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Category: macbook

10/30/07 02:59 - ID#41880

the new operating system...

who has it, should i get it? is it worth it?

tell me people, tell me!

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Category: macbook

09/26/07 04:45 - ID#41343

question for you techies

i want to create a slideshow of images, for a speech i am presenting. which program should i use???? it wont include any words, just images........ but not photos i have taken, art slides.....

whoever knows gets a cookie!
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Category: macbook

08/30/07 02:08 - ID#40823

i freaking love this thing!!!

(e:paul) and i had a video chat this evening, soooooooo much freaking fun. i am in love.... not with a stripper, but this macbook. so intensely in love!!!!!!

oh, and i met a cute new boy. and he's actually nice/not sketchy, and he has super cute style and goooood music taste!!! and i have a stalker who keeps calling/texting and sayng sorry for being psycho. theres never any good way to say sorry for being crazy. i mean, he can say all the sorries he wants, but the point is that he is crazy, and he tells me he loves me after like 4 dates. and he wonders why i wont speak to him???? seriously, he didn't get any, and i didn't act super into him. ah well.

oh and the other night, i was at this coffee place/bar and this girl is making out with the barrista.bartender, and im so distracted, i can barely focus on the convo at hand. then it finally stops. and those girls leave, and this other girl struts in, and immediately starts making out with the bartender!!! i was telling the person i was with, she is not the same girl, becuase i am a girl and i pay attention to outfits, and she was wearing something different and looked different, and i was thinking how crazy it would be if she made out with the bartender and she did!!!!!!! that coffee place/bar is nuts and im going back soon...

here's some pics from the video chat!!!

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

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Category: macbook

08/29/07 11:18 - ID#40801


can't i get my new lappy connected to the intynet at home? after a million hours on the phone no one can help. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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