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12/29/10 10:29 - 28.ºF - ID#53348

trapped in az

my sis might not make it back to nyc for a while more, was supposed to flight out tomorrow, but everything is still so backed up. i should make use of this time and put her to work.

she's sitting here typing very loudly, i think she is taking out her aggression on the laptop, but what we really need is some yard work done.

off to the mall and to see narnia... later peaches.
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12/24/10 10:26 - 23.ºF - ID#53328 pmobl

i am a hoarder

Apparently my room had taken on a life of its own. (E:hodown) has been insisting I downsize and get rid of stuff. Threw out a bunch of makeup the other day and yesterday 12 bags of "stuff" was hauled out of my bedroom.

The "stuff" included:

Every kind of clothing possible


Jewelry mostly broken

At least three pairs of sunglasses

A plastic Barbie tiara

At least one fully empty box

Pullups... Wtf? I work with special needs kids... Somehow ended up with their pullups, unused FYI

Many many books

4 bags of trash, 8 bags to goodwill.

How did I accumulate all of this? I had at least 20 pairs of jeans and 20 black tees. I was forced to get rid of quite a bit, but its Xmas and I'm ready to collect and refill my collection of "stuff". Jk... I am over my hoarding ways and shall continue to downsize and simplify my life.

Pics to come...

Merry (e:strip)mas. Hearts.

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12/20/10 12:23 - 27.ºF - ID#53306 pmobl


(e:hodown) arrives today! Gotta clean up the house and get fresh!

I really can't wait to just chill with her this week. I feel like its just what I need. My brother and sister and niece and mom are my life... Wish we could all be together, but I will make the best of it.

I want to save up for a big family vaca soon... Maybe a beach house rental!

We are having aunts and uncles over and doing a spa day and eating tons of lobster and Mexican food!!!!
What is everyone else doing?

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12/18/10 04:25 - 27.ºF - ID#53298 pmobl

on breakups and heartbreak

I noticed (e:hodown)'s post about her breakup and wanted to put my thoughts out there.

I think certain breakups we never actually get over, but more learn to accept the reasons it ended and learn why it didn't work.

Ill always care about some people I dated and even love them in a way, but there comes a point when I realize it wasn't meant to be and I'm ok with that. I can look back and laugh at how upset I was or how I thought I'd never date again or feel happy.

Even now, there's someone I recently dated who I will always have feelings for but there's nothing I can change about the situation... So for now I think pleasantly about the times we had and hope that person is doing well.

As for the crappy breakups that leave you feeling used and worthless, it is true this other person is probably not doing as well as you think. I am a strong believer in karma and making the right decisions and people who treat other fairly are rewarded. My advice for next time is to evaluate the relationship more in the future... Do you want the same things? If not, life is too short to settle so move on.

Dating sucks, especially in the digital age. Americans want too much too soon and nothing is ever good enough. So, I'd like to think if I spend my time doing what is good for me, and things I enjoy... I will eventually meet my penguin and sail off into the sunset. If this doesn't happen, I think I can suck it up and be ok having amazing friends and family...

They also say it takes half as long as you dated to get over a lover... Wait 6 months and spent this time being completely selfish and freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Also, go to Vegas- it is the quintessential single place for being carefree and remembering why it can be truly awesome to be a single lady!

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12/13/10 04:54 - 11.ºF - ID#53262

blogging my way to tha top!!

i'm the best. sent my sis these...

it's the 12 days of sismas.

sent my sis these to kick off her bday week. flowers in a teacup, a sip of bourbon and you're good to go.

from you flowers online
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12/13/10 01:41 - 13.ºF - ID#53260

sismas time

i was basically done typing a blog entry, and then i closed the page and here i am for the third time. anyway, third time is a charm right?

i am mostly done xmas shopping, being able to complete my shopping entirely online and i must say i am pretty proud of myself. i managed to only buy myself a few gifts which are items that i actually need, sorta. i have all of these awesome shopping tips:

1. shop sale first- you can often find exactly what you want at a fraction of the price

2. shop from sites that offer free shipping, or google "free shipping codes"- and then the store name, and you can find codes that will give you free shipping! it's super important to me to get the free shipping because you really save then. everything here is such a long drive, and gas is tres cher... so i factor in my gas savings... woot!

3. do not buy random crap because it is cheap. then you just have a pile of useless crap. one of my fav things to do is look in magazines for gift ideas. lots of the holidays versions have gift guides and often give great ideas for gifts under $50. even if you don't buy what they show, it can give you ideas for people. some of the gifts im giving this year came from these guides, and im acutally most excited about these ones!

4. think practical..... lots of people are struggling right now financially so give gifts that your family and friends actually need. also, it is a good idea to just give cash, but do it in a cute way. put money of different increments in red chinese new year envelopes, or give a credit gift card.

5. have fun! i think giving gifts is way more fun that receiving. i love to see the look on peoples' faces when they receive something they were wishing for!

now, here's a pic update!

some didn't load and the captions are out of order, but you get the idea.

my friend meghan and i in the lobby of the planet hollywood towers, sweet hotel crappy service.

terry, ready to cross it up, vegas style in our sweet suite.

terry again.

the hot tub that took 3hrs to fill that no one ever came to fix. it looks nice.

chihuly glass ceiling at the bellagio.

pretty holiday flower display at crystals shopping center in the city center.

yummy chocolate fountain at jean louis patisserie at the bellagio

we came home from the club one night, and i created a fridge masterpiece!

candy statue of liberty at new york new york

chillin on the monorail

le bebe, who wasn't in vegas and won't go til 21. i just threw her in, cuz she cute.

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...