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11/17/08 02:05 - 35ºF - ID#46719


So, I will be going away on a PhD research related trip to India for 6 months and am looking to sell most of my wonderful furniture, collected lovingly over the past five years. I want them to find nice homes and so am posting here. Life has been good in Buffalo and hopefully I will have a reason to come live here again (Well, my husband is here but he is going to move soon too). Anyways, please email me at if you would like to buy something.

Comfortable chair - $30 (does not include cushion)
T.V stand/table - $20 (does not include TV, books or cushion)
Double bed with frame - Sealy - $ 100 (does not include pillow)
Lamp - $15.00
Couch by Ashley Furniture & Chair - $300 OBO
Bench - $50
Table - $75
Red Queen Anne Style Chair - needs repair - $25
Rocking Chair (no pic) - $30
Amish style chair -

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10/17/07 11:45 - 65ºF - ID#41686

I am fucking lovely

Osho Rajneesh on the versatality of the word 'fuck.'

Repeat after me, all at once - "I am fucking lovely."
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10/08/07 11:18 - 74ºF - ID#41550

why curry, when you can have biryani?


In an effort to make extra money I am ready to pimp my amazing cooking skills. I am cheap, fast and very easy. Leave me a message and we can cook something up. I think I am serious.
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10/05/07 11:31 - 77ºF - ID#41505

prabhu deva's my benny lava, ooh yea

this is especially for (e:felly). i am very sick and needed prabhu's magical-ness for my wellbeing-ness.

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09/25/07 12:29 - 83ºF - ID#41316

Sexy Girl

i had friends over two nights ago. This was the menu:

Apple and pear salad with feta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
Sabudana wada's with cilantro, green chillies and yogurt dip
Plaintain chips (store bought, Goya)
Chicken kababs
Eggplants and peanut curry
Jeera rice

Dessert - Vanilla icecream with mango sauce with a hint of mint.

Much laughter, conversation and wine later, we came up with a tentative business plan. It involves my unlicensed amazingly good masseuse friend, another super duper baker friend and me in a joint venture. Picture this: Our gentle customer would be greeted with a spice infused light tea while he/she/insert gender bender signifier waits. Then the relaxing hour long massage, after which you sat down to a home cooked south Indian lunch, which would be healthful and tasty, and rounded off your day at our place with one of my baker friend's creation. Oh ya and also you could, only if you want, buy homemade lip balm.

The experience best exemplified in the poster for our yet unnamed place:


See, you first start with gentle massage in bed as depicted in figure 1a, then some more gentle choking action after the ingestion of food and desert as in figure 1b. and finally you emerge feeling fresh and sexy as in figure 1c. - you, my gentle customer, are Sexy Girl.

We also cater. Thank you come again.
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