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01/25/10 05:53 - 33ºF - ID#50909 pmobl

i dont date drs

The young attractive ones are creepers just looking for young skanky chicks.

The old ones have more money and less looks and want skanks too.

I am tired of these men. They are creepers and I would like to be left alone.

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01/23/10 08:25 - 33ºF - ID#50895

jersey shore and hannah montana

i really love both of these things. it's a shining example of how i am lacking class and maturity but i don't care.

the jerz just makes me laugh, and i love how crazy they all are and how much they want to fight. i don't condone this behavior, and i doubt i would ever want to be friends with these type of people, but they really make me laugh.

i believe laughter to be a medicine.

as for hannah montana, (e:paul) loves it too. plus i do happen to like that miley cyrus ballad, 'when i look at you".

have a new dress, very cute. very cute. very non scottsdale.

amazing weekend, woot woot!
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Category: travel

01/22/10 02:38 - 36ºF - ID#50884 pmobl

blo and nyc here i come!

Just bought my tickets! And I'm renting a car for blo! Baller! Woot woot!

March 14-18.
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Category: travel

01/22/10 02:37 - 36ºF - ID#50883 pmobl

blo and nyc here i come!

Just bought my tickets! And I'm renting a car for blo! Baller! Woot woot!
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01/21/10 01:08 - 24ºF - ID#50872

past present and future good

i am still sad about losing all my data from the maclappy. i have some stuff saved through gmail though...

wanted to share some pics of aruba and the fam and me of course. aruba 2.0 should happen this august, woot woot!!!!!

my precious baby niece who turns 1 years old soon!!!

my brother and the babes.

baby lioness... rarrrrrrr!



tall enough to enter club in aruba. i am so tan here, i fit right in.

aruba party time

almost same hiking pic as before

(e:hodown) is hating on something over there...

she like the flowers and the sun

making a bday wish...


me and a coug. my mom.

my hot new pink heels. whoop whoop!

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01/19/10 02:01 - 30ºF - ID#50858

a potluck of thoughts/things

i tried to do a good thing and help my friend out by buying her a plane ticket home for her uncle's funeral and i bought the ticket the entirely wrong month and days.

this makes me question myself. when i am reincarnated i am sure to reappear as a ditzy gay man, or a blonde.

i have good intentions, but sometimes they get lost in the confusion of my brain.

so, now i have to wait to get my money back. i am also waiting to get paid from my service provider job(where i work with the little girl). i never seem to get paid on time, or even really get paid the right amount.

i will wait until friday, and then see if i have received my direct deposit. maybe it's because of the holiday, and my timesheets were a few days late. this job is ideal for me in many ways, and i love it for the most part. i do not, however like having to fill out my own timesheets. i can never find any blank sheets and then i fill them out and lose them and i must prefer the fingerpad punch in at the hospital, because i punch in and out and get paid; done.

the point of this ramble is that i want to donate some money to the haiti earthquake relief... i suppose they won't run out of money by friday will they? it's only doing a little, but it is something. thanks (e:james) for that comment. paying to feed a child for a few weeks will help.

I can't wait to be a licensed teacher. I will be able to help more then, and I definitely want to travel and see how other people live. A part of me wants to balance out the insanity of my love for all things shiny and expensive by adding meaning in there somewhere. I feel like helping children is a good start.

i just realized that i go back and forth between capitalizing and not. perhaps i feel some sentences are more important than others? my grammar needs major help...

  • I don't care if my borther hates the pony party and thinks it is too much and zooey wont like it. i know she will like it, she is related to me. And why is there ever too many parties for a baby????- that is a somewhat quote from (e:hodown). Can i call zooey's bday a hodown??????????????????????????
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01/18/10 12:36 - 36ºF - ID#50840

helping through prayer???

do people really think praying is going to save the people in haiti???

i think organization and planning and swift efforts will save more people.

i think about my life, and what i do daily... it's so hard not to feel like a greedy selfish person.

i do honestly wish i could help, but how much will $50 help? how much will a prayer help?

i am not there. if i could just take one child and feed and bathe them and put a smile on their face. even if it was just one smile, it would be worth it.

i can't stand seeing children suffer. it all makes me sad.

sometimes i want to leave america, because i feel like i will never really appreciate my life until i see how others live. i feel like i will fall deeper into a materialistic abyss.

so many people here have money and no true character. they look down upon people who aren't upper middle class. i don't want to be that person.

it seems like all i care about is makeup and clothes, but it can be a front because i don't want everyone to know how truly soft my heart is.

if i had the money i would so adopt a child. i think that is a new life goal of mine...

send me the needy babies!!!!!
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01/17/10 04:14 - 39ºF - ID#50838 pmobl

censorship what?

Apparently this site is too naughty for work because I am have been blocked from the site through the hospital system.

No Perez at work. Now no estrip.I will not let them break my spirit though!

I have my blackberry and they cannot take it away from me. Or can they?

Things and people here are at an all time high as far as backstabbing and hostility goes.

I am responding to the gate with love. As any good ho would do.

My mom told me I work too much which makes no sense because she taught me how to be a work horse.

Also I have to pay for the pony and petting zoo party and blo and nyc. I'm working hard to play hard peaches!! Woot woot!

Back to work...
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01/12/10 11:33 - 17ºF - ID#50808

flyest kicks eva!

i had to return an ugly gifted pair of sneaks... and found these in return. this makes me perhaps the happiest i have been in a few weeks at least. i have needed some new ones forever and these were exactly what i was looking for an a steal.

holla nordstrom rack!!!

i'll be straight up pimpin at work tomorrow. scrubs included.

baby zooey's bday planned:


baby animals and pony at the party:




giant lawn sign that says, "stop! the party starts here!":


go me. i must now go back to sleep and back to work because work is all i do.

annnnd, i am buying a blo nyc ticket in the next two weeks.......

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01/10/10 10:04 - 26ºF - ID#50793

this irks me

i went hiking saturday and sunday(today), and this lady coming down the mountain had on a head scarf not just the head scarf though; she was also covered from head to toe. i saw nothing showing but her face and her hands.

she looked so beautiful and fit. no woman should ever have to cover herself this way.

i am so happy i was raised to be proud of my womanliness.

woman should celebrate themselves everyday.

i have also noticed lately many men who fell they can talk and treat women as second class citizens. sorry guys, but this is america and we (i hope) are not willing to accept that treatment.

part of my 2010 plan is give respect to earn respect. i also want to open the eyes of individuals who are ignorant on this matter.

i fear the latter of my task will be much harder. wish me luck.

my blogs are lacking but i am so busy... worky, worky. moving to a new house somewhat soon. packy, throwy away. and then the spring semester.

i am going to go all out warrior style... early bedtimes little socialization. lots of exercise.

6.5 miles hiked this weekend. back to the mountain thurs morning for another 4. woot!

in my country there is problem, and the problem is ...
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