotry time

she bought books for the baby too
i will buy you a book

sister: I want a book

me: do you want pictures?

sister: yes

me: ok

its a win win
im going to buy you a book that i want you to read me
at bedtime
and i want hot cocoa too
im gonna wear the footsie pajamas

sister: I hate those pjs
your feet are trapped

me: me too actually

always have

sister: me too

me: i bought new moon
does this make me a loser?

sister: no

me: im pretty sure it does
im a twihard now

sister: because my dirty secret is I LOVED THOSE BOOKS
I seriously couldn't put them down
it took me a while to get into the first one
but after that i read them all
emily is ashamed of me
they are poorly written
but i can't help it
i can't beileve i didn't tell you that

me: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok good because im obsessed too
i watched the movie
and robbie p is so hot

sister: the movie wasnt that good

me: i had to read new moon

sister: not as good as the book

me: well i can't read book after watching movie anyway
im glad we can share this
don't tell emily lol

sister: no the book is SO MUCH BETTER

you miss so much in the movie

me: i can't ever do that though
maybe ill try

sister: no you have to

me: do you own the other ones?

sister: Um yeah
me: lol
hard cover?

sister: the last one because I couldn't wait for it to come out in soft cover
one of the very few times i bought a full price hardcover book

me: i love hard cover though
its so much nicer
and classier

sister: dude on the subway i want the lighest book i can carry
me: its my new thing

sister: i don't need to be classy
"classy books"

me: i only want hard cover
for my library
I've decided a library is the ultimate show of wealth and knowledge
both of which i don't not have currently

sister: omg you and paul should get together on that

me: you can tell by my use of "don't not"

sister: I've decided a library is the ultimate show of wealth and knowledge
should be your new status

me: now it is

sister: that makes me laugh

me: i can't believe i never told you
I've felt this way a long time

sister: my motto is: I've decided a dungeon is the ultimate show of weath and power.
i can't believe either because its hysterical
I mean its true
but the way you say it

me: not a dungeon
that a turture chamber

sister: well i think that a dungeon implies that

me: which is the ultimate show of evil

sister: in a dungeon you can either hold people in a cell or torture them
if you have a torture chamber you can only torture

me: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sister: not also detain

me: i would like to detain you in my dungeon then
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11/13/09 11:00 - 44ºF - ID#50293

the silver lining

i would like to thank (e:jenks) for reminding me that there often is a silver lining.

it's funny the song silver lining by rilo kiley was playing when i was in the apple store...

so here it is:

a.) 92% on my math exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holla at yo 92%!!!!!!!!!! woot. pretty sure this is one of the highest grades in math i have recieved ever, and as you can tell i'm damn proud of myself.

b.) (e:howdown) wins sister of the year, even though she did forget my bday, but will me making it up with lavish xmas gifts im sure. she has the hookup at work and my sad hard drive is being shipped out there ASAP so her friend can have a look. i was going to send it to some rip off company in CA, and they were going to charge me anywhere from 400-1700. now i get an expert for free!

i want to change my username to princess sarah, is this possible??????????

i will be a do-gooder princess, the kind that steals from the rich and gives to the poor, like myself.
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11/11/09 10:28 - 36ºF - ID#50278

zombie eyes

this is what happens when you lose a macbook and all of the info on it.

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11/11/09 08:24 - 38ºF - ID#50275 pmobl

losing my mind #1

I numbered it 1 because there is sure to be at least a 2 and 3.

On top of the illness wait no screw the illness.

I have a completely broken macbook everything erased forever.

Going to apple store fending off tear. My life from the past two years is on there. Everything. So so sad.

Being punished by god or someone really mean. Or both.
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11/11/09 05:54 - 44ºF - ID#50273

mystery illness

thanks (e:theecarey) and (e:libertad) for the concern!

im not feeling much better. i really have no clue what i have, if it's the stomach flu or food poisoning.

my praying to the porcelain gods has stopped, i guess as long as i only eat crackers and drink just water but my stomach is all in knots and it hurts so much!

i'm so tired of being home, and hoping to be able to leave the house in a few hours since i have done nothing in two days and i am starting to lose my mind here.

there's only so many movies one can watch...
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