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Category: sickypoo

01/21/06 10:07 - 32ºF - ID#26252

you only live once

i likey the new strokes cd.

can you spread food poisoning? ok, i know you can't, but, there is a sick child at my house and im going to go out and celebrate paul's bday. i feel guilty either way. miss pauls bday and take care of my sicky, or go out and be worried that i'll go home to find a passed out and dying sicky. get better sicky, i was doing the same thing two night ago. O:(

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01/19/06 09:28 - ID#26251 pmobl

typhoid mary

maybe the karma police are punishing me, i have food poisining/who knows what the hell it is. again. there were lots of great posts yesterday, who doesn't like a little juice? if were offended, i pay now with many intimate moments with le toilet. i shall wait for the man to bring jug o gatorade, movie, heating pad, a the best back rub ever. my vertebrae hurts like a bitch. (e:hodown) was so appropriate to give me my new name, "typhoid mary". she always knows the right thing to say.
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01/18/06 10:27 - ID#26250 pmobl

i miss the old days of e:strip

i don't want to talk about feelings here. the whining is getting pathetic, save it for myspace. i like the fiesty political debates, funny stories, and (e:pauls) million and one pics a day. oh, and i made my lesbian
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01/09/06 10:24 - ID#26249 pmobl

e:hodown kicks ass

remember when you told me the foam in the ocean is fish pee, and i didn't swim for 5 days? mom was so pissed. anyway, im thinking of making this blog into a homage to you. ur funny and lovely, and who else knits sweatears w/o arm holes? who wants to talk about feelings anyways?
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01/06/06 10:00 - 22ºF - ID#26248

dry skin

i was complaining on the way to dinner this evening with (e:paul) and (e:terry). well, its cold, and with forced air, it just makes my hands and skin in gerneal so dry. not like the nice moistness of summer, mmmm.

paul says thats why i should masturbate with oil more.

who knew that was the solution?
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