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09/29/06 09:51 - 44ºF - ID#26311

what is your "calling"?

it's so confusing, figuring out what to make of this life.

do we do what we want, or what we think is right?

are we actually able to find what we really want?

is it what we want, or what we think we want?

do we do things just to please other people?

it's all so damn confusing, becuase i want way too many things. and i'm not sure if i really want them.

on a lighter note, the day had arrived, and my apartment looks swell. its so cute these days, and it only gonna get cuter.

also, i bought a $3 disgner top yesterday. i am wearing it now, but not sure if it looks fashion forward, or futuristic and strange(i.e. the jetson's).

i guess we'll figure it all out. or not. and my sis can be the final judge on the top.

g'day mate.
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09/28/06 09:57 - 55ºF - ID#26310

i want un petit baby

a puppy. im so allergic. does anyone know of a kind that is hypallergenic, and little , and cute? I've been thinking about it for a long time, and i think its still a dream, but damnit, i want one.


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09/25/06 09:39 - 53ºF - ID#26307

t- fours days til sister comes

woohoo. i will actually enjoy three whole days of fun.

i worked 10am-11pm yesterday. my weekend sucked.

the elmwood village: anyone in buffalo who thinks they have the right to be pretentious should be kicked in the ass. by me. its a strip. a street. hookers used to hang out there.

p.s. im obssessed with half-moon cookies, and the only place i can find them i bagel jay's. i know bagel jay. he's jewish. duh.

this post makes no sense.

my bday is in 13 days.
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09/18/06 10:28 - 70ºF - ID#26306

ok, e:mike, i'll let em know

i love,

my mommy, my sister(if i don't say mom first, i may be struck down by a force of nature, or mother herself, my borther(when he is sane, which is basically never), my silly little boyfriend, the viscos(the whole fam, and esp. the message mr. visco leaves on (e:pauls) machine), the other two of the trio-terry and matthew, my granny.

wait, this is just too sappy.

im fucking tired after a 13 hour day. my car needs 300 worth of repair, and loan refunds are nowhere in fucking site. fuck me.

but anyway, i love my new job, and school is actually ok, minus the work part.

and, i love you all. and by that i mean, you had better show up at my bitches' house warmin' soiree next weekend. if you supposed to be there, you know who you is. yea.

p.s. i really am in love with my sister. and that fact that a huge bag of maria fell out of her bag today, and some hot man retrieved it for her. damn, id take it. even from a baby. but they don't smoke. or do they?

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09/18/06 09:02 - 66ºF - ID#26305

hodown is comin to town!

im so excited! i haven't seen her since easter, i think? anyway, it's the longest we have gone without seeing eachother, kinda sad.

my new life consists of only work, school, sleeping and eating. i get one day off a week, in which i grocery shop, fold laundry, clean, and try to get other various tasks done. im not complaining, becausei chose this, and eventually my life will be better because of it, but right now, im tired!

today i have to pay parking tickets, got an inspection sticker, illegally, work, and do school work.

class calls....
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09/13/06 10:59 - 63ºF - ID#26304

a little braindead as well

(e:libertad) mentioned be braindead. i feel the same. i lready has so much busy work to do, from ecc nontheless. why do they give so much fucking homework?

i have to work 40 hrs, commute to work/school/home again, and try not to be a hughe bitch to my boyfriend. im not doing such a good job at any of these things.

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09/04/06 12:31 - 62ºF - ID#26303

ps, i had a dream that i am...

good friends with paris hilton. we parited it up at my ub north penthouse, and went out and got wasted. i then decided to get a tattoo just above my left wrist on the underside of my arm thats says "i love elvis" see drawing below. paris got mad at me because i made a sarcastic remark and we made up and she gave me a plastic diamond necklace. wtf?

this is just one example of why not to take sudafed everyday.


p.s. after i woke up, in the dream i realized i was late for high school and was running down the halls when i started intching my arm, i pulled up my sleeve, and there it was. i showed all of my firends, and told them i hated it and was going to get it removed once i saved up $700.

last nights dream included my borther stealin $700 from me that i needed to pay me bills, and i woke up saying "mom". i was startled and thought that i had woken up nick, but he was sound alseep.

i have issues. dream issues.
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09/04/06 12:24 - 62ºF - ID#26302

55 hr work week plus school

wah. everyone seems like they are having a ton of fun. and im missing it all.

oh well.

i have started my new position and will be starting school as well this week. how fun.

i opened a bank account with key bank, and they are giving me an ipod nano in return. how amazing is that. switch your bank account people. big reward.

this weather is really depressing, especially since i am still fighting the month-long illness. im on my second round of antibiotics, and im hoping this one works. this one is bad though, becuase you have to take it on an empty stomach, and i had to fight the urge to puke with all my might this morning. i fought it with a plate of french toast, prepared by (e:thesimeon).

he is off today completing many tasks, which i feel i should be helping with, but i have to work 2-10. at least i get time and a half. then tomorrow i work 7-3, then, 4-9. thats 13 hours of people inc. in between i have to get my student id and parking pass, and attempt to make it to the library. wah.

im not even that upset about all of the work this week. the weather sucks, has sucked, and doesn't look like it is going to get any better.

how did we just skip the end of summer/beginning of fall and head into the "i feel winter coming, no sun, dreary, prozac season?" anyway, i will be going to vegas in november and have that to look forward to, just two months...

happy labor day.
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09/01/06 09:51 - 63ºF - ID#26301

happy birthday mike


i love you birthday monkey mikey!!!!!!!!!!

LOve sarbear
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