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12/31/04 01:12 - ID#26093

i swear,

if i didn't have to pay my rent NOW, i would donate money to the relief fund, one of then. but not the red cross. those pricks aren't giving our donated blood away, they sell it. never again. just another evil corporation.

ajay, i am officially disturbed by that photo. words can't even describe and i doubt i'll ever understand just how awful it is.

i guess my resolution is just to be greatful. i have a wonderful life. i am so spoiled, and i don't even think i appreciate it. shame on me.

just a couple more days to home. :) :( ;) 8* i will miss the fam. i miss the friends. and i hate to say it, but i miss the blo...ahhhh!
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12/30/04 08:55 - ID#26092

enough of the oldsters already!

for new years...

i can:

watch the chip dip into the salsa(no joke, they don't have a ball here)

watch the ball drop in ny at nine and then go to bed

be sober because i can't drink around certain members of the fam

talk about marriage, children, careers, mortgages and such

  • one thing is fo sho...

[size=m]i will miss my blo peeps all fucking night long[/size]
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12/29/04 11:43 - ID#26091

another tsunami post

i just get it out of my head. other than donating money, which i have none of. what else could i do to help? i have time. maybe the red cross? i wish the us government didn't suck so much, the un has already named us stingy since we have planned to donate far less than 1% of our yearly income.

we shall sit in our heated homes and drive to target in our suvs while people who never owned a car are holding on to the hopes that they will survive this.

this is the kind of devastation i doubt any of us will ever see or know.

can we do anything to help? im sick of just talking about it.

the people in this rich-ass neighborhood need to give up some money. i know they have it. maybe they are saving to buy some fancy cacti...
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12/29/04 02:19 - ID#26090



PS. I didn't even know I signed up for this, but I love you allll. :) [/size]
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12/27/04 08:05 - ID#26089

maybe the middle isnt so bad

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12/26/04 09:13 - ID#26088

vacation time!

well, im here in sunny arizona, in fountain hills, home of the world's tallest fountain, while all you losers are freezing your assesof in dreary blo; but i find myself wondering... am i missing something? well, i guess not. thanx to lots of yummy asian food and fun shopping, and crazy old cacti.

my mommy likes to say to the cactus, "don't be such a prick." so true, those things really need to lighten up.

its really a whole different world out here, and i fear my east coast fashions are too much for the berkinstock(sp?) and fleece loving people. oh well.

happened w/i the last 24 hours:

major family crisis: sisters vs. sisters= not something you want on xmas

bellyache last night=throwing up time

bargain shopping today=more bargain shopping throughout this whole week

special sister moments=us being fun

foooooooooooooooooood= more food?

i love this house, the bathrooms are sooooooo nice! too nice.

i now have 35 bucks to starbucks, coffee anyone? i know they're evil, but the coffee will be on my evil self ok?

  • enough listing for now, i shall post some pics tomorrow...
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12/24/04 10:47 - ID#26087

xmas greetings from the desert

so this is xmas, without snow? am i missing out? probably not.

mommys new house is amazing. so nice. the luxury. i will take picutes and post them some time soon.

my family is nuts. one aunt kicked the other aunt out because she insulted her tuna or something like that. the kicked out aunt is staying with us, poor thing. come on, shes your sis, mine can be crazy too, but to kick someone out on xmas eve, thats a little extreme, new years maybe, today; no.

going to:

eat sushi

mexican food

look at worlds highest fountain from my bedroom window

take baths everyday

love my momma and sister til they get sick of me

bake in sun? so bad for skin, but makes for new tropical look

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. merry kissmas estrippers, give the ones you love a big wet one!

p.s. the trees here look like from a dr seuss book and they light little luminaries along the streets in paper bags, sounds like a fire to me. yea. and the fire department people re the ones who do it. i will show evidence later.
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12/18/04 12:17 - ID#26086


ok, i admit, that kitty is cute. ok? we may be able to be friends now. as long as the allergies stay away.

random work today. must pay off ticket. must keep license. yay.

i love school. even if it is beauty school. im the best damn student ever. who needs a new style?

arizona for xmas? weirdsville. what to pack. must get ready. its weird to think i have a family, its been so long. im so adult-like these days. whoopie!

and i can legally drink.

mall last night with tina and tk and jenny. i love those kids. i hate the mall. i love the tacky people. i like using the lotions and potions and not buying any.

party tonight. :)
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12/15/04 03:40 - ID#26085

my wish for a time machine,

that can speed up time and slow it down when you need it to. maybe just skip some time all together, thats my xmas wish. santa, can you hear me?

i wish that damn cat would stop trying to get into my room. stretching out its little arm and reaching under the door. well, guess what, you aren't allowed into my own special private club kitty- go bother someone else with your dander issues. ugh-the nerve.
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12/11/04 09:26 - ID#26084

snow day

one of my favorite songs by lisa loeb. shes so frakin cute, and i love her music.

what a strange day. went to (e:tina)'s to do some laundry, and hang out, watch movies, eat, and such.

went out last night with (e:tina) (e:racheal) and (e:Drchlorine) . it was a good time, with good company. met (e:ajay) , very nice guy. he had some rowdy company, but very entertaining ;) . he took a picture of us and posted it in his journal; cute pic; approved for posting. going to (e:robin)'s tonight for the party...

strange day, finding myself missing people and things that im not so sure about right now. its strange, when i miss someone, id rather not talk to them, because it just makes me feel worse. especially people you know you can't see. i miss my grandma, she always knows what to do or say. shes so wise. shes such a rare jem.

i am going to dye my hair black and get my eyebrow repierced, maybe.

p.s. packages are so fun to recieve. my sis( (e:hodown) ) sent me some money and two pairs of earings yesterday along with a card. she told me she can't wait to see me ans that she loves me very much. how sweet. i love her too. soooooooo much.

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