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Category: macbook

10/30/07 02:59 - 47ºF - ID#41880

the new operating system...

who has it, should i get it? is it worth it?

tell me people, tell me!

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10/30/07 02:20 - 47ºF - ID#41879

ive got nothing

to say.

havent blogged in a while, but it could be cause my life is so damn boring these days.




i feel like there will be something good soon. or i can rely on my massage, paycheck, and dinner plans this weekend!
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Category: sexy men

10/28/07 02:24 - 43ºF - ID#41844


[box]we should get married, indeed. we just need to check the prenuptials, then we are all set. i don't consider myself the tragic hero, more likely a picky, independent, being-passionate-about-his-music spoiled only child who hasn't found his match yet. you might call this an awful personality faw. maybe. not. well. anyway.

how do you keep the boys in line? you exude a refreshing sensuality that is quite unique. plus the design. i think you will be good at it.

besides being a happy viola piper, i write (published a book of poetry), drink espresso, love opera, skinnydip in lake zurich in mild summer nights, travel, work in a film club, teach, sing (my everlasting love), dance ballroom, eat fondueduring mid august heat waves, play soccer and read glauser and marquez.

and yes, i need a good cook!
i will serenade you while cooking, though.

what gets you excited in life?[/box]

if he is for real. and i think he is. if not, its what my dreams are made of... i need me some of this man! basically all around what sarah wants/needs in a guy! plus the hotness, but i wont post photos because that makes me more crazy than i already am.

and i wonder, how public is this blog, going to google myself right now...
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Category: books

10/25/07 11:01 - 48ºF - ID#41805


i know, i know, im like three years behind the loop. but, if you are too, and you havent read this, you need too! now!

it blows my mind. and, i of course give credit to (e:hodown), who suggested i use the book the back up my persuasive speech with info from the amazing book.

speech topic: why pro choice is the only choice that makes sense.

and, (e:paul), i am not obsessed with abortion like you might think. ok, maybe a little. but, when i thought about what i am passionate about, this came to mind. i fully believe in the woman's right to choose, and you will too after you read this book.

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Category: sick fucks

10/25/07 01:29 - 46ºF - ID#41788

show your face, coward!

[box]10/24/07 18:44@ Guest wrote:

Have anybody lately told you that you are disrespectful, inconsiderate, immature, fat selfish whore? [/box]

wow. no, actually, nobody has told me that lately! but thank you.
apparently, i have been walking around not knowing how awful i am.

tomorrow, i will wake up, stop eating. stop talking. get some manners. and stop screwing everything in sight.

i am so glad you let me know. because i was actually thinking, i am an ok person.

wow. thank you!
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10/22/07 01:45 - 69ºF - ID#41742

i got a little crazy in me

i don't know what is wrong with me.

can't focus.

can't sit still.

can't stay awake.

can't sleep.

sleep too much.

definitely eat way too much. stop eating everything. and STOP eating 70% cheese. that is so sick.

i can't take anymore of this not sex all the time. i think that is my problem. and, hope to god my mom doesn't read this shit. or my employers. but i sorta also don't care.

my new plan is definitely europe this summer, all summer. ill be an au pair or something. or something. everyone should go to at some point, and it will like an international partay!

and, oil painting is all sorts of complicated. i think my shit is gonna be shit.

ok, this is funny, this boy came over, and i really don't like him. and he really kinda irritates me. plus smallest penis ever, and i was like, "i hope we don't have to hook up." i love that i am such a slut. ok, jk. but, i didn't want to really hang out with him, but i wanted to trap someone and make them listen to me talk. apparently he wasnt down. so, he said, "we are going into your room to makeout, and we went in there. and i continued to talk, talk, talk. and, i was reading a bunch of different magazines, and enjoying my drink. then he just gets up and decides to leave. and i was laughing, and he is a douche. but, whatever he had to drive all the way out here. didn't get drunk, or stoned, and didn't get any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha. loser.

i will now attempt school shit, or just get more drunk.....

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Category: life

10/18/07 11:58 - 70ºF - ID#41707

advice needed

so, all of you more experienced (e:strip)pers, give me some help here!

here is my situation:

i have the opportunity to move out. to a nice apartment in a nice area, with two people i know i will get along with.

however, i have a lot of debt right now. a car to pay off, and get fixed now that i have fucked it up. i have school to focus on, and two jobs as well. moving out would add more stress to my full plate.

moving out would also mean a very very tight budget, and i would have to work even more. i wouldn't be able to eat out, go out, etc, very much at all, but when i did, i would have no one to answer to.

the place is reasonably priced and in a very central area for work and school. but, now i have no furniture but a bed and some other things....

my mom wants me to stay here for a while and get on my feet. i want to move out so i can start my life. i don't know what to do. its not bad here, but who wants to say they live with their parents after a certain age? i feel like a huge loser.

basically, i move out and be broke. or stay here, and save mad money and get a sweet place/move somewhere else for school when i am ready.

what do i do?

i think i am stuck here for a while.
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Category: video

10/18/07 03:43 - 56ºF - ID#41699

oh my god! a video us of, by me!

check it out. (e:southernyankee), (e:paul), (e:terry), and i! woot!

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10/17/07 02:52 - 69ºF - ID#41691

im done with life

why are there balloons still on this thing?

ok, my post trip depression needs to go away. i am displaying some not so good signs:

1. need for sleep all the time. i shouldn't be so tired.

2. need for food all the time. i shouldn't be so hungry. i am going to become a blob full of food. note to self: stop being so goddamn lazy and go hiking. you lazy pathetic piece of shit.

3. need for t.v. grey's or is it gray's and private practice. why live my own life when i can watch make believe ones on t.v.

4. inability to focus on what matters, school and work. i have no desire.

5. no desire to go shopping with birthday money. so wrong.

6. no desire to wear pretty dresses and shoes. even more wrong.

7. feeling like i could cry at any moment.

in conclusion, i am in a rut. i hope said rut only last a few more days. it could be the coming of my period which would also explain a ravenous need for chocolate. i don't like feeling like such a crazy person, and it is unlike me lately.

on the upside, i did get my side of birthday hookup, and it was delish. oh my. i never tire of sexy men, and i wouldnt mind some right now. actually, i think i got the most birthday loving i ever have in my entire life. its funny because i have the ability to get more sex now than when i was in a relationship. the next person i date better be willing to put out when i request.

could i be anymore dramatic? so, i think i should focus on sexy men, and getting my goddamn homework done. im having issues people.

oh, and how embarrassing is it that i like that jordin sparks song? i have a love for bad radio. i think its the teen inside me that refuses to die.

so, i think i am going to see across the universe this weekend, that should help cheer me up. that and some really strong gange.
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10/15/07 04:04 - 47ºF - ID#41657

post-trip sadness

i think i have had a huge issue with this for a long time. i think since i was able to understand what saying goodbye means.

being back in blo made me realize what amazing people i left behind, and while i think i made the right choice my coming here, i know this week is gonna be really rough.

what will i do without my (e:PMT)? seriously, its amazing how good of friends we are, and i always have a good time with them.

i also realized i am a huge asshole, and have definitely taken advantage of someone who i thin has always really cared about me. turns out, they are a pretty thoughtful person, and they know me better than most people. but, now i am here, and i will just leave that one up to fate, because its just such a long, long tale with many twists and turns.

so, i am back here, and sunny az, and i will be working my ass off. however, we have already planned a fun winter camping thing, and when i come back it will be for at least a week this time around. three days is not enough time. plus, im sure ill be missing the snow? ok, maybe not, but it will be nice to see!

ill post pics tomorrow, its been a very long day.
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