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10/31/12 07:03 - ID#56864

When the world ends

It really seems like we are going to see massive destruction from global warming in our lifetime. Ok, actually we are experiencing it right now.

(e:Paul) feels like Buffalo will be a good place to live. I plan on signing contracts with him next week arranging my residence in such case along with two others....

I'm serious too... I will survive. Or I will go down in luxury.
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10/28/12 12:33 - ID#56858

who is this person?

i decided to forgo a super fun Halloween party in lieu of an autism walk in the am...

not quite sure what to make of myself. i also did most of my laundry and cleaned for several hours.

i also have a date tomorrow, and i just feel it isn't right to show up hungover. i say i will go out and not drink, but drunk people are quite annoying when you are sober. plus i always wear heels and it hurts less when you numb the pain.

i am sure there is ample fun to be had in blo in two weekends... the kind of epic fun that only my clique can bring. turn up time t minus 11 daze!

i loved these glasses and i lost them. i am pretty sure i accidentally threw them out. at least it wasn't my hearing aids. now i must wear the most scratched glasses in the world.

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10/12/12 10:57 - ID#56821

the most important thing

and learning this is still a struggle at times...

but you cannot base your happiness on things or people, because you will end up very unhappy.

that said....

i am very happy that i just completed my justice studies course with a 96. i was forced to sit and study and read and write... save the reading, i do not enjoy these activities.

anyway, i received full credit on my paper. it just makes me feel really, really good about myself.

i lost my favorite ring today, in a foolish mishap. anyway, i didn't dwell on it because it is just a thing. it was sooooo pretty though, and a gift to myself. i suppose i learned a lesson... stop losing stuff.

i have a good feeling about this weekend!!!!!! lots of fun planned in tuscon!
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10/04/12 11:48 - ID#56806


this message tho:

My name is Ali and I'm from Iraq told of age 33 years old love to identify friends Amerreqin good I do not know you search the google site for dating friends Amerreqin or site conversation an American has opened me this site and was seen pictures small personal and Dgzt on your photo has been translated what Ketbtah has inquired of writing Are you desperate frustrating looking for an opportunity to work and I could not understand something of the rest of the speech I am happy to speak with you And Ante very beautiful and graceful

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10/02/12 10:18 - ID#56801 pmobl

One of my wishes came true...

I have clearly done something right.

I just opened this strange message from a person asking if I was desperate for work and then something about my romantic life. Creepers....

And aced the exam. Justice prevails.

And I am going to blo for Thanksgiving. All my favs be there...

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...