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Category: travel

01/22/10 02:38 - ID#50884

blo and nyc here i come!

Just bought my tickets! And I'm renting a car for blo! Baller! Woot woot!

March 14-18.
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Category: travel

01/22/10 02:37 - ID#50883

blo and nyc here i come!

Just bought my tickets! And I'm renting a car for blo! Baller! Woot woot!
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08/14/09 02:11 - ID#49535

weekend getaway

so, i am finally going to post some vegas photos... i can't even put into words how much fun i had. i would put that weekend into my top ten most fun experiences thus far folder.

it's amazing what an insanely great summer i have had, it seems like life just keeps getting better. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that i am around my momma, and it feels good to have so much positive support around. that and it also seems like life is just so much easier here, and things happen with just a little effort! i am so grateful for all of the visitors, including (e:deeglam) and my niece and sister in law.

i feel like a lucky lady to be leading such a charmed life and i try not to take anything for granted!

i am sending the moms of the alaska today where she is meeting up with (e:hodown) for vaca, i hope they have a great time and take tons of pics... but i will be lonely in this house all alone! lucky for me, i have a detailed list of tasks and chores to complete for the mom, which i don't mind at all since she is the best eva! i gave her a spa mani and pedi today to prep and relax her for her trip, so she will look nice and groomed for the wilderness.

anyway, i am onto some new job leads and hopefully i will be out of the hospital for good soon, since i am not so happy there... but it pays the bills, so at least i have that.

anyway, here are a few photos from the vegas trip!


my road trip buddies. we have deemed ourselves america's next best crunk crew. these chicks are hardcore, and we def went all out with 3 all nighters in a row... crazay!


what is a trip to vegas without an impromptu forklift photo op???


the inside garden walkway at the wynn, i wish i could have a courtyard like this with giant balls of flowers and trees and lights- le sigh.


my friend jacob modeling some skinny jeans for us, hawt!


we stopped at the hoover dam, next time i am def taking the tour, it was so crazy looking, like some aliens came down and put all of these weird metal towers and wires everywhere. i asked the cute guy at the security checkpoint when it was built and his response was, "i don't know i just work here." we both laughed and i told him he needs to find out, and so do i.


me with my couture crap pop. i paid 25 dollars and the rhinestones started falling off just hours later, oh well, i am going to create my own better version that is not cheap. it is super fun and sparkly though, which are my two favs things in life- fun and sparkle!

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07/26/08 01:29 - ID#45146

for thosw who care to know

i will be in tha dyrty buff....

aug 8th-15th.

that's less than two weeks from now....

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05/14/08 02:08 - ID#44334

too tired to exist

um, i worked thirteen hours today. and then i ran some errands, and then i ended up here, in my room.

my suitcase is always overweight. i hate going places and not having access to my complete wardrobe. how am i supposed to be the best i can be???

i mean really, i think i am the most unrealistic packer. who else need 6 pairs of heels alone for just as many days? i am not a socialite, i just pretend.

i spent the better part of the previous weekend near the mexican border. all i can say is that part of arizona freaks me out, and i do not wish to go back. the border patrol is insane down there, with their drug sniffing dogs, and big ass rifles and whatnot.

a photo journal of that trip is soon to come, maybe when i am waiting at le airport tomorrow.

anyway, i am either going to finish packing now, or just fall asleep and get up at 4 to finish.

trips are so overrated.

oh, and fuck the rule that says no white to a wedding. because my dress is part white, but in a so not wedding dress way. more in a party dress with a big back bow way, and its short and it looks good. i have come across half who think that it's fine, and the others are appalled. ok, plus the way i am accessorizing(not a real word?) it, i think it will be great. well, i have a backup dress, but i am not returning the other one, i'll find somewhere to wear it to, even if that place is home. people just don't dress for home like they used to.
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02/15/08 02:46 - ID#43337

i loathe travel

seriously. why can't there be better technology, so cars are wya fast, and people can just go wherever in their cars. oh wait, you can just go wherever, if you are super rich and have a jet.

considering the fact that i am not fergie, i will be limited to common travel.

my flight was supposed to take off an hour ago, and it's now 12:37am. i'm fucking tired, and i will for sure not make my transfer in nyc. this means, my already short three days in blo, will be shortened to maybe 2 1/2.

if the plane is not taking off tonight, i am not sure i have it in me to only come for two days. fuck you jet blue. the last three time i have flown your shitty as airline, you make me wait. you made me wait for 4 hrs in the plane. now your computer system doesn't work. wow, i feel really safe getting on a plane with a faulty navigation system.

i am so done flying jet blue. i was willing to forgive a few times, but when they get a call from me, tomorrow, i am going to be really really pissed off. they will pretend to be all sorry and give me a voucher, so now i will have to fly there crappy airline again.

i didn't have time for dinner, and was at least looking forward ot a glass of wine on the plane, or three and some snacks. but now, i am stuck in this airport, where nothing is open, not even a bar, with no food, and no travel in sight.

at least they have free wifi.

in conclusion, i really feel like being a traveler by plane these days, is more like incarceration.

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