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06/29/06 04:46 - 71ºF - ID#26294

taming the shrew

(e:thesimeon) has moved into the ho brothel for the summer. i must say, im kinda disagreeable to live with. i leave my clothes everywhere, the floor, the bed, the bathroom floor, the chairs, the table. i don't really like cooking in le tinyass kitchen, im grumpy and known to snap as well. on the upisde, im supercute and snuggly, and i always go to the libs and get good dvds to watch.

he can be annoying as well. he's a very clean regimented man. i quite the opposite.

anyway, its good times.

i am officially set for school in the fall, and i have a new job 2 people inc, as long as i passed the drug test(eeek).

p.s. why does oprah have so much fucking money and not give me any?

p.p.s. i miss (e:pmt), and (e:hodown) who better get her fucking lazy ass here in the next two weeks. she has decided to go on a beach vaca with about ten members of our family who she doesn't even like. and who all hate the drink, are catholic, and would never have anything to do with marijuana. this is basically everything my sister is against. please help save her. she needs a joint in one hand, and a beer in the other. not a bibile.
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Category: survey

06/20/06 01:19 - 71ºF - ID#26293

survey says...

1. How did you find out about/why did you become of estrip?

  • (e:paul) is a longtime friend, did I have a choice?

2. How "out" are you about having a publicly accessible online journal. Do your friends know? Does your family know? Do your co-workers know? Does your boss know? Do you use your real name? Do you use your real photo?


  • I meet more people. I actaully used to be more social before (e:strip). But im a but older now, and not as fun.

5. How has estrip affected you love life?

  • Well, I started dating (e:thesimeon) around the time I really got invovled here. I made him start a journal here. I'd say, if you break up, it's a good way of keeping the ex informed and also to let them know who you've made out with, you are are having a great time, and posting hot pics, etc. jk. It hasn't offered any dating help.

6. How many of your friends have joined estrip because of your influence?

  • 5 or so. But they never keep it up.

7. Are you from Buffalo/do you live in Buffalo?

  • Yes and Yes.

1. What type of hardware or software purchases have you made as a result of using estrip?

  • lol. none. until recently i had no compy, and i got this shit for free.

2. Have you used the mobile version of estrip? Why or why not?

  • yes, i didn't have a compy before, but got access through my mobile phone.

1. In what way has estrip changed your Internet surfings habits? Describe the amount of time you spend on estrip, when you use it and about how long?

  • im obsessed with this site. i don't do much on the net. if i did, i would shop, but im poor. i spend about 10 hours a week here, more or less, depending on what else is going on.

1a. How many journals do you usually read per day?

  • All of the most recent posts. if they are too long or boring, i skip onto the next. I also dilike when people copy and paste news articles. Umm someone else wrote it, and you are just reposting it. Giv a brief overview and give your opinion. Don't plagerize.

2. In what ways has estrip changed the way you perceive your local community?

  • Some people in blo need to get off the compy and go out. some people in blo are cool, and some just plain suck. way more people need to support the city and move the hell back in, like most of us here.

3. How has journaling about your life affected the way you spend your free time?

  • Its easier to keep intouch with friends, or know what they will be, or are up to.

4. Has estrip changed your living situation in any way?

  • I have considered living with some people who have blogs. Its a good way to hear/inquire about rentals and stuff like that. roommates, blah.

5. Do you find that you mediate/document more of your experiences now that you share them with others?

  • sometimes, i don't have digi cam, and im to lazy to sit and type out my life.

6. Has publishing on estrip affected the way that write?

  • i use a much more casual type of writng here. no caps, less punctuation.

7. Do you have other online journals? If so, with what service and has estrip affected your usage of that journal?

  • hell no other journals, i hate that stuff. im here for paul, to support and let my big sis know whats up in my life.

8. Have you ever gotten in trouble for using estrip at work?

  • nope.

9. If you have stopped using estrip, why?

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Category: family

06/15/06 12:37 - 73ºF - ID#26292

why my family is the best...

my momma and sista totally came through for me.

i asked for my moms help.

i didn't ask (e:hodown), but shes gonna send me a care package. so not neccessary. but totally appreciated.

the elder ho ladies know how to hold it down, just like jlo, but ho style.

we should have our own perfume, i would call it ho style, for the upper class ho, who keeps it real.

anyway, fantastic sams can kiss my ass, nobody ever tips me there. sorry but this is 2006, what the fuck can i do with your shitty ass dollar tip? nothing. stop being cheap and gross and tip $5.

this is why i have an interview at a nice williamsvilla salon on monday. rich people know how to tip.

ok, (e:paul) and i are off to the dmv to renew our licenses, and for me, my registration as well. they charge you by the weight of your vehicle, and mine weighs less than 2000 lbs, which will only cost me 26 dolla. score!
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Category: money

06/14/06 08:42 - 73ºF - ID#26291

im worth more dead

its true. i actually made more as a nanny. now im cutting hair, making shit, and spending 30 a week on gas.

before, i walked to work.

i need to buy: shears, and trimmers, which cost about $300 total.

my car needs to be fixed.

my insurance is going to terminated if i don't pay 400 by fri.

my rent is overdue.

my utilities are overdue.

i lost my license again. my registration needs to be renewed by sat.

i havent bought a new razor in over four months. say hello to hairy legs.

my new diet will consist of noodles.

i feel like the moment things start to somewhatr sort themselves out, i get hit again.

even if i do get through school, my life is going to be total poverty until that point, and probably somewhat after.

this is depressing.
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Category: pouty

06/10/06 06:58 - 61ºF - ID#26290

im in a bad mood

like anyone cares, but...

i hate waiting to eat when im this fucking hungry.

p.s. i had no power this morning and some bitch at work made me cry. i got no lunch and no chance to sit down. and i have to work tomorrow, and every sat and sun til god knows when.

i hate jobs too. wah.

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Category: bobby brown

06/06/06 05:55 - 82ºF - ID#26289

bobby b.

bobby bobby, when will you learn. oh well, i still love you.

i wonder if whitney put these in a photo album...


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Category: hair

06/05/06 03:16 - 72ºF - ID#26288

who needs a haircut?

i won't charge much, and i promise to do a geat job!

any takers?

i could really use the extra cash, really. :O)
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06/02/06 09:38 - 64ºF - ID#26287

back to life

me and (e:thesimeon) are back from az. what a lovely vaca, aside from the fact that my youngest uncle nearly died from an acute MI last sunday. it changes your perspective on life. we could do w/o that last cookie, and an extra walk around the block.

i miss my mom so much already, and so does nick, which is cute. we've been getting along so well, it's nice to have someone who's always on your team.

anyway, reality blows. im so broke, as usual. too many bills, not making enough money blah.

nick gave me this compy and im stealing wireless from my neighbor, it great! whoever said stealing was bad? i would like to be the modern-day
robin hood. except, i will be the "princess of theives", which is appropriate, since my name, sarah, means, princess.

hey, i have an idea. lets all try and be healthy, and happy, and work hard to get what we want. thats my plan. i think im gonna go for a run tomorrow, i hate running, but i need it.

hugs n kisses, goodnight
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