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09/26/14 01:42 - ID#59419 pmobl

Just hold on I'm coming home

Fingers crossed my man and I will be in town for Halloween! I'm so excited to do a couple custome and I have a great idea I think... :)

Going to start approaching random people all over Phoenix and help Paul find someone who wants a tortoise.

Annd I got the iPhone 6 for free and sprint bought my contract. I know, I know the Samsung Galaxy is way better and all that blah blah blah. The stupid rumors about the phone bending do nt phase me because I would not keep my phone in my pocket. I'll say this- the screen is nice and I like having a working camera. Plus it was a crazy good deal and I don't have a bill next month because sprint paid me $360 for my broken 5s.

Off to work I go. :(

Missing Image ;(

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09/19/14 03:52 - ID#59397 pmobl

London Bridge in Lake Havasu

The guy who planned the city of Lake Havasu bought the actual falling apart London Bridge in the 1960's and had the exterior granite bricks numbered and brought to the U.S. for his new city...

Who knew?! His name is Robert McCulloch and he was a the owner of a chainsaw company. Cash can literally buy a piece of history and have it transported to another country and rebuilt. How much to have a pyramid placed in the city I am going to plan?

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09/14/14 12:25 - ID#59392 pmobl

When life hands you lemons

Make vodka lemonade with basil....

I actually really don't drink much but that sounds really good right now.

So much has happened thus far in 2014 I feel like 8 months have passed and I haven't stopped to take it all in.

Being in a relationship has been so amazing, I know I haven't been the best friend or sister or anything lately but it's hard to not want to be around the person you love all the time.

I've also been really consumed by work and the constant struggle of getting promoted is draining. I'm at a standstill now and even though I've only been there 9 1/2 months I've never worked so hard to prove myself and it's discouraging to have so many interviews and have so many rejections. It will ultimately just motivate me even more to work harder at finding a better job. I don't know how (e:terry) worked an inbound call job for so long... It's a 10 hour day of allowing people to vent and be angry about situations you have nothing to do with. I can handle customer service but this is just relentless and depresses me. I love the amazing benefits but the work itself is pretty much the same day after day... Time for an alumni membership and some serious networking.

I just got a second job driving for ├╝ber which I think will be interesting and profitable for the short term. My goal is to do this for about 6 months and pay off my car and all my credit card debit and a chunk of my student loans. My coworker drives for them on his days off and makes some serious cash so why not?!

I seriously love having a new car...

Finally moving out of the parental home and into an apartment with my man... Super excited to have my own home with my guy. We are shooting for a month from now if not sooner.

I am in a kickball league and learning hoe to play on a team... A new challenge as I mostly despise team sports and cheering and all that. I actually won the game for us last week.

I miss my sweet little nieces so much, hopefully I'll stop being so broke soon and I can't visit this fall. On the note of being broke my bank was hacked this past week- hackers need to get right and steal from people who actually have money. That in addition to major hive breakout and being subjected to my mothers' two week long 60th party celebration in which I've been staying at random places because she gave my room to her guests has been probably the worst week yet of 2014.... She has every right to do that however it sucks to miss my luxurious bed and smart TV...

And then I remember that I have heath care and no imminent threat of Ebola and I think overall my life is pretty damn good. Later peeps, love ya!

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...