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Category: vacation

01/13/07 07:15 - ID#37674

basically the best vaca ever...

happy to report that i am having a freaking amazing time here in Arizona. its cool because things are so good here, and are going to be even better when i get home, minus the fact that my car is having major issues.

so far, when i return, my sis will come, (e:paul) is turning 30!, and i have some hot dates ligned up. its gonna be the shit ya'll!

plus im super excited to get back to work and school, who would've ever thought.

i have indeed purchased some major cute clothing items, and will be in fashion!

p.s. i like the pajama theme, but i really don't like pajamas, and since mine consist of little to no clothing, i will opt for a pretty new dress, and something sexy instead. sorry (e:paul)!

p.s. to (e:paul), i can't get you the iphone for your birthday, but if there is anything you want/need from sedona, arizona, tempe, let me know...

i forgot my camera stuff, and havent set up the wifi, but i will post pics as soon as i get home!
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Category: vacation

01/10/07 11:58 - ID#37637

greeting from sunny AZ!

i have arrived. im safely at home with my favorite momma ho, and only momma ho. she bought flowers for my room. too cute.

basically this vaca is gonna rock, and i will posting pics...

i do miss ya'll back home, and we shall plan a bday bash for (e:paul)'s 30th! or something.

night all. sleep well, i know i will!
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Category: vacation

11/06/06 11:42 - ID#26333

listen up bitches

i havent had much contact with th outside world, and have been drunk for basically five days consecutively, and i feel like im gonna be a huge bitch when i get back to b-lo. but, i have gifts for my homeboys and girls, so ya'll better represent.

this bitch don't come but once in a lifetime, so appreciate.


drunk? i think so.
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Category: vacation

12/23/05 01:20 - ID#26244

warm weather christmas flu

just tried to post and i closed the page. fuck.

in az for the holidays. I've waited many months for this, and now i have not only a sinus infected, but the flu as well. spent all night with toilet last night. we know eachother very well at this point.

momma is good. looks a little different. she had some plastic surgery, i kid you not. she had her eyes done. uhhhh. yea.

i love her house. sooooo nice. big walk in shower. big kitchen. sunny patio. mmmmm.

well, im off the shop some more and deal with my many illnesses. boo.

p.s. all i want for xmas is to be not sick. argh.
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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