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12/20/12 07:45 - ID#57020 pmobl

Mean muggin grad style peaches!!!

Officially official.. With a possible job offer in the works!!!

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12/15/12 07:46 - ID#56996 pmobl

It's official

In 5 days I will officially be a college graduate.

Soooo happy.

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12/11/12 09:37 - ID#56984 pmobl


I ordered food from this place Rice Paper in downtown Phoenix... I get my sandwich back to the office at my internship and there is a bug in it. I bring it back and the waitress asks me what I want to do... I said make another one. Probably should have just skipped lunch at that point but I was so hungry... She
Mentioned a refund and I thought that was assumed and she didn't give me the damn money back. So then they didn't give me garlic fries, just regular ones the second time. I called her and she was a dumb bitch about it and we argued and she said my refund would be there if I wanted to go back. I can't waste my day driving back and forth for ten dollars. Eff that place and their nasty bug sandwiches....

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12/08/12 09:56 - ID#56967 pmobl

These dorks

Who dat?

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12/03/12 11:43 - ID#56952


i wrote the last research paper of my undergrad career last night. i feel like it really sucked, but oh well. i was tired from a long week of class, internship, work 1, and work 2. that kind of schedule is probably not conducive to successful paper writing!

so basically, i have to attend a few more classes, write a reflection and a final essay, and take part in a drum circle performance and i earn my degree in special education...

i feel like i should interview for teaching jobs just to see what is out there. however, i am greedy and would rather work for tips at the golf club since the busy season is coming up and there will be a lot of money to be made.

i've got major bills to pay and i'm not interested in being a teacher and part of the working poor.
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12/03/12 11:37 - ID#56951

a generous jerk

so, i started working at this golf club right down the street from me and it's a pretty cool job so far. most of the people are pretty nice and helpful, and it's a laid back environment.

so far, i've been serving in the clubhouse and i've worked in the halfway house. it's not a halfway house for druggies or recent jail releases, it's a snack bar type set up between the first and second 9 holes of the course. working down there is pretty cool because you get to zip down on a cart and then listen to music and hang out while you wait for people to come around and buy food and drinks.

i may get fat because they feed me for free in the restaurant and my fav are the garlic fries. actually, i've gained prob 5 pounds in the past few weeks....

anyway, this guy comes in and orders 5 beers and he got all mad at me because i had to ask him to repeat himself twice. people always assume i am ditzy or not paying attention, but even with hearing aids, it is sometimes difficult to process sounds and filter out background noise. i tired explaining to him that i have a hearing loss, but he didn't care. he yelled at me and stormed off with his kid(who seemed very timid and scared looking by the way). clearly, this man was just angry drunk guy and i brushed it off.

later on, i had a couple at the bar having drinks and beer. they were a really nice couple who just moved here. somehow we ended up talking about my hearing loss because the husband wears hearing aids too. he needed a new audiologist and i gave him the number of mine. during our conversation, angry drunky came back and overheard our discussion. well, he must have felt badly because he approached me before he left and said, "We got off on the wrong foot, this should take care of you.", and handed me the bill. He gave me a $20 tip.

moral of the story, sometimes putting up with jerks pays. also, people can be really mean to others when they don't understand that one has an impairment.
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