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09/30/07 10:35 - 59ºF - ID#41415

want to sleep

need a day off.

please god, just one? i am tired, but its not like i could ever sleep in anyways. the sun is so bright and intense, by 830 i have to get outa bed. i start to feel like a warming coal, and my room heats up to about 90 degrees.

maybe i should ask god for a rainy cloudy miserable day. then i could stay home and wear a hoodie, and boxers, and watch movie after movie, and bake banana bread!

instead, i am off to the "house of misfits", for a twelve hour shift. must think of the next two weekends, and how fun they will be!

why monkeys? they make me feel happy. as does andy warhol!

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Category: life

09/27/07 05:03 - 64ºF - ID#41349

quarter life crisis

i only have 3/4 of my life left to do something with "it".

i've not done anything yet.

i HAVE to do something. i feel like i haven't done anything.

wait, i take that back. i have done 7 NOT GREAT things:








i wrote about two pages full of personal thoughts, and then thought, "hey, that's way too personal for the internet." so, you will just have to wonder about what i wrote and then deleted.

but, anyway, i need a new fucking ten year plan people. and i need to not fuck it up this time.

just to end it more positively, i love this piece by roy lichtenstein. i love pop art, and the drama of it. i feel like it is very me. very dramatic, over the top, and kinda crazy, and all over the place, in a 92% good way.

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Category: macbook

09/26/07 04:45 - 73ºF - ID#41343

question for you techies

i want to create a slideshow of images, for a speech i am presenting. which program should i use???? it wont include any words, just images........ but not photos i have taken, art slides.....

whoever knows gets a cookie!
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Category: fashion

09/25/07 01:26 - 63ºF - ID#41314

alice temperly @ target rocks my world!!

i have a dress obsession, and its becoming really no good, but sooo sossoo, good. ok, i just got there two alice temperley for target dresses, on my trip to target that was really only to stock up on diet cherry coke and tea's tea. oh well, i needed them. early bday gift to myself!!! and i picked up a shift at the hospital tomorrow....
i love fashion, and design. i need to find a way to make it my job. maybe ne day i can own a supercute boutique and sell paintings and dresses, and antiques.... or i can just buy them....

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

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09/23/07 08:45 - 67ºF - ID#41276

wishful thinking

so, i had to work my other job this morning, the nonhospital job, and then i stopped in the hospital because this woman said she had a dress fro me. and you know me, when i hear the word "dress", i come running!

well, i couldn't find her, because she had gone out to get lunch. i was walking down the hall to leave, and the doctor who i am falsely rumoured to be dating was sitting there. we exchanged hellos, and talked for a bit, and then he invited me to come see his band play. im sure he invites everyone, but still, ok well, whatever, i feel like a little girl again with this crush business.

but, i think there could, maybe, possibly be a possibility of something. yesterday at work, he seemed kinda flirty, and of course i get all shy and embarrassed.

was supposed to go hiking with this other dude today, and he totally flaked. oh well.

can't wait to come to blo!!!! like three weeks! crazy!
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Category: music

09/22/07 10:43 - 64ºF - ID#41258

love, love, love MIKA!!!!!!!!

big girl, you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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09/21/07 03:30 - 64ºF - ID#41226

might not make sense

im too tired and i probably wont care tommorow. of the (e:pmt) can you call me soon????? you are impossible to get ahold of, and i fear you have replaced me. anyway, i need to solidify a few things, and also, i need to speak with you. where are you??????

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09/19/07 10:57 - 67ºF - ID#41204

oh no

i have that "sick" feeling. where everything just hurts, and all i want to do is sleep. i thought that i was just feeling down lately, but it turns out, all this excessive sleeping must mean im getting ill.

wah. i have zero days off this week. ZERO. making money is nice, but i have no life. none. can't wait for a break.....


its so crazy, too because i always get sick this time of year, but its still 100 degrees here, so feeling sick just doesn't feel right. maybe the hot tub tonight???
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Category: transport

09/17/07 06:34 - 69ºF - ID#41163

the little engine that sorta couldn't

my car broke down. last wed. i got it fixed.

it broke down again. today.

wtf? ummm, car, i treated you well. i got you towed and fixed and all clean and pretty. i got an itrip, and i gave you good music, like iron and wine, and lily allen, and talib kweli. and this is how you repay me?

you don't love me car. why don't you love me? i treated the ol' whitey like crap, and i didn't love it, and i love you, and this is how you treat me. you make me sad car.

is it because i haven't named you? do you want a better owner? someone not like me? what do you need to be happy and running?

im thinking of "The Arcade Fire" and their song, keep the car running. im trying to keep it running.

im stuck at school until forever. im bored, and this asshole in the computer lab wont let me talk or make noise.

when i go home, im gonna drink some beers and smoke. maybe not, but maybe.

my sad, car why don't you love me face?


ok, so the car thing sucks. but i did however have a good date last night. with like the best kisser of my life. usually when im kissing someone, im thinking of something else, or thinking, why is your tongue doing that? or thinking of kissing people who are better kissers, or that their lips are dry, or something not so good. but i found myself kissing this guy, and thinking, well not really thinking, and then many minutes later, realizing that i went so long without thinking about other things! yowza! and he's got like the super hottest bod ever. seriously hot. i gotta not talk about it anymore.

peace out people, love your cars, and your neighbors!
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Category: dating

09/16/07 07:08 - 61ºF - ID#41132

this smile might last until tomorrow.

why, you ask???

well, this weekend has just been great. a lot of family time- some charades, my all time fav game. and time spent with cute little cousins, spoiling them and whatnot.

for the times i miss going out and partying hard, its sometimes nice to be able to wake up, not puking and wanting to die. and, its nice to have lots of people around, to talk to. they also drive me mad, but i love them.

anyways, onto the good stuff.

i am rumored to be dating this doctor, who everyone is saying, like me. this is hilarious. because, a. i am not dating him, and b. i jave only met him twice. lol. not that i would turn him down i he did ask, but its like telephone at this hospital, how the stories circulate so fast.

i met this guy at a party a few weeks ago, and well, i didn't think i'd hear from him. but he got in touch and wants to take me out. like pick me up and take me out. kinda innocent coming from a not so innocent crazy party night hook-up. he's got a hot bod. we shall see...

i think i need to ditch the brit. i mean, when did he pick me up and take me out??? im so over it. not that it is taking any getting over. but maybe ill keep him around as a friend, he's fun to talk to. and he's funny.

a few mintues ago, this other dr, told me i look like im older than 30. and then i thought he left the hospital, and then two mintues later, he called to ask me out. wtf? ok, so not happening. because, he is old. like 50 something. not hot. also sleeping with my friend. so. not happening. of course, he said it would be platonic, but i doubt he has platonic in mind!

oh, az, how you surprise me with lively happenings!
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