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Category: travel

08/14/09 02:11 - 83ºF - ID#49535

weekend getaway

so, i am finally going to post some vegas photos... i can't even put into words how much fun i had. i would put that weekend into my top ten most fun experiences thus far folder.

it's amazing what an insanely great summer i have had, it seems like life just keeps getting better. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that i am around my momma, and it feels good to have so much positive support around. that and it also seems like life is just so much easier here, and things happen with just a little effort! i am so grateful for all of the visitors, including (e:deeglam) and my niece and sister in law.

i feel like a lucky lady to be leading such a charmed life and i try not to take anything for granted!

i am sending the moms of the alaska today where she is meeting up with (e:hodown) for vaca, i hope they have a great time and take tons of pics... but i will be lonely in this house all alone! lucky for me, i have a detailed list of tasks and chores to complete for the mom, which i don't mind at all since she is the best eva! i gave her a spa mani and pedi today to prep and relax her for her trip, so she will look nice and groomed for the wilderness.

anyway, i am onto some new job leads and hopefully i will be out of the hospital for good soon, since i am not so happy there... but it pays the bills, so at least i have that.

anyway, here are a few photos from the vegas trip!


my road trip buddies. we have deemed ourselves america's next best crunk crew. these chicks are hardcore, and we def went all out with 3 all nighters in a row... crazay!


what is a trip to vegas without an impromptu forklift photo op???


the inside garden walkway at the wynn, i wish i could have a courtyard like this with giant balls of flowers and trees and lights- le sigh.


my friend jacob modeling some skinny jeans for us, hawt!


we stopped at the hoover dam, next time i am def taking the tour, it was so crazy looking, like some aliens came down and put all of these weird metal towers and wires everywhere. i asked the cute guy at the security checkpoint when it was built and his response was, "i don't know i just work here." we both laughed and i told him he needs to find out, and so do i.


me with my couture crap pop. i paid 25 dollars and the rhinestones started falling off just hours later, oh well, i am going to create my own better version that is not cheap. it is super fun and sparkly though, which are my two favs things in life- fun and sparkle!

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08/12/09 01:04 - 69ºF - ID#49512

brass monkey

that funky monkey chunky....

i just like that song. anyway, i need to get a proper post togetha but i have had no time.

aruba is officially on in three weeks. get ready islanders, the ho is coming!
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08/10/09 03:24 - 79ºF - ID#49497 pmobl

i plan on sleeping in...

Eventually. In the meantime I have accomplished a new personal record of most hours spent awake in 96 hour period. Less than 8 hours of sleep and back at work and I feel fine.
I don't think I ever plan on doing this again but I suppose the human body is pretty resilient.

Went to Vegas brought the dramz and crazy... Now I will return to boringness which is actually how I prefer it.

I will pay some pics later or tomorrow!
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08/08/09 07:29 - 68ºF - ID#49487 pmobl

couture pops

I'm going to get the sparkle lollipop right now! Vegas baby!
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Category: work

08/06/09 08:15 - 69ºF - ID#49477 pmobl

when life hands you lemons

Throw them at people you don't like.

At least I still have Aruba.

I want a different job.

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Category: food

08/05/09 06:00 - 71ºF - ID#49465


i was successful with the hike today, although i wish we had done the whole 4 miles, it was pretty humid. i think i am going to get an earlier start on saturday, so i can go all the way.

after the hike i made some yummy breakfast for my cousin Aubrey and myself, and then we headed out to get here some hiking shoes, and to to see g force, that movie with the talking FBI agent hamsters...

sometimes i think i like kid's movies more than adult films because they are cute and i enjoy a talking animal or two. i also enjoy laughing at silly things... such as talking FBI agents hamsters.

anyway, we finished getting the shoes so quickly and had time to kill so we roamed whole foods, and i had the most amazing tea spritzer thing, and the barista man probably thought i was crazy because i made him explain to me exactly how he makes it and then look up the nutrition info for me; but i recommend it cuz it was goooood!

after the tea, we roamed around for a tasty treat and decided that dried shitake mushroom snacks were not a good movie type treat, and neither was sushi. we headed down the frozen aisle and i stopped to show Aubs the Haagen-Daz ice cream bars that are seriously the best ever, and we came across this:


so, we had to get them because the little guy on the front is zipping away his rice crispie covering and revealing his ice cream inside; how seductive. we then laughed for about 5 minutes, and decided we must have them and also save the box.

there are three flavors; suzy cube(strawberry), esquival(vanilla), and, dave(chocolate).

we decided on dave, and omg they are so freakin good! the rice crispie tastes homemade and if you let it sit out for a bit the ice cream softens and it's just the best thing ever. now, go get some! not only is the packaging the most cute, and silly, but it is the most yummy for your tummy.

here is a pic of the breakfast, i put some truffle oil and garlic, pork tenderloin, vine ripened tomato, garlic, sea salt and pepper, in a frying pan, let it all heat up and added in some eggs and fresh mozzarella... mmmm, then mixed in some fresh basil and voila!


and lastly, the talking hamsters/gerbils:

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Category: fitness

08/04/09 05:28 - 79ºF - ID#49458

let's get physical

just finished working on my fitness for the first time in a month.

i guess my whole plan didn't work, but i am back on like pam and tommy lee; minus all the white trashiness of course.

anyway, it was kinda rough, but you forget that it feels good to make your body do something other than stuff it with delicious fatty treats.

i refuse to look bad in aruba.

so: hiking tomorrow, 0545 am. bringing large quantities of water as the high for today is 115. also bring cell phone and younger cousin, for support and possible emergency rescue situation.

ARUBA! T MINUS 23 DAYS!!!!!!!!! YESAMESH!!!!!!!
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08/03/09 06:00 - 75ºF - ID#49448

asian persuasion

i was convinced to apply for this job, and i really hope i am not being bs'd because i have put a lot of effort into this!

to prove my asian cooking skills i made udon noodles from scratch, as well as beef balls which are a vietnamese dish...

i created a teriyaki sauce and stir fried the noodles with oyster mushrooms, sugar snap peas, green onions, and marinated and grilled pork tenderloin.

this process started with creating the dough at 6:45 am.

at the very least, i proved to myself what an amazing little chef-y i am!



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Category: baby girl

08/01/09 11:49 - 71ºF - ID#49437

the most special person

i cannot tell you how much i love my little niece, she is a ball of smushy joy and love.

my heart melts every time i see her precious face, and i get really sad just thinking about her because i miss her so much!

the hair bow you see in her hair would actually be one of the hair bows i bought in the baby section at target for myself. i think they are cute for adults as well, but i have given them all to the babes... must get more.

here are some pics from her visit last week..

i think she looks so much like (e:hodown), no? she should just steal her, and i will move to nyc and it can be baby time...

ps. doesn't my momma look good?!?






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08/01/09 11:40 - 71ºF - ID#49436

hungry for it

i am trying to get this job, which would entail moving to nyc for 4 months...

it would be an amazing opportunity, and could possibly lead to bigger things, or just be 1/3 year adventure. i am fine with either.

anyway, im pretty sure most (e:strip)pers can attest to my amazing culinary skills, but i find myself frustrated that i never take photos of anything i do.

anyway, my goal for tomorrow night is heading to the asian market to find ingredients for some asian dishes i can whip up tomorrow night or monday morning to show photo evidence of my skill, lol. maybe i just just make a video and set it to some nice asian tunes????

i am crossing my fingers for the next two weeks, because i want this job!

i like the unknown and i like a challenge...
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