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Category: movies

08/28/09 12:59 - 59ºF - ID#49643

into the wild

finished watching into the wild this morning. wow, what a depressing way to start my day.

i know the guy had a message about being free and whatnot but seriously? he went to alaska and basically committed suicide because he had no clue what he was doing and thought he was just going to be the arctic tarzan?

i know we are all too dependent on material possessions but i think he could have found a better way...

it was so sad when he was eating the plants he thought were edible and then realized he poisoned himself..

and extremely gross when he killed the moose but couldn't butcher it in time and the maggots started coming out everywhere.

anyway, this movie makes me even more into civilization and material items, and definitely not ever into traveling into the wild.

so pretty much, you can watch this movie and be depressed afterwards, but it is really good, and the main actor is hot, until he goes insane and starves to death, but you could just stop watching and disregard that part if you wanted.

i hope there are hundreds of hot men in aruba, and not the kind that will try to abduct me, only the kind who want to buy me things and give me drinks from a coconut that they have not put drugs into.

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Category: work

08/26/09 10:14 - 71ºF - ID#49631

i am le tired

wow, it's so tiring going to work and then class.

plus my boss is freaking out about everything, and as usual i end up picking up the pieces after others who don't do things right.

my math instructor spit in my face last night, he is one of those spit talkers. it was so gross, i think i need to need sit front and center anymore.

this girl in my english class was crying because she is so overwhelmed with college and she was so cute and little and innocent. she will be fine, but imagine if you were such a stressed out person like that. maybe she should get a vice or something.

anyway, i already have tons of work due because one of my classes is accelerated and we do the semester in half the time and i choose to take french online which is ridic...

cannot. wait. until. monday. or at least until 10 tonight when i get to come home and go to bed.
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08/23/09 12:21 - 72ºF - ID#49606


i went to the mall yesterday, my kryptonite.

i was only supposed to spend 100 or less and spent about 400.

ok, everything i found was such a bargain, but now i have major guilt.

on the upside, some items are for my momma, its her bday this friday.

and a majority of the things i did need... sorta... and it was all on sale except for the sephora stuff, but sale makeup in kinda weird and old and not good.

also on the upside, i will be so stylish on my trip.

see you in 8 days blo!
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Category: fitness

08/22/09 02:18 - 79ºF - ID#49599

please believe

nobody ever believes me how hard this video is. when i first started doing it about a month ago, i could even make it through the first 25 minutes.

now, i can do the whole ting straight through. my cousin tried it with me earlier this week and she is young and super fit, and she could barely make it through. she thought she was going to throw up.

i guess that why this lady is the biggest loser trainer, she is a beast.

if you want an a*% kicking workout, try it!

it is so coming to aruba with me...

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08/22/09 12:37 - 68ºF - ID#49595

my existence

has a positive contribution to mankind. well, that's what my fortune said anyway.

i picked up some delish chinese food, and not the gross take out kind, the quality kind that is not greasy and not fried cat. my momma ust came home from alaska tonight, and that bish brought back a crap load of fresh fishes that she and (e:hodown) caught! mmmmmm, thanks ladies.

so, i yelled at my momma, "woman where's my presents?" i was really just joking, but it turns out she got me a sparkle tee, which is kinda not my style, but it's a t-shirt so who cares, and also a shot glass. lol. now don't get me wrong i love sparkle, but not for t-shirts or jeans, or really large pieces, more for jewelry, lollipops, and accessories.

does your mother buy you shot glasses?

anyway, it's cute that she thought of me! i am going to get her something sweet in aruba.

speaking of which t minus 10 days......... woooooooooooooooo.

there is major dramz at work with the schedule and whatnot, and i don't even know what days i am working next week and class starts and other job so it should really all be insanity.

i've been up since 530 and i am now going to sleep. i have a big day tomorrow, i am going to start it out with a workout, then pool time, then get ready, nails, best hot cocoa in the world, and then shopping. it's going to be a great one!

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08/20/09 03:53 - 68ºF - ID#49581 pmobl

so scared

I am fine with being alone in the daytime. At night I am severly afraid of the dark.

I never want to live alone. I want mamma ho to come home and then I will feel safe again.

I swear there are monsters here. And rattlers too.

Basically I would like my mom a boyfriend or a friend to come and protect me from the creatures of the night.

I haven't been sleeping well at night and then so tired all day the last week. I can sleep when its light out and I am fine but I need a night protector.

This makes me the biggest baby alive...
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Category: girliness

08/17/09 07:39 - 84ºF - ID#49559


so, i remember the days of when 2 hours was the daily norm for my getting ready routine...

and as the years have passed that has slimmed down to about 30 min from shower to out of the door. working at a hospital and also with kids, it's not the most glamorous and requires little makeup and hair and clothing decisions....

i hardly ever blow my hair dry or really do much to it other than wash, load on the conditioner, and put in some leave in treatments.... it looks fine but never really great....

i have a fear of starting it on fire esp in the summer months....

i blew it dry today, and i forget how long it has gotten and how nice it can look when i put in some effort... go voluminous hairday!

i have an interview on wed for a job that i will prob be offered and doubtfully take, but it will put a face to a name and if they offer something better in the future then who knows!

plus, i like getting dressed up and looking professional!

here's the hur...

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Category: fashion

08/17/09 01:38 - 73ºF - ID#49555

glamour shotz!

having a fun night with my cuz.... we did a (pro) photo shoot, and i think you guys are gonna really like what you see...







and now to somewhat unscar your memory... the cuteness!

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Category: food

08/16/09 11:40 - ID#49549 pmobl

a sad sad loss

I was rushing out of the house this morning for work and I packed such a healthy lunch. When I got to work I realised that I forgot it at home! :o)

Rip healthy lunch!
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Category: travel

08/14/09 02:11 - 83ºF - ID#49535

weekend getaway

so, i am finally going to post some vegas photos... i can't even put into words how much fun i had. i would put that weekend into my top ten most fun experiences thus far folder.

it's amazing what an insanely great summer i have had, it seems like life just keeps getting better. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that i am around my momma, and it feels good to have so much positive support around. that and it also seems like life is just so much easier here, and things happen with just a little effort! i am so grateful for all of the visitors, including (e:deeglam) and my niece and sister in law.

i feel like a lucky lady to be leading such a charmed life and i try not to take anything for granted!

i am sending the moms of the alaska today where she is meeting up with (e:hodown) for vaca, i hope they have a great time and take tons of pics... but i will be lonely in this house all alone! lucky for me, i have a detailed list of tasks and chores to complete for the mom, which i don't mind at all since she is the best eva! i gave her a spa mani and pedi today to prep and relax her for her trip, so she will look nice and groomed for the wilderness.

anyway, i am onto some new job leads and hopefully i will be out of the hospital for good soon, since i am not so happy there... but it pays the bills, so at least i have that.

anyway, here are a few photos from the vegas trip!


my road trip buddies. we have deemed ourselves america's next best crunk crew. these chicks are hardcore, and we def went all out with 3 all nighters in a row... crazay!


what is a trip to vegas without an impromptu forklift photo op???


the inside garden walkway at the wynn, i wish i could have a courtyard like this with giant balls of flowers and trees and lights- le sigh.


my friend jacob modeling some skinny jeans for us, hawt!


we stopped at the hoover dam, next time i am def taking the tour, it was so crazy looking, like some aliens came down and put all of these weird metal towers and wires everywhere. i asked the cute guy at the security checkpoint when it was built and his response was, "i don't know i just work here." we both laughed and i told him he needs to find out, and so do i.


me with my couture crap pop. i paid 25 dollars and the rhinestones started falling off just hours later, oh well, i am going to create my own better version that is not cheap. it is super fun and sparkly though, which are my two favs things in life- fun and sparkle!

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...