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01/26/04 11:53 - ID#25895

aren't the colors pretty?

I was read some stuff for a class i am taking, and it is pretty interesting. so, i have decided to share with you.
just a little trivia about color...

colors and their meanings:

red= blood, martydom, sin, war, anger, fire, the sun sexuality, evil, fertility, masculinity, festivity

yellow= treachery, cowardice, light, truth, warning, cheerfulness, spirituality, the sun, gold, radiance, earth

blue= heaven, the celestial shpere, water, baptism, space, coolness, eternity, faith, serenity, wisdom, feminine

green= spring, ressurection, envy, holiness, charity, regeneration

black(which is actually not a color)= death, evil, darkness, vod witchcraft, sadness, mourning, time, rebirth

white(not a color either)= light, air, purity, marriage, death, redemption, innocence, surrender

I think that color is possibly the greatest thing ever, at least for me. it is sad however, that i live in such a bland place.
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01/22/04 11:28 - ID#25893


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01/22/04 11:25 - ID#25892

i miss you jho

grand puba, grand puba, go go go go...
i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv you jessica kim ho, having a happy chinky china new year, from the lil' ho!
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01/22/04 11:23 - ID#25891

happy chinese new year! from a ho!

i am not sure what day chinese new year actually is, hold on, let me check...ok so i lied, i don't know. but let's celebrate anyways. now, onto the real topic.
have you ever become uninterested? not suicidal or anything dramatic like that. but, just uninterested, in everything. well, except for alcohol, parties, lipgloss, boys, and all things fun. oh, and don't forget maria, she's always up for whatever.

seriously, i have notcied that for maybe two years now, i have had no passion for anything, and that is sad. at the least, life should provide us with one thing we really love. and,i can think of lots of activities i used to love, soccer, skiing, painting, theatre...but nothing seems to excite me anymore.

this "cycle of uninterest", as i have chosen to title it, needs to end. i am challenging myself to find one thing i really really love, and to learn about it as much as possible, and perhaps that wil lead me in the right direction. and, if you as well are having this problem, i challenge you as well.
i think that it would so great to wake up and have something exciting to learn about or do...

changing the subject...i really like this whole online journal thang. but, i don't want to seem really unintelligent. i think to myself, when people read this do they dislike me? are they bothered by what i write? i suppose, i should say i just don't care. and, if you do have an issue, bring it forth and email me! i have never received an email though the site. imagine that.

paul's bday is tomorrow, and i for one am really excited. i think it is sad that the first thing i think of when there is a celebration is always, "what will i wear?" this is sad, but oh so fun, it's like dress-up, but real life. perhaps i can be passionate about dress-up, because it is seriously the most fun game ever invented, and when the farm comes to life, i think there should be a dress-up room with a little stage for performances! how fun? a ton o fun.
we can put on shows and stuff, for shits and giggles.

tomorrow, i shall wear my ripped jean mini, with the snap stiletto boots, and prob just a tee, slutty, but oh so fun...

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01/20/04 01:04 - ID#25890

lamb is for lovers...well not really

did you know that eating meat may be a contributing factor leading to male impetence...interesting.

today's subject will be is obvious that the meat industry is fucked up, and beef is just out of the question. however, is lamb ok? it tastes good, that is for sure. i guess the answer is obvious.

i think it would less painful to have a vagina chopped off than a penis. paul pointed out that it "would have to cored out". what a pleasant thought! he even listed some items you might bw able to find in your home to do this, a rusty cut up can, or even an apple corer. did i spell "corer" right? is it even a word? anmyway, that was probably the most interesting conversation i have had today.

president bush should be impeached...

this girl i work with had a shirt on that said "pussy killer", i want one.

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01/19/04 03:25 - ID#25889

i need a new topic...

this whole journal thang is really fun, and interesting, however, i feel that i need to be given a topic. otherwise, i will just write nonsense about my life that really doesn't matter. so, to all those reading, i would like a new path of discussion...feel free to start the discussion...
on to the tedious stuff. what i need to say, is that karma exists. it is ever prestn in your life, so treat others as you would like to be treated. give people space, who need space. don't be disrespectful. don't hesistate to say what you feel. don't ever take advantage of someone. and most of all, get to know people you don't agree with, if you only hang out with people you agree with, you will never learn anything.

p.s. i love you big sis!
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01/16/04 05:38 - ID#25888

throw away your television

point blank, t.v is bad

if you need to know more, check out the kill your t.v. webiste...

if you disagree, you are just dumb

some exceptions might be good movies, but please don't bother watching them with people you get along with, human interaction is much more fun than staring at the color tube..

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01/08/04 07:30 - ID#25887


At pano's, with the creator and master of the domain, paul, and tk, who didn't create anything. Fun times, feed the tummy.
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01/16/04 02:04 - ID#25886

baby it's cold outside...

here's my question:
does cold weather make you an angry person?

my personal answer is yes. at least when it is warm and sunny outside, you can be happy and wake up to the pleasant warming rays of sun, the occasional soft blowing breeze, and the thought of long days hiking in the forest and swimming in the creek. however, this is not the case about 75% of the time in buffalo. i would say, i am happy here and not angry, the remaining 15% of time; leaving 10% space for bad mooods and anger geared towards shitty people i come in contact with day to day. now, taking in to account, the bitterness of this entry, and the anger towards snow, and all things cold-minus cold drinks(such as beer, mixed drinks, martinis and such), do you agree with me?
list of things that have made me angry in the past three weeks:
wearing so much clothing all the time
the whole government in general
people in the fam-i will not name names
snow again
cats-cuddling is not cool(when you are allergic to cats)
dogs-biting is not cool(and it left a mark)
winsheild wiper fluid
dumb people(or people that act dumb)
doing wash
-all i believe to be bothering me partially because of the arctic conditions

the following things are always annoying:
the fam
-but these are all made more problematic by the more than negative temps

on the good side:
i love my friends
i love my hair
i love life, even though most people are evil, mostly those who are religious
and i love this place, and its plethora of computers

and foooood, is always good to love

  • i love my sister, and i think she is mad at me, so maybe if she reads this she will love me too*

note to self: write something substantial in this journal next time...
p.s. check out the new link, even though you have probably been there previously, the end of the world cartoon is infinitely funny

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01/12/04 06:25 - ID#25885

back to school

i am officially going back to school, and i am officially going to actually try this time. so, that is the plan. the other plan is to stay away from assholes. i have been informed by numerous people that a certain someone i am seeing is huge asshole. so, i think i need to step up to the plate and make it a point to stay away from bad people. take me out to dinner damnit. that's it for now.
note to self: relocate to a non-snow environment.
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