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05/28/11 02:00 - ID#54368

back with jillian micheals

we have been on and off for a few years now...

it's a difficult relationship. it's just so much work and i feel like i put in all the effort.

i can honestly understand why she wants to adopt and never wants to have a baby of her own. getting super fit is pretty much the hardest thing ever and takes so much time and effort, the thought of destroying a fit body to balloon and have a baby...

i may eventually adopt as well. plus the percentage of successful marriages in america is pathetic.

anyway, i made my mom do the workout with with me, and it's nice to have someone suffer along with me.

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05/26/11 01:27 - ID#54346


went out last night, i am realizing more and more how much i want to move from the phx when i graduate.

also, i hiked at least 30 miles in the past two weeks. it caught up to me because now it hurts to sit up, lay down, get in the car, be alive....

i am not going to day, but i am back on that mountain tomorrow. actually, not sure which one.... they are all hard.

i think i have lost 2-5 lbs and i am already looking and feeling better. i want to get to the point where i can hike the mountain twice in a row... i am almost there. woot woot.
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05/24/11 09:42 - ID#54341

hackers and copycats

peeps by tryna be like me lately....

or just today. my email was hacked around 4am.

then my mom buys her very own of my new fav dress. i will post a pic of us both in it later. someone can judge who wore it better just like the weeklies(my vice).

i am late to go out now, in my new fav dress that my mother now owns as well.

the is a one lady show, ridin solo... trying to have unique stylish clothing.

back to the drawing board.
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05/11/11 11:25 - ID#54263

1.33 points

1.33 points away from an a in one of my classes. i hope, and pray there is some way there is an extra 1.33 points in there somewhere by the time my final grades appear....

i have a 91.67..... i need a 93....

are you ready for a miracle?

i am. ready as i can be.
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05/10/11 02:07 - ID#54255


Officially done with the semester!

I feel like I have nothing to do now.... except for work...

I should exercise, or something.

I am going to San Francisco and Northern California this summer, and also to the spa, and maybe to the Caribbean...

Wait a second, I was invited to Vegas too.

Oh, and I am finally officially moving out of my mother's house. In August, closer to school, and work.

I'm also going to the border this weekend, and to Mexico for tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to make some phone calls about possible jobs... but I must say having time to be lazy at home is soooooo nice!

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05/10/11 02:33 - ID#54254

twice, and not nice

so @ asu the college of education uses this program called tk20. i am not a fan. in fact i really think i completely hate it.

i hand in all of my assignments, and then the important ones have to be handed in again to tk20. none of us really know what it is used for, or why we are using it. not even the professors. it is confusing, and somehow i submitted all of this stuff that is now lost.

i also have 3 laptops where i do my work, because sometimes my work requires a mac, sometimes a pc, sometimes i do work on my mini laptop.

i don't understand the purpose of this dumb giant database. are future employers really going to spend days reading all of my papers and assessing my work? i highly doubt it. i have giant issues with things like this since asu already piles on huge amounts of useless busy work... to have us upload and submit our work a second time to a confusing and useless program we had to purchase for $100.

it's an insult to me, my time, and my money.

2 more exams. then i can be done. finally.

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05/06/11 12:50 - ID#54224

final part 2: take 2

All of my finals are online....

This is a blessing and a curse. If you know blackboard, you know what a gem it can be. I had composed a lovely essay answer for the 2nd part of my classroom management final and then it was lost.

Luckily my professor allowed me to do it again today. I really wanted to have at least one cinco de mayo drink out, but that was not an option.

2 more finals. One video. And about 3 other random assignments and them I am donnnnnnnnnnnnnne!

I think I shall have As and Bs. Hopefully more As than Bs, but no Cs. This is a miracle considering.

Next semester I am no joke putting school first. School before fools....
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05/04/11 01:01 - ID#54208


I'd have to say despite all of the adversity and hardship this semester I am so proud of myself for sticking it out. I think I have done pretty well in my classes, and I'm almost through with all of my work. A few loose ends to tie up and then some finals and I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The last month has been a huge test. Not just with school, but with life. I think sometimes I put all of my eggs into one basket and count on things working out in my favor when that just can't be the case all of the time. I place so much importance on others and I've realized that I really need to dig deeper and start living for me.

One thing I can say I've done is learn to respect myself and stand up for what I feel is right. I did something big the other day, and it felt good to know that I am capable on defending my character.

Life is an adventure.... A friend told me last week that sometimes it is good to sit back and be patient and just wait. I think that is some good advice. I have been able to really focus on school and I think next semester I will be more prepared. I honestly don't think I've ever worked so hard towards a goal before or wanted something so badly.

I just found out today (e:tina) is coming back! She was accepted to Pratt for grad school.... NYC here I come bebe! I better start working harder and more, I want her to visit me and I'll be needing to buy here a plane ticket. Then she can't say no....... It's been at least 2 yrs and I think about her everyday. Sounds creepy but I feel like she is my friend soulmate. When I am around her, I just feel great and I know I can tell her anything. I have been missing her so much lately and I can't wait to see her in August! She can meet the baby(my niece)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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05/02/11 02:24 - ID#54200

longest paper ever

i officially wrote my longest paper to date at about 25 pages.

i am pretty sure i have way way longer papers coming my way.

i wrote a 9 page paper a month ago in about 3 hrs and recieved a 96...

better not get my hopes up too much on this one though. i think it is at least higher b quality.

i still have a video, another paper, 3 finals, and some other random things to tie up. i am going to have way more free time than is healthy soon....

time to get to zumba again, hiking, swimming, jillian micheals, 3 more jobs.....
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